7 Simple yet Stunning Home Decor Styles

When it comes to home design, there are endless options to choose from. With styles ranging from Art Deco to Coastal, it can be overwhelming to understand each one. However, choosing the right style is crucial for creating a cohesive decor scheme. To help you get started, here are seven of the most popular home design styles.


The traditional design style is undoubtedly the most widespread one. It blends together timeless, well-defined, and beautiful elements. In a traditional style, you can expect orderly decorations, predictable rooms, and furnishings that tend to be more classic than unconventional, to keep things consistent, matched, and simple. If you seek a homey and welcoming feel, you might consider opting for traditional style, characterized by wood furniture, crown moldings, and accessories like framed prints and china vases.

To bring traditional style into your reading nook decor, a Chinese vase accent is a smart idea that you can try. This soft traditional chair is able to provide extra comfort to this reading nook. Traditional Reading Nook from @sandersconsign

A Chinese vase applied by the fireplace gives the whole house a traditional touch. Apart from that, you can also use emblems with Chinese tiles which will enhance the style of your home. China Vases from @numbernineteenvintage

You can use traditional style wooden furniture sets that will make the home decor attractive. This vintage furniture style will also create elements that are timeless, well defined, and beautiful. Traditional Wood Furniture from @laylaloou_furniture_decor

You can try using a traditional style in your living room. Wood furniture and accessories such as framed prints and china vases complete the look. This traditional style has a simple feel and will create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Traditional Living Room from @kristiesheltonstudios


Contemporary interiors are often characterized as sleek and cool, but there are actually many variations of contemporary design. This style features clean lines, deliberate use of textures, and a modern look that doesn’t feel overly trendy or likely to go out of style quickly. Contemporary spaces typically incorporate an element of surprise, making artistic statements that capture attention. It’s a popular choice for those who want a modern, sophisticated home decor style.

In this dining room, you can apply a contemporary style that will give you a sleek and clean appearance. It is a popular choice for those who want a modern and sophisticated style of home decor. Sleek Modern Dining Room from @qratededition


The eclectic style of home decor is a great option for those who appreciate various design themes and don’t want to be limited to just one. Rather than being a chaotic mix of different styles, eclectic decor is actually a well-planned and purposeful approach to decorating. This style involves carefully selecting interesting elements that work together to create a cohesive look, rather than simply throwing together anything that catches your eye.

To achieve an eclectic feel in your home, focus on celebrating contrasts and incorporating handmade items. Mix and match patterns, shapes, textures, finishes, and colors that complement each other to create a harmonious whole. Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to an eclectic style, as this approach allows for creativity and individuality.

Having an electric home style is suitable for those of you who appreciate various design themes. You can apply bold color wall art and have an attractive design so that it can be the perfect center of attention for your home. Electic Wall Art from @spaceagencyla

This living room brings an eclectic feel to your home. Complete with patterns and shapes of this furniture, it succeeds in giving the house an attractive appearance and can steal attention. This blue sculpture placed behind the sofa will be the perfect centerpiece. Electic Living Room from @basstonenyc

This sofa has a unique pattern that will fully complement your home’s electric style. This design will create a harmonious whole. Combined with some other furniture that has electric patterns and shapes, it can give a charming appearance. Pattern Sofa from @spaceagencyla

Mid-century Modern

To put it simply, mid-century modern is a design style that originated from the mid-1930s through the late 1960s. This style features a retro and streamlined look that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Mid-century modern design emphasizes function and form over ornamentation, with a focus on sleek lines and tapered legs. Furniture and accessories from this era often feature futuristic designs that are not necessarily contemporary. To achieve a mid-century modern look, incorporate pieces with clean lines and retro colors, such as bold oranges, greens, and reds, as well as accessories with a vintage feel.

This mid-century modern living room decoration with a 90s-style wooden buffet is perfect for you. In addition, you can add a soft sitting area and look stylish. Mid Century Buffet Storage from @_studiodesigner

If you want to have a modern mid-century guest entrance, you can use 90s style console table furniture like the picture above. This sleek appearance is able to give the impression of an attractive room and displays a futuristic design that is not necessarily contemporary. Mid Century Console Table from @villa_pocket

For a living room that looks as charming as the picture above, you can add a mid-century style seating area. With a chair like this you will have a mid-century modern living room look that looks amazing. Mid Century Living Room from @meier_interiors


To create an unconventional style, one should emphasize natural elements like bamboo and wicker and bring the outdoors in by incorporating plenty of plants. This style is similar to eclectic but leans more toward a carefree approach to decorating, resulting in rooms that feel relaxed and casual. Earthy colors such as hunter greens, natural woods, and creams are often used, along with a few bright pops of color throughout the space. Unconventional style is ideal for those who want a comfortable home with a maximalist aesthetic.

You can apply bamboo and wood accents to your unique bedroom furniture. The application of this bedding set and console table is able to create a maximum aesthetic and whimsy look. Whimsy Bedroom Decor from @thenichecornertnc

This Whimsy dining room has a touch of wood that will create a space that feels relaxed and casual. Combined with a padded dining chair, it will also be ideal for those who want a comfortable home with maximum aesthetics. Whimsy Dining Room from @richmondamerican

The earth tones in this unique bathroom result in a space that feels relaxed and casual. A touch of orange and green in this piece of furniture is able to make a perfect bathroom design and can be the center of attention of many people. Whimsy Bathwoom from @b_s_e_i_d

This lively whimsy bedroom decor will result in a room that feels relaxed and charming. You can apply it to the bedding set for a beautiful and stylish bedroom design. Whimsy Bedding Set from @ollyandem

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse decor is a style that incorporates reclaimed wood materials, salvaged pieces, and rustic country or barn details into the home. It’s an elevated version of the traditional “shabby chic” look, and can be achieved by incorporating elements such as sliding barn doors instead of traditional closet doors, or using wide-plank floors in place of narrower floorboards.

This modern white farmhouse entrance door with a touch of blue is the perfect color combination when decorating a modern farmhouse style room. The wooden floor which is equipped with a carpet runner will also give this room a warm and comfortable impression. Modern Farmhouse Entryway from @farmhouserooms

This modern farmhouse bedroom has floral wallpaper on one of the walls. This wrought iron bed frame is strong and balances the look. Don’t forget to add wooden nightstand accents to complete the look of this farmhouse bedroom. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom from @theoldhouseonmain

Avoid using flashy colors in farmhouse kitchen decorations to present a room that looks more neutral and natural, white is one of the best color choices that you can apply to your current kitchen decor. The wood accents on these cabinets add natural color to the home’s modern kitchen decor so far. Modern Famhouse Kitchen from @thosefarmhouseideas

The famrhouse modern small dining room carries a white theme throughout. This family style wood accent dining table will balance the look and provide the perfect room décor. Modern Famhouse Dining Room from @floralthoughts


To achieve a coastal decor style, envision warm whites, soft, ocean-inspired shades, and natural light. Coastal homes frequently incorporate materials like wood and terra cotta, and emphasize a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Choose muted colors and complement them with organic elements like driftwood and palms.

Coastal living room with a classic look. Namely using a touch of wood tiles and soft sofa accents. To create a beach feel, a touch of white wall paint adds a more special feel. Wooden Accent Coastal Decor from @laylagrayce

Choosing a neutral color is one of the smart ideas to make a coastal living room prettier. Plus, this wood accent dining chair will complete the look and add a natural touch to your entire home. Coastal DIning Room from @loganelizabethdesigns

This is another great idea for decorating a coastal bedroom. The touch of this blue and fish patterned pillow gives a strong coastal impression. In addition, this rattan headboard accent will also give a natural touch to your bedroom. Fish Pattern Pillow from @beach_life_living

Creating a coastal dining room with a touch of blue and white color scheme is a smart idea for you. This coastal style dining table set achieves an attractive and vibrant coastal design that is perfect. In addition, rattan lamp accents will present an elegant and natural impression. Natural Accent Coastal Dining Room from @beach_life_living

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