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How to Get a Proper Garage Update

As a part of your home decorations, don’t ever think that you don’t need to be too worried about your garage decoration because a garage won’t be only about a garage if you treat it well. Some people don’t want to concern with their garage decoration because it is the place that intends to be dirty place with all the stuff there. However, your garage can be a fun place and clean if you know exactly how to decorate it and choose the right facilities provided there. Here, if you do the garage update, you can totally juggle the room and suddenly love to spend your time there. Additionally, another reason why you need to consider treating your garage well is that the garage can be used to be your workspace, putting some collections, a showroom, and more. Interested in updating your garage? Take a look at the following ideas!

Garage Door

A garage door is identical in its difficulty to be opened. It is commonly too heavy and dragged. There won’t be any other good solution for this besides an automatic door that you can open automatically even without any effort.

Look at this garage! Equipped with an automatic garage door, will make it easier to operate. Having a black color and made using metal material, this garage door will make it stronger and more durable. Therefore, you can never fail to use an automatic garage door to make your garage more proper. Black Automatic Garage Door from @hollingtondoors

To make your garage more proper, here you can use automatic doors. This way it’s easier for you to operate it and only use the remote. This garage door is made using wooden material so that it will present a natural appearance that looks aesthetic and manages to attract attention. Wooden Automatic Garage Door from @taleb.garage.doors

Door is one thing that is very influential in your garage. Automatic garage door is a very appropriate choice and will never fail to use. By using an automatic garage door, it will be easier for you to open and close it using only a remote. Black Wooden Automatic Garage Door from @hollingtondoors

Make your garage more proper than before. Using an automatic garage door is a very appropriate solution because this way it will be easier for you to open and close the garage door. Choose a white garage door so it’s easy to combine with any color and will make your garage look beautiful from an outdoor area. White Automatic Garage Door from @tobias_stutz_art

There are many types of garage doors that you can use to complete the garage doors in your home, one of which is the automatic garage door. This time we are using an automatic garage door which is made using metal material so that it is stronger and lasts longer. Painted in black makes it look perfect and manages to steal the show. Metal Automatic Garage Door from @allstoresbv

A great way to update your garage is to replace the garage door. Automatic garage door is the right choice. The reason is by using an automatic garage door, it will make it easier for you to open and close the door without having to spend a lot of energy and only need to press the remote. In this way, your garage becomes more proper and succeeds in inspiring. Large Automatic Garage Door from @grandsea_windows_doors

Smart Storage Strategy

To make your garage has a good impression, you need to make it not only clean but also tidy. How? Provide a smart storage strategy. Here, you should be able to categorize the stuff that you want to store. Make sure that you put everything in the right way. You should also be able to choose the storage that won’t make your garage seem as crowded.

Storage is one of the things that really influences the creation of a proper garage. If you have a narrow garage, this is the time for you to use ceiling space. Use ceiling shelves to store various items that can be stored there so that they are simpler, neater and won’t interfere with the space in your garage. Ceiling Organizer from @garage_store_il

Utilizing wall space for garage storage ideas is a perfect idea. You can use the wall space to store items that can be hung there which will make your garage more organized. In addition, with this storage idea, it won’t reduce the floor space in your garage and it will look more spacious. Wall Space for Storage from @closetsbydesign

This metal rail that is mounted on the wall and equipped with lots of hooks will be the perfect storage idea in your garage. Here you can use it to hang various items such as bags, helmets and other objects so as to make your garage tidier. Apart from that, using this one storage idea is quite easy to access. Wall Hooks Storage
from @mygarage_sa

This metal standing rack will be the perfect storage idea in your garage. Having a floor to ceiling design will allow it to accommodate more items. Here you can use containers to store goods before placing them on a rack so that it will make them tidier and more orderly. In this way, your garage will be tidier and will not interfere with activities in your garage. Floor to Ceiling Rack for Storage from @neatlyembellished

This time you can use container boxes for storage ideas in your garage area. Install the railing above the ceiling to place the container box so it will never fail for space saving. This way your garage will look neat, orderly and have a wider range of motion so that this garage is very proper. Container Garage Storage from @ezgaragestorageusa

Take a look at this garage! We use cabinets for storage ideas in our garage. By using this cabinet, we can hide scattered items so that they will look neat and more orderly. Then placing it in front of the wall will make it simpler and not make your garage look cramped. Cabinet Storage from @unique_custom_cabinets

Good Lighting

Install lighting that is bright enough so that your garage won’t have a bleak look that will make it not interesting. Remember that the purpose of doing the garage update here is to change your impression of your garage so that you can function the garage well than before.

Lighting is one of the most influential things in any decoration, including garage decorations. White LED lights will be the perfect lighting idea in your garage as they will provide a very bright light. Having a geometric shape will make lighting ideas in your garage look very attractive and manage to steal the show. Geometric Ceiling Lighting from @mygaragestylecanada

LED lights are one of the lights that you can use for lighting ideas in your garage. The reason is that this LED lamp will provide bright enough lighting and make your garage not look damp and creepy. This time you can use two LED lights at the same time so that it will make your garage decoration more perfect. LED Ceiling Lighting from @garage_store_il

Perfect ! This garage uses a lot of LED lights as a lighting idea so it will make your garage very bright. This LED light is installed on the ceiling so it is very effective to illuminate your entire garage area. Having a chevron pattern in addition to providing perfect lighting, it will also present a very beautiful and more festive appearance. Chevron Ceiling Lighting from @garageleds

Using ceiling lighting is the right choice for lighting ideas in this garage. This is because the ceiling lamp will work effectively to illuminate the entire area in your garage. Here you can use lots of white ceiling lighting so that it will facilitate activities in your garage area and also your garage will not look scary. White Ceiling Lighting from @northern_tool

Extraordinary ! This garage uses LED lights which are installed from floor to ceiling so that it will provide a double advantage. The white light from the lamp will provide a very bright light and will also bring a livelier and livelier look to your garage. Therefore, you can never fail to use this lamp for your garage lighting ideas. Floor to Ceiling Led Lamp from @garageleds

Epoxy Floor

We all know that a garage can be dirty really soon and the stain is different from your living room stain. Here, we recommend you apply epoxy floor for your garage as this kind of flooring is way easier to be cleaned and can be the best option for your garage door.

One thing you can do to make your garage more proper is to use a floor that is easy to clean. Epoxy floor will be the perfect idea for your garage. This is because it has a smooth texture and makes it easier to clean. In addition, this epoxy floor also has a luxurious appearance. Marble Epoxy Floor from @epoxyflowmasterpr

Using an epoxy floor is an easy way to keep your garage area clean. This is because the epoxy floor is quite easy to clean from dust and dirt. Besides that, this epoxy floor has a beautiful and luxurious appearance like the metallic epoxy floor picture above. Therefore this type of floor will never fail for you to have. Metallic Epoxy Floor from @topepoxyflooring

This white nuanced garage uses a light gray epoxy floor so it will make it look natural and beautiful. The advantage of using an epoxy floor is that it is easier for you to clean the dirt on your garage floor. This way, your garage floor will look clean and make it more comfortable for you to be there to check vehicles and things or do automotive activities. Light Grey Epoxy Floor from @home_rx_inc

We use white epoxy floor for our garage decoration ideas in our house. In this way, it will make it easier for us to clean the garage floor from various impurities such as dust and oil spills. In addition, using epoxy will make garage doors easier to open and close. Therefore, this epoxy floor will be the best choice for your garage decoration. White Epoxy Floor from @lehighvalleyepoxy

Not only lighting and storage, but floors will also be one of the things that can affect your garage. This copper epoxy floor will be the perfect choice for your garage ideas at home. This is because this type of floor has a smooth texture that makes it easier to clean and will not interfere with the performance of your garage door. In addition, this epoxy floor also has a marble-like appearance and looks luxurious. Copper Epoxy Floor from @pearlepoxyfloors

This garage uses an epoxy floor so it will present a luxurious and clean appearance. The reason is that this type of floor has a very smooth texture and is easy to clean from various kinds of dirt. This type of floor also has a marble-like appearance so it manages to present a modern look and make your garage more proper. The gray and white color combination on the epoxy garage floor looks very beautiful and stunning. White and Grey Epoxy Floor from @supremepoxycoatings

Take a look at our in-house garage! Here we use a gray expoy floor so it will present a natural look and be easy to combine with anything. This epoxy floor is very easy to clean from dust and even oil spills with just a little effort. That’s why we chose epoxy floors as an easy way to keep our garage clean and proper. Grey Epoxy Floor from @gianfducato



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