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Boosting Productivity with Feng Shui Colors for Your Home Office

Nowadays, many of us are acquainted with the difficulties of maintaining focus and productivity while working from home. A helpful way to create a conducive home office environment is by utilizing feng shui principles to design your workspace. Whether you have a dedicated room or a small corner for your office, applying feng shui can help you bring out your most productive self.

When it comes to feng shui, color is a simple yet effective way to begin. While there are various approaches to feng shui and color, consulting with a practitioner can provide more personalized guidance. However, if you are seeking some basic feng shui advice to start experimenting with color in your office, here are a few colors that generally promote positive energy in a work setting.


In the five elements color system, white is linked with the metal element, which symbolizes productivity. It is also associated with creativity and project completion. If you tend to procrastinate or struggle to finish tasks, incorporating white into your office design can be helpful. Depending on your space, you may choose a pure white or an off-white shade.

If you only have a home office with limited space, then don’t worry. Try to use white in most of the interiors that are used. The white color will give a broad impression and will also help light up the room, yes white will reflect light throughout the room which will make the room look more open. White Dominant Scheme Color from @charlieathome_

To create a comfortable atmosphere in the home office, it is advisable not to place too many items. It is enough to use some simple furniture, namely a desk and a chair covered with a throw blanket made of faux fur so that it has a softer surface and is ready to be used comfortably all day long. Simple Home Office Design from @homedesigninspired

The white theme for a home office decoration is still the choice of many people to apply. Using a white desk complete with white chairs will add to the maximum all-white theme in your home office. It’s not enough that you can also add white open shelves and also a long bench which is also for storage which is equipped with a pull-out drawer underneath. White Interior Home Office from @jenniferpaccainteriors

Align the appearance of the work space in your home to make it more comfortable by matching the color of the furniture and room walls. White is a neutral color that can be used for all time so it will never go out of style, so that your home office is more colorful, you should install wallpaper on the walls with less complicated motifs to stay consistent with the white workspace style. White Paint Desk and Wall Paint from @charlottemckeegandesigns


Gray lies between black and white on the color spectrum and shares similar characteristics with the metal element. A light and cool shade of gray can evoke the same energy as white and boost productivity, making it another ideal color choice for an office space. On the other hand, a warm gray with brown undertones can create a more grounded and stable ambiance. According to feng shui, gray is also linked to attracting supportive individuals. Incorporating gray into your office color scheme can be a way to welcome more helpful people into your professional life.

Apart from white, there are also other bright colors that you can apply to decorate your home office, light gray is a color that you can apply. With a room dominated by light gray, it will make the appearance not too bright or dark, light gray is perfect for those of you who like calm with dim lighting. Light Gray Home Office from @interiorbykhi

This home office wall paint with two different color choices features a color block decoration that is suitable for use in modern-style room decorations. Part of the walls can be painted in dark gray and some of the other walls can be painted in white which has a color harmony with the use of a desk drawer with a sleek and sleek design. On the wall can be equipped with a floating shelf to put paintings. Color Block Gray Wall Paint from @missjessicanicoleblog

White and gray are a mix of colors that can blend perfectly in the same room. You can use a light or dark gray tone according to the needs of the room. If the wall paint is already using a dark gray color, then for the tapestry you can use light gray which still has the same color tone. Splashes of white also add to the elegant style. Combination of White and Gray Color from @athomedesignandstaging

Calm and not excessive is a splash of gray that you can apply in home office decorations. Now you can combine it with a plain white countertop so it doesn’t give a tacky color contrast. You can use this countertop as a desk area that can be combined with a work chair that can be adjusted in height according to your comfort. Gray Cabinet and Work Chair from @indianakitchencompany


In the five element color system, brown is associated with the earth element, which signifies stability and tranquility. Various shades of brown and other earthy hues are linked to this element. Furthermore, brown wooden finishes represent the earth element, implying that a wooden desk in a brown shade is also associated with earth. If you experience anxiety or unease during work hours, incorporating the earth element into your home office can help promote a more relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to adding earth tone color nuances in the home office decoration, the splash of brown that is applied to the desk and work chair also gives a warm touch and seems more natural, of course. The touch of brown that is applied to this wooden furniture has a more shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of sunlight so it is ready to be used as a focal point even if it is placed in a corner of the room. Wood Desk and Work Chair from @i.tam.i.tu


Black is connected to the water element, which is also one of the five elements. The water element represents the quest for knowledge and discovering one’s purpose. Additionally, the water element and black color are closely associated with one’s professional life. If you are uncertain about your career path or life purpose, incorporating small amounts of black into your office space can potentially bring clarity.

Look at the desk design with the choice of marble material, doesn’t it look more modern and contemporary? Yes, you can apply it in home office decorations with a choice of solid black so it looks more dramatic. For a more luxurious look, you can combine it with a tufted office chair with a choice of brighter colors like gray, you can apply two different interior colors in the same room. Black Marble Desk Design from @luxxumoderndesignliving


Similar to brown, yellow is also linked to the earth element and is considered the traditional color of earth in feng shui. Furthermore, yellow brings to mind the sun’s energy and evokes a sense of happiness. If you’re in search of a more tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, incorporating touches of yellow into your home office can be a good option.

There is no need to hesitate to include yellow in home office decorations which are dominated by white, because yellow is one of the color choices that is ready to be used as a room statement. White wall paint combined with a ladder and a yellow desk drawer can blend perfectly in the same room. Yellow Paint Desk and Ladder Storage from @cavalcanteferraz

Bold, bright and impressive is a splash of yellow that is applied in a plain white dominant home office decoration. As for the yellow color, you can try it on the linen curtain with more than one so that it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. End this home office decoration with a work chair that has color harmony with the use of curtains so that they can work together well and optimally. Yellow Linen Curtains from @ideationspaces


Green is associated with the wood element in the five element color system, which symbolizes growth and progress. If you sense a lack of energy or sluggishness in your office area, incorporating the color green can boost the wood element’s energy and vitality. To instantly enhance the wood energy, consider utilizing clean, bright, and grassy greens.

Take advantage of the corner of your home room to serve as a home office decoration this year. What you need to do now is determine the wall paint so that it has a design according to your wishes. Sage green is one option that will never fail. This pastel green color can be combined directly with furniture or interiors made of natural wood, for example, you can use natural wood work desks and chairs. Sage Green Corner Home Office from @pshamek

Bring nature into your home office decor by applying a splash of green to the walls. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add some indoor plants with various types and different sizes. The dominance of furniture made from natural wood is a perfect combination and will never fail. Polish the surface of wooden furniture to make it more shiny when exposed to reflected light or sunlight. Bringing Nature Indoor from @upscale_interiors

Looking calm and not too bold is a splash of sage green that can be applied to the paint molding in your home office area. Sage green is a pastel color choice that can be combined with some plain white wall paint. That’s not enough, you can also place a flower vase on the desk to add a touch of beautiful color and attract attention. Sage Green Molding Wall Design from @prettylittleterrace

Green is one of the colors of choice that you can incorporate into your home office decor. This color can be applied to the drawer desk and a storage cabinet which will look contrasting when combined with plain white wall paint. This green color will look more classic with the use of a work chair made of leather with a smooth surface. Army Green Desk and Cabinet Storage from @style_the_hawthorns


Teal is situated between blue and green on the color spectrum, and it is also linked to the wood element’s energy. If you’re seeking greater growth and momentum in your work, incorporating teal into your workspace can be beneficial. Teal, aqua, and mint green colors are all reminiscent of nature and spring’s energy. If you desire a stronger connection to nature, incorporating these hues into your office decor might be just the thing you need.

The dark teal color that was applied to the wall mounted shelves and desks is a new color choice that you can apply. This color displays a brighter home office decoration and is ready to reflect the sunlight that enters the room through a fairly large and open glass window. The shelf section can be used to place some ornaments so that it can be used as a beautiful view. Dark Teal Wall Mounted Desk and Shelves from @samplize

The home office wall that was repainted in a light teal color is ready to give a bright and colorful appearance. It’s not enough to get here, you can also hang a canvas painting with an abstract pattern that has a variety of splashes of different colors. Two different types of lighting in this room can be used simultaneously or can be adjusted as needed. Teal Wall Paint Ideas from @kevintwittyinteriors


In feng shui, red is a highly potent and fortunate color. It has a stimulating and safeguarding effect and is associated with the fire element. If you feel like the energy in your office is not conducive to productivity, and you want to change your fortunes, consider incorporating some red into your workspace. Since a little goes a long way with red, it is advisable to introduce it in small amounts rather than painting an entire wall in red. When adding red to your office decor, set the intention for it to safeguard you and rectify any negative energy not only in your office but also in your work life in general.

Black wall paint combined with the interior which is dominated by deep red will look more contrasting and not show a tacky appearance. These two colors will work well together in the same room, besides that you will also get a dramatic look. A rug with a geometric pattern is a modern stylish addition that adds comfort to your footwear. Leather Red Work Chair from @iandidesigns

Red and white are a color combination that will never fail to be applied simultaneously to modern or contemporary home office decorations. This splash of color color block can be applied to the wall paint and partly to the furniture area used. Ergonomic chairs are a sitting area that you can use and are certainly more comfortable for your back health. Bold Color Home Office Decor from @studio_m_interiors

The interior of the home office, which is dominated by red, is a new color scheme for you to choose from. This red color can be combined with splashes of white and gold which are applied to several parts of the interior that are used as well. The red statement can be applied to the wall shelves, chairs and curtain linen used. Red Interior Home Office Decor from @countryhomeandinteriors

Take a look at a standing bookshelf with a wooden frame that has been repainted with this bold red color choice, isn’t it ready to be used as a new focal point in home office decoration? Yes, you can try combining it with natural wood furniture without paint so that it can be used as a neutralizer for the room’s color scheme. This standing bookshelf has a large amount of storage so it is suitable for those of you who have a larger collection of books. Statement Standing Bookshelves from @countryhomeandinteriors

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