How to Make Your Floor Mattress Feels Comfortable

While other people choose to purchase a bed with a frame for their bedroom, then choosing the mattress that is simply applied on the floor is a certain fun thing that you can have. It is known that the floor mattress can give a more relaxing feeling and be simple as well. However, you should consider some things if you want to apply the floor mattress as your bed that covers the aesthetic, comfortable, and proper reasons. It is true that the floor mattress might be seen as something cheap and not as valuable as the bed. That is why those things that we have mentioned before should be fulfilled so that you can make the mattress to be valuable and appropriate not only for your resting quality but also for the impression. Here are things that you should consider when having a floor mattress as your bed:

Place it Near the Fireplace

Since the mattress is placed on the floor, then it might feel cooler than the common framed bed. Here, the way you position your mattress will influence your comfort, especially during winter. We do recommend you place the mattress near the fireplace. No need for an electric heater, you will get warmth during the night by simply positioning it near the fireplace.

Using a mattress and laying on the floor will feel cold. Therefore you can place it near the fireplace to get warmth. In this way, you will be more comfortable on the mattress to rest or just lie down. Complete with pillows and blankets so it will look perfect. Wide Mattress from @grace_jones_sims

Placing a mattress near the fireplace is one of the right ways to provide comfort. Because the mattress on the floor will feel cold, but placing it near the fireplace will make it get the perfect warmth. Here you can also add a bedsheet on the mattress so that it will make it look more beautiful and neat. Denim Floor Mattress from @travel.with.chas

Do you use mattresses to replace your bed? If so, you can try the following idea. This time you can place the mattress near the fireplace so it will feel more comfortable. This is because the fireplace will provide warmth to your mattress area making it very comfortable to rest and relax. White Mattress from @osborninteriors

This light brown mattress looks beautiful and attractive. Place it near the fireplace, this mattress will get the warmth generated from the fireplace so it feels more comfortable. Therefore you will never fail to use a mattress to replace the right bed and place it near the fireplace. Thick Mattress from @designliv

Add with Canopy

The canopy is not only intended for the bed but you can also have it for your floor mattress. Not only to increase the value but the canopy can also be really functional. Let’s say that with the existence of the canopy, you can be more secure since the canopy functions as your mattress bracket. Then, you can also utilize it as a divider since there won’t be any clear border for the floor mattress.

We use a mattress that is equipped with a canopy so that it will provide several benefits for you. Apart from providing warmth, it will also keep you safe and prevent you from falling out of bed. This canopy mattress has a white and navy color theme so it will present a perfect nautical look. Tend Mattress Canopy from @monkey.bunks

This mattress is equipped with a canopy so that it will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. This canopy mattress is made using wood and sheer curtains to make it look very aesthetic. Not only that, in this way, you will get warmth and security at the same time. Therefore you will never fail to use this canopy mattress. Wooden Canopy Mattress from @christiahna

Completing a mattress with a canopy is an idea that will never fail. This time, you can use a white tent canopy for a white mattress so it will present a beautiful, clean and matching look. Using this canopy mattress will make you more comfortable while sleeping there. White Tend Mattress Canopy from @domesticobjects

Using Lamps as the Frame

The lighting will make your floor mattress upgraded. The first main function of the lamps is for lighting, of course. Then, the additional function is to create a frame for your floor mattress. So, if the canopy is too much for you, then you can use the lighting as the frame.

Lighting is one of the most influential things for any décor. Here you can use a table lamp to provide lighting on your floor mattress. This time you can place it to the right and left of this mattress so that it will provide perfect lighting and your mattress can function properly. White Table Lamp from @houseonthehillscot

Curtain Headboard

A bed has a headboard so does the mattress. You don’t need to worry because making a headboard for the mattress is still possible and easy for sure! By simply utilizing a curtain, you can make your floor mattress looks like a bed. What you have to make sure of is that you should put the mattress to hit the wall.

Interesting right ? This mattress is equipped with a headboard made using curtains so it will look more beautiful. This time you can use a white and pink headboard curtain so that it will present a very beautiful feminine look. This curtain headboard has a size that is high enough so that it will make it look more magnificent. White and Pink Curtain Headboard from @corkysden

You will never fail to use a headboard to complement your mattress. This time we are using a brown headboard curtain so it will make it look neutral and natural. Then you can complete it with string lights so it will look livelier and livelier. Lighted Curtain Headboard from @sassylittleviking

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