9 Stylish Glass Dining Table to Elevate the Room Decoration Impression

There are indeed some varied materials available for the dining table that can be durable such as wood. However, if you want to spruce up the dining room, you should try the glass material. Well, it is true that the glass material is a little bit fragile as it can crack but the impression of the material is really cool and edgy. The glass material itself is a modern material that is commonly used for modern home decor but you can have it for whatever home decor style you have. What you need to do is just adjust some parts of the table such as choosing different materials for the leg to bring the design style impression that you need. The design styles that can be incorporated with glass material are modern, rustic, minimalist, glam, Scandi, vintage, and so on.

For decoration needs, the glass material comes in different types that you should know so that you can consider the best glass material type that you need.

  1. Frosted Glass: This kind of glass is an efficient one that offers you a decorative purpose. At the same time, the frosted glass also gives you a sense of security.
  2. Tempered Glass: This one is the glass type that is manufactured and made with heating, softening, and cooling process. This type of glass is sturdy and used widely in home improvement.
  3. Plexiglass: It is the safest glass sheet for kids. The plexiglass is easy to maintain, lightweight, recyclable, and chemical resistant.
  4. Laminated Glass: The laminated glass is sturdy and highly durable. It is also noise-resistant and weather-resistant.

Now, please check the following glass material applications for the dining table. There will be some different ideas related to the additional material that you can choose based on the decoration style you want to create.

All Glass Material

The all-glass material will be really stylish. It is rare so when you have it, you can use it to be the center of attention in the room. However, when you decide to have it, you should make sure that you purchase the best glass material quality so that it won’t crack easily. Since the all-glass material dining table means that you won’t use any other materials except glass, then you should also be careful with the kids. Make sure that the kids know the characteristics of the table so that you can minimize the risk.

The detail of the leg that forms the elbow becomes the uniqueness of this dining table making the table doesn’t seen as boring at all. For this table, choosing the right chairs with the right size that won’t hit the table leg is important.Forming Elbow Leg Dining Table from @yulisha.mua


This all-glass dining table is simple since the leg placement is really basic. But look at the arch under the table surface that makes this dining table have a touch of art. The table can also be seen as stylish and not boring. Arch Detail Dining Table from @lifeatthewhitetreasureboxhouse


The leg of this all-glass dining table is really unique. It comes in the form of two big pillars on each side of the table. So futuristic and stylish! Pillars Leg Dining Table from @thedesignfirmtx


Wooden Leg

Having wood material as the table leg for the glass dining table is functional for some purposes. The first one is to create a certain impression that will match your room decoration. For example, you can use wood material for your farmhouse room decoration concept. Not only farmhouse, the wood material can also be proper for Scandinavian style, industrial, rustic, or even Bohemian. Then, the leg material is also able not to make the dining table look boring. It is needed for you who love details and variations. With the wood material, you can create a more welcoming and warm dining room impression at once.

The wood leg is made of a basic wood block board that is installed crossing each other. The installation technique becomes the uniqueness of this dining table. Crossing Leg Dining Table from @homebehindtheoak


The oval dining table leg gives a certain impression to increase the value of the dining table. Then, it is matched with the same wooden chair leg which is really harmonious. Oval Leg Dining Table from @south_beach_interiors

The wood leg has a unique cantilever on the surface of the glass table surface. This table doesn’t add with the table runner so that the cantilever can be spotted and be seen the unique. Unique Cantilever Dining Table from @zmenz_lifestyle


Metal Legs

The metal material is a sturdy choice for the table leg. You can choose metal material if your priority is the sturdiness of the product. It also fits some decoration styles such as modern, industrial, or futuristic. No need to worry that metal material will be seen as boring because it can be created into varied shapes. You should see the following references to find out that metal material can be made from the basic one to the most unique and artistic one.

This metal material leg is made with a basic style but looks expensive and luxurious. You can see it from the shining effect that the metal material has. The size of the legs is also big enough to make it look more sturdy. Metal Leg Dining Table from @our_bellway_victoria


The leg is made in a tube shape. It is installed by crossing one to another to create an artistic impression. This glass dining table is not only sturdy but also unique and stands out. Tube Leg Dining Table from @athomewithchelle


Nothing can be said when looking at this dining table but ‘adorable’. The idea of the leg is really futuristic and artistic. You will have the most valuable dining room decor impression with this glass dining table. Piled Up Leg Dining Table from @officially_silvana

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