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9 Kinds of Pathway Ideas for Your Garden

When it comes to the garden decoration, you have to think how to get an interesting garden look. An interesting garden will attract more attention for anyone who see it. And it will lead to satisfaction for you as a garden owner. Therefore, you have think carefully when decorating your garden. A great landscape design and plant options is an important thing. And, one of ways to make an impression in your garden is by adding some features. There are some features that can be added to the garden. In this case, a garden path is a great thing.

Talking about a garden path it is a crucial feature of any garden, mapping out journeys from one area to another. They can be as simple as a meandering trail through gravel or as sculptural as sleek boardwalks that lead to smart decking. Don’t be confused if you want to add a path to your garden. There will be more options to choose from. Whatever style you’re after, our garden path ideas provide the balance of practicality and style you need to make your plot a real pleasure.


Slate is a very fine-grained metamorphic rock that forms when shale undergoes metamorphism. It’s composed primarily of clay minerals and quartz, which form parallel layers after heat and pressure is applied to it. Its color ranges from gray to black, depending on the mineral composition of the shale it’s formed from. Slate is most often used to make roofs, but it’s also been used for a variety of other purposes throughout history. One of them, you can use slate for a garden pathway ideas.

Slate material is one of the best choices that you can use as the main material for garden pathway decorations. One of the advantages of using this material is that it is easy to get and of course has a harder surface and is suitable for changing outdoor temperatures. Gray Slate Pathway from @elitelandscapecompany

Besides having a tough material, the slate pathway is also refined with a smoother surface so that it is more comfortable to use on the surface of your feet. The use of this slate pathway is perfected by the presence of green plants that thrive around it so that it can add color to the room. Slate Pathway with Smooth Surface from @kurjenpolvipihalla_

Natural slate with a variety of different color choices can be used as the main material for garden pathway decorations. Arrange this slate pathway lengthwise using cement so that it is not easily dislodged when used throughout the year in different seasons. Natural Slate Pathway from @kuldahar_


Creating paths with rocks is a great way to add texture and contrast to your garden without any ongoing maintenance. They also provide a natural, sturdier surface than mulch. Landscaping rocks come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even mix different types of rock to create a pattern.

Textured rock materials arranged into a pathway decoration add a different look to your garden area. It’s not enough to get here, so that this pathway can be used at night, you can combine it with solar lights along with this pathway so that it can accompany your night steps. Textured Rock Pathway from @amplightingus

This natural rock with an irregular shape is quite large and you can use it as a garden pathway decoration this year. Just arrange this garden pathway like a staircase design which is equipped with a handrail on the right side. This material will never be porous for use all year round. Natural Material Rock Stair Pathway from @innovationwelding

Reclaimed house bricks

Reclaimed house bricks are a great choice for pathways around your garden. They’re strong and durable, with thermal properties to help you keep temperatures cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Besides using them as pathway edging, you can also use reclaimed house bricks to create other kinds of pathways for your garden. For instance, you could use them as ground level garden bed edging, or intersperse them with other materials, such as reclaimed flagstones.

Look at the mix of rock and red bricks that are applied simultaneously in this garden pathway area, can’t they work well together? Yes, you can try it to display an important role that is able to blend with nature because it is made from natural ingredients that can be found easily around your home. Reclaimed Rock Pathway from @raregardens

In addition to adding color to the garden area, the use of a red brick pathway also adds an outdoor texture that is very eye-catching. The existence of this pathway can be enhanced with several types of green plants around it to add a fresh atmosphere which of course can add color to the garden instantly. Red Brick Garden Path from @secretsoutherngarden

Reuse the reclaimed bricks that you have at home as garden pathway decorations that can help your gardening activities every day. It looks very vintage and of course saves your spending budget because it only uses old materials that you have at home, the shabby chic colors add to the garden’s more vintage look. Reclaimed Brick Path On Budget from @courtenayroberts


A gravel pathway can be a beautiful addition to your garden, but it needs to be carefully planned and maintained. Before digging, decide on how you’d like to lay the path. Some people will choose a straight line from the front door to the gate, while others will create a meandering path that takes guests to hidden corners or a secluded bench.

The amount of gravel you need will depend on the length of your path. You will need enough to fill to about 1/2 inch below the top of your edging. Rake the gravel evenly so it distributes and none of the landscape fabric shows through. It will need to be raked occasionally to keep it smooth and fresh looking.

The gravel path combined with mulch adds texture and definition, its use is perfect for both modern and mid-century themes. The use of this gravel path reduces your maintenance because there is no need to mow overgrown grass. Besides that, the use of gravel and mulch on this line minimizes damage to your lawn mower. Beige Gravels Pathway from @livinglandscapesnoosa

These beige pebbles make your garden look sleeker and cleaner. Now you can combine it with step rock which will be a foothold to get to your garden area. Try to choose rock of the same color, shape and size to make it look more harmonious. Set as best as possible for maximum results. Concrete and Gravels Pathway from @mdmblandscapes

If you have a low budget to redecorate part of the garden then using a gravel pathway is the best choice that you can try right now. The appearance of this gravel pathway adds a modern touch that never fails, the presence of lavender flowers on the edges adds color and makes your garden decoration look prettier and attracts attention. Modern Style Gravels Pathway from @theidealgarden


Paver pathway ideas for garden design are a great way to create a visual connection between key features in your garden. They are both functional and decorative, making them the perfect addition to a well-planned landscape. You can arrange the pavers in interesting shapes.

The square shaped paver that is used as a garden pathway will look more modern and suitable when combined with the use of dark colored gravel so that it can provide a pretty good color contrast. The existence of this pathway is suitable for use in backyard gardens and front yard gardens. Modern Paver Pathway from @austinnativelandscaping

Perfect your backyard garden decoration with a pathway made of paver with a choice of bright colors. Now you can combine it with the use of mulch which has a softer material. This square shaped paver uses the same size and one color. Square Shaped Paver Pathway from @holkhuis


Logs, sliced wood and salvaged timber pieces are a cost-effective way to add texture to your landscaping. These can be stacked and placed in a random order or arranged in groups to create a beautiful pathway.

Do you have reclaimed wood materials that are not used in the warehouse area? Don’t throw it away, because if you have it then just use it as the main ingredient in garden pathway decorations to instantly present a rustic style. No need to repaint to save on spending budget. Reclaimed Wood Curved Path from @charlotte.eds_

You can get a low spending budget to decorate the backyard garden by using an old wood pathway that can be arranged in a winding manner according to the remaining land that is owned from this garden. Fern plants which are used as the border of this path are able to present a more soothing forest feel. Old Wood Path On Budget from @_instapassport_

Wooden logs of the same size and shape can be used as garden pathway decorations that will never fail to provide a comfortable walking surface. Set the distance from this wooden log pathway so it’s not too far or not too close either, you can try it right now. Wooden Log Pathway from @livada_thetinyhouse


Concrete pathway are also an excellent budget-friendly solution, and can be set on grass or mulched to suit your design. They’re especially good for use as part of a rain garden or any area that’s susceptible to flooding.

If you want an industrial touch in your garden decoration then using a concrete pathway with a touch of light gray is the best idea you can do. Its surface which is sturdy and not easily scratched is a pathway decoration option that will never fail to try. The green plants around it add a natural atmosphere and are suitable for use as a shady sitting area. Light Gray Concrete Pathway from @accessibilityexperts

Even though it requires a larger and more expensive budget, the use of a concrete pathway will last longer or be permanent. This conrete pathway section can be combined with the use of red brick to add color to the room as well as the texture of your garden. You can call a handyman to make it. Combination of Concrete with Brick Path from @mckenzie_landscape_design


A mulch pathway is a great choice for homeowners with flower beds and shrubs because it will blend well with the rest of the landscaping. It is also inexpensive and easy to install, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Look at the garden paths that are dominated by this mulch material, the use of this path is suitable for you to use as a barefoot walking therapy area. Mulch pathways are also perfect as beginner landscaping decorations that are great for DIY garden decor. Get this material at a cheaper price and easy to handle. Mulch Garden Path from @andrewdarqui

Soft and sturdy enough for heavy foot traffic are some of the advantages you can get when using a mulch lane. The material for this mulch path can be perfected with stone steps which are dominated by round shapes to make it more attractive and to give a new look to this outdoor area. A grass border enhances this garden path. Mulch and Natural Stone Garden Path from @hartpropertymaintenance


Paved or stone garden pathways add texture and movement to the landscape. They’re an affordable way to spruce up your outdoor space, and they’re also practical for getting from one place to another. For a more natural effect, use yard stones in patterns to create a walkway that feels casual and spontaneous. Interspersing large pieces of flagstone with smaller ones enlivens your senses.

No need to overhaul in the near future and cheaper installation costs are the advantages that you can get simultaneously when you use stone pathway decorations. The stone material here has a smoother surface so it is safe for your feet. Stone materials also come in a variety of sizes. Stone Sturdy Path from @classicsprinklersinc

This garden pathway decoration made of stone and rock can be used for quite a long time because both have strong and hard materials. Both can be arranged with the right layout to display garden decorations that are more textured and appear more elegant. Stone with Rock Material Path from @eppersonslandscape

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