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Grandmillennial Style: The Meaning and Implementation to Your Home Design

The grandmillennial style is all about putting the modern design and embracing the outdated ones at the same time. It will combine the modern elements with the traditional items. By implementing this style, you will get a clean and sleek home design but still homey with all of the traditional items without making it stuffy. The grandmillennial style is even referred to as ‘granny-chic’ caused of its homey feeling from all of the traditional items. There are some identical items that will characterize the grandmillennial style such as:

  1. floral-patterned items (curtain, upholstery, table runner, cushion, throw blanket, rug)
  2. chine plates and prints
  3. outdated furniture

With all of those items, you should be able to make the decoration atmosphere feel fresh and hip. Even though there are some outdated items and old-style stuff, the grandmillennial style is not old and stuffy. In this case, you should be able to create the right combination so that everything can be seen as balanced and you can get the right authentic impression of the granmillennial decoration style.

If you know about eclectic decor, then the grandmillennial can be said as the part of the eclectic decor. It is because the grandmillennial combines the modern and the traditional elements. Or, it can also be about the old and the new items that are mixed together to create such a perfect balance where you can get the modern style needed for this modern life but still can feel the warm and homey home atmosphere. The grandmillennial style is such an interesting one. As a whole, here are the basic characteristics of the grandmillennial style:

  1. using eclectic decor techniques (mix of era and style)
  2. natural material for an inviting home atmosphere
  3. cozy textures applied
  4. the use of bold colors

Ways to Implement Grandmillenial Style to Your Home Design

1. The Use of Wood Material

Since the grandmillennial is implementing the traditional touches, then using the wood material will be the best choice you can make. Related to the combination with the modern style, the wood is a great material that can take the rule for both traditional and modern just based on the finishing treatment of the wood. Here, you can let the wood be on its natural wood finishing if the additional decoration around is already reflecting the modern touches. Otherwise, you can make the wood to have a modern impression if the decoration around is already reflecting the traditional touches.

The wood material is applied to the chair, table, and floor. Then, there is also the wooden wall but it is treated to have a modern look by painting it in white color. This one is such a great balance. Wooden Decor from @manor_south

2. Pattern Application

Patterns can be the focal point of this grandmillennial decoration style. There are some different patterns that you can take from the floral to the tape trim pattern. The application of the pattern itself will be varied but mostly, it is applied to the curtain. Then, you can also find it on the cushion, sofa, chair pad, and throws. Another part that is mostly added with pattern is the wall where the wallpaper is being applied.

The pattern that is applied in this decoration uses the eclectic principle where there is a modern rug pattern near the door that is combined with the old-century rug pattern in the dining room. There are also some other patterns that are applied to the pot, bench pad, and cushion. Pattern Application Decor from @jogalbraithathome

3. Mixing the Old and New Items

The way we mix the old and new items is what we commonly know with the eclectic decor technique. Since the grandmillennial is all about creating a balance between the modern and traditional styles, mixing the old and new items can be the easiest way that you can do. For example, you can put a new modern sofa with the old china items such as plates or jars. As we have said before the china items are the ones that mostly added to the grandmillennial home decor. It even becomes the one that characterizes the style. So, if you want the simple one, you can simply find the china items at the store at put it around the room.

The main contrast that you can see between the old and new items here is the lighting that comes in an old style and the kitchen island with the marble table surface for the modern touch. You can see even when the colors are in the same tone but it looks contrast because the era and style impression are different. Old and New Decor Combination from @manor_south

4. Colorful Design

The grandmillennial decoration should be fresh and hip even when there is a traditional style that you apply. Using a colorful design is the way that you can take to make it look fresh and hip. No need to worry about making the traditional items lose their impression because they will only be balanced so that you can achieve the grandmillennial style accurately. You can even use the bold colors to bring the character. No need to worry about being overserving because that won’t happen. Commonly, grandmillennial decoration uses bright blue colors, green light, yellow, etc. The decoration will be modern, warm, and fun at the same time.

Look at the colors applied in this decoration. It looks colorful but not too much at all since each color balances one to another. The pattern also brings its rule to add color to the decoration. This decoration is colorful, fun, and hip without being too stuffy. Colorful Design from @meggiehinteriors 

5. The Existence of Traditional Crafts

The traditional crafts will be such a great addition to your grandmillennial decoration. The handmade items will bring you to nostalgia and history which is really warm and able to create a homey atmosphere around the room. It would be great if you could provide the ‘grandma-like’ handicrafts such as quilted, crocheted, and needle-pointed elements. You can use the real old items or you can make the new ones but in the old ‘grandma-like’ craft style.

The cushion here has a handcrafted cover that is made with old-style fabric material. The pattern and the color give a warm traditional impression which can fit well for the grandmillennial home. Traditional Craft from @dylanbsamide

6. Creating Contrast

What is mean contrast here is not only about the colors but about the whole impression. It means that you can also see the contrast in the room based on the furniture that is being provided there where the style or the era is really different. Or, you can even see the contrast in the material that is being used. For example, there might be old wood furniture that is paired with luxurious gold-colored furniture.

There is a color contrast in this decoration between green and brown seating. Then, for the interior part, there is a white wall color and brown floor color that is also able to be said as a contrast. Contrast Decor from @houseof_york

After mastering the grandmillennial decor style and the ways to implement it in your house, we do believe that this decoration style is such an interesting one to be applied. It has a warm traditional atmosphere but modern at the same time so that your house won’t be seen as old at all. So, are you ready to apply this style to your house?

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