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How to Make a Healthy Home Environment

Having a healthy home is such a must, especially these days when pollution is everywhere and the disease is overspread in a wide area. You should know that even when you are at home, it doesn’t guarantee that you are safe. There are still germs and dust flying around the house that you should avoid. That is why making a plan to maintain the health of the house during your home decoration project is such a must. You should do that so that you can have a good quality of life. What will it be when you are already exposed to the unhealthy environment outside and then get it again while at home? Whatever it is, a home should be a place where you can mostly feel safe.

Now, let’s talk about the possible ways that you can do to create a healthy home. Basically, the health of your house will be based on two things those are the air quality, the cleanliness, and the humidity of the house. For the air quality, to keep it good, you can deal with the air purifier, air conditioner, ventilation, and greenery. Then, for the humidity, you should deal with the leak and the natural sunlight that exposes the house. It is known that when you can let the sunlight enter your house, then it can be a characteristic of a healthy home. For the last one which is cleanliness, you should simply make sure that you do the house cleaning periodically. Well, there might be some things that should be considered more because they can be the spot where the germ hides. Let’s say that you should clean the rug, the window frame, the throw blanket, and more. Check the details below.

Make your home healthier! Presenting an indoor garden is one of the right ideas. It doesn’t have to be big here, you can make an indoor garden with some tropical plants to make it easier to maintain. By presenting this indoor garden, it will make your home fresher and can make air circulation healthier. Small Indoor Garden from @greenwallart_plants_sulaimani

To keep your home healthy, you should use wide windows. In this way you can open the window during the day so it will make the air circulation in the room smoother. In addition, the indoor area will not be damp and will not cause mold which will cause many diseases. Open the windows from @larinakase

Cleanliness is one of the things that greatly affect the health of your home. To protect it, you can clean the floor area from dust using a vacuum cleaner. This method is very easy but effective for cleaning floors from dust so it won’t cause allergies and colds to the occupants of the house. Clean the floor from @thrift_mall_

Not only floors, furniture must also be cleaned because it is used quite often by the occupants. Look at this sofa, made using fabric material, so dust can easily stick to and be trapped in the sofa area, causing discomfort and possibly making the occupants sneeze. The right way to deal with this is to clean it regularly using a vacuum cleaner so that your home is healthier. Clean the Sofa from @moosoo_us

Simple yet perfect for making your home environment healthier. Adding some plants in the living room will make your living room look beautiful and fresh. In addition, plants can improve indoor air circulation and improve the quality of air in indoor areas. Therefore you will never fail to present indoor plants in your home. Adding indoor plant from @indoorjungledecor

Adding ventilation is an idea that will never fail to make your home healthier. A cooker hood is one type of ventilation that will never fail to complement your kitchen. By using a cooker hood, smoke and odors will come out through the cooker hood and the air in your cycle will stay healthy. Adding Cooker Hood from @kezzabeth_blog

Ventilation is one of the home facilities that really supports the health of your home. This time you can use trickle ventilation. This type of ventilation is perfect for those of you who have natural ventilation, such as windows and doors. Drip ventilation will help avoid problems associated with poor ventilation in naturally ventilated spaces. By using this ventilation, air circulation in your home will be healthier. Adding Trickle Ventilation from @goodwood_fitch

Diffuser with essential oil is also one of the things that can support a healthy home. By using this essential oil, it will make the aroma in your home fresher and maybe make you more relaxed and less stressed. Apart from that, essential oils can also dispel unpleasant odors in your home area. Adding diffuser with essential oil from @soaphouseco

Mold is one of the problems that can make your home unhealthy, so you have to clean it. This time you can clean it by rubbing it and using mildew cleaning soap. In this way, your home will be free of mold, making it look cleaner and healthier. Cleaning dirt and mold from @timbermate_group

Setting aside a little space to create an open space in your home is the perfect idea. Then you can bring various plants there so that it will make your home healthier. This is because sunlight can enter directly into the area of the house while greenery will support air circulation to be healthier and of better quality. Open Space with Greenery from @haarkon_

Using glass windows is an interesting idea and will never fail to make a home healthy. The reason is by using this glass window, sunlight can penetrate into the room and make the room not damp and does not cause mold. You can also equip glass windows with curtains so that they are more flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs. Natural Lighting from @richmondamerican

Cleaning rugs is one way you can do to create a healthy home. This is because dust can easily stick to the rug area and may be trapped there so that it can cause dust allergies to the occupants when not cleaned. Therefore you can regularly clean the rug using a vacuum cleaner so that it is more effective and efficient. Rug Cleaning from @tabithablue

If you want to have a healthy home, equipping the indoor area with an air purifier is a perfect idea. This one tool can work well to filter the air from dust particles, animal hair and other small particles. Thus, the air that is breathed in the indoor area becomes cleaner, of higher quality and healthier. Therefore presenting an air purifier is the right solution. Use an Air Purifier from @mariahaugland.no

Bringing air conditioning to your home, will improve your home decor and make your home healthier. Because this air conditioner will provide cooler air and keep the room protected from humidity. Therefore, your home will be protected from fungi that can cause various kinds of diseases and the air you breathe is cleaner and of better quality because the air conditioner is equipped with a filter. Air Conditioning from @truficient_hvac

Cleaning the water purifier filter regularly is one way to keep your home healthy. In this way, your air purifier stays clean and can filter out dust and other particles so perfectly that the air that is produced will remain clean. Therefore, you will never fail to clean the air purifier filter regularly. Clean the water purifier filter from @cass_salidas

This time about a healthy home! Using a water filter is one of the right ways to make your home healthier. By using this water filter, what is used for household needs can be filtered automatically so as to produce cleaner and higher quality water. Therefore, this water filter really supports a healthy home. Using Water Filter from @muma_goose

Look at the picture above! Using a glass roof will allow sunlight to enter the indoor area directly. That way, the indoor area becomes healthier and avoids moisture. In addition to avoiding moisture that causes mold, using this glass ceiling will allow residents to enjoy the sun without having to leave the room. Sky Lighting from @butch_haze

This is a roof filled with mold which can cause disease and make the house unhealthy. As a solution, you can clean the ceiling from mold using a mushroom cleaner. Apart from that, you can also add anti-fungal liquid and maintain humidity in the indoor area so that it will prevent mold growth. Mold Cleaning from @painterguyzllc

Talking about air conditioning, the filter is one that affects the health of the air it produces. A dirty filter will make the air dirty and unhealthy. Therefore you can replace filters that are no longer feasible with clean filters so that the air produced will be cleaner and of better quality. Change the Filter from @primegeniusinc

Equipping bathrooms with ventilation is an effective and efficient way to make your home healthier. This is because adding ventilation to the bathroom area will maintain humidity and reduce the possibility of mold growth. Therefore, you will never fail to use ventilation in the form of a fan blower. Bathroom Ventilation from @fantechtrade

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