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10 Ideas To Create a Functional And Stylish Home Office

Even you are purely #workfromhome or running a business, you need to have a nice space to work at home. The best home office is the one that functional and stylish at the same time. Why? It is because you deserve more than just a simple desk and chair. Personalize it! It’s your office, so it should reflect your personal taste and style so  you can work happily and productive. Still got no clue? Take a look at these 10 ideas below to help you out.

Use a color scheme that promotes focus and productivity

Different colors can evoke different emotion. So when choosing color scheme, consider the mood you want to create. Different colors can evoke different emotion. So when choosing color scheme, consider the mood you want to create. For example, blue is often associated with calm and tranquility, while yellow is associated with happiness and energy. Neutral colors such as white, beige, or light gray are great as your home office color scheme. It can help create a calm and soothing environment, and it can also serve as a blank canvas that can easily be accessorized with pops of color.

Selection of the right color for home office decoration using neutral colors. The image above uses an off-white color which will create a calm and warm atmosphere. Neutral Color Scheme from @anazandonaidi.arq.

Beige is a great idea for a color scheme in your home office. Apart from the color scheme, the application of beige to the furniture will also provide the perfect contrast. Beige Color Scheme from @raissadipace.arq

Incorporate natural light into your office space

Position your desk near a window if possible, or use sheer window treatments to allow as much natural light as possible. Take into account the amount of natural light in your office space, and choose colors that will complement or enhance it. For example, if your office gets a lot of natural light, you might choose cool colors like blue or green to balance it out.

You need to try these natural lighting ideas for a home office. Using window awnings and placing a workbench directly in front of the window is a good idea. Awning Windows Home Office from @armacmartin.

This large window is able to give the impression of a bright room and let sunlight into your home. Adding a workbench right in front of this window will also provide a nice display for you to try out. Large Windows from @rachelwinhaminteriordesign.

Add plants to your office

Having plants in your home office can improve the air quality and reduce the respiratory problems. Did you know? Studies have shown that having plant can reduce stress and improve mood. It also can help improve focus and concentration, leading to increased productivity. One more, plants will enhance the aesthetic of your space. But don’t forget to take care of your plants, make sure they have enough light and water, and remove any dead leaves or flowers.

Plants are one of the decorations that you should try in your home office. Choosing a monstera plant in this pot will minimize maintenance and give a natural impression to the room. Monstera Plants from @evertonl.foto.

Choosing vines to place on this bookcase succeeds in giving a natural touch and the focal point of the room. Applying this type of plant will reduce maintenance and certainly make your room look fresher. Vines Plant from @arqjulianacastro.

Low-maintenance plants placed on the table will succeed in stealing the eye and giving a fresh touch. Placing beside a window will also add nutrients to this plant. Plants Potted from @huisnummer19

You can also add blooming flowers in a vase to your home office decoration. Combined with some other small green plants is also an interesting idea for you to try now. Flower Vases from @arq_designer

Use ergonomic furniture

You spend your day hours in your office chair. That’ why you need a beautiful, ergonomic furniture that worth every dime. When choosing ergonomic furniture, make sure that it can be adjusted to fit your body and that it is comfortable to use. It’s also important to take regular breaks and stretch to keep your muscles and joints active.

This padded work chair made of leather will provide extra comfort while and safety there. Having the right size will also give a cozy look. Cozy Chair Office from @shalmaikeim.

Choosing an ergonomic chair with the right size will give the impression of being comfortable while working. having the right armrest also won’t make your hand tired. Ergonomic Furniture from @mandrilarquitetura.

You need to pay attention to the selection of chairs for the home office. In the picture above, the owner choose the right size to provide comfort when working. Combined with a high work table it will also provide a comfortable position. Chair Home Office from @sparquitetos.

Organize your office with storage solutions

Tidy up your books with a cube bookshelf like the picture above. Placing it on one wall will also give the room a neat appearance and avoid clutter. Cube Bookshelf from @si.len.cio.

Keep your home office organized, reduce clutter to improve productivity by choosing the right storage. Desk organizer, filling cabinets, bookshelves, bin, boxes, baskets, wall-mounted storage, under-desk storage, cloud storage, you name it! There are so many ways to keep your work space organize and clutter-free.

Use wall organizers

Wall organizer or bulletin boards will help you keep important documents and notes visible and easily accessible. Need other options? Whiteboard, magnetic board, pegboard is also great.

Using a wire board that is hung on the wall will make it easier for you to stick memos, photos or work plans easily. Besides that, this wire board also provides a perfect wall decoration. Wire Board from @cafofo604.

This large board that sits behind the computer will also make it easier for you to stick your work reminders, memos or family photos. With this board it will make your office look tidier. Large Board from @studiointerno.simratsandhu.

Decorate your office with items that inspire you

Decorating your space with something that inspire you is also important. This can be the best way to trigger you to work even harder. Hang an artwork, photographs, inspirational prints or souvenirs is some options that you can choose.

Decorating your home office with these framed quotes won’t make your walls look boring. Buying it at a low price will also make room decoration with a limited budget. Framed Quote from @emuplops.

This large painting that is placed on one of the walls is able to steal the eye. Choosing this painting will also make your office look less boring. Art Work Home Office from @casinha.debrinquedo

Good lighting

Make sure to have good lighting and have a space that allows you to focus and cut down on eye strain and headaches. Position the computer monitor so there’s no glare from a window or overhead light, and put a small lamp on the desk for task lighting.

This home office has its own room so it won’t disturb your mess while working. Equipped with a day bed will also make your room more comfortable. Home Office Decor from @isadorapecanha_arquitetura.

It’s a great idea to make your home office safe from intruders. You can separate this home office from the rest of the room. Choosing a masculine style will also suit you with a different appearance. Masculine Home Office from @larraroambientes

Create a cozy and comfortable space

To make it possible, all you need is a good chair, a fluffy rug, and a comfortable temperature. Don’t forget to hang a sign ‘no intruders allowed to get in to this room’ and a cozy and comfortable working space is in your hand. Ha! Joking.

Carpet runners placed on the home office floor will also provide extra comfort and warmth to your feet. Having a color tone that matches the home office will also provide an attractive room contrast. Runner Rug from @day__athome.

You can choose a good carpet for this home office design, you can apply a large carpet throughout the room. Besides provides extra warmth to your feet, it will also give your space an attractive appearance. Large Carpet Home Office from home_atno53.

Be sure to have all necessary tools and tech for your work

Styling your home office is important, but it will be useless if you don’t gear up yourself with the technology to support your work. Good computer, printer, internet connection, it’s all depends on your need. Just don’t forget to make sure your equipment is close to outlets and easy to access if you need to unplug.

The addition of electronic devices in the form of computers, printers and wifi on this office desk will make it easier to do work. Organized neatly will not make your office desk messy. Add Electronics from @homecrushdesignsllc.

Computers and printers are electronic items that need to be in your home office, so you can put them on your desk. Some of these electronic items will make it easier for you to get the job done. Computer and Printer Home Office from @momentum_espacios.

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