11 Trending Colors for Your Adorable Exterior House

From all of the exterior aspects, the one thing that can have a big impact is the paint color of the exterior. It can’t be doubted that the first impression that comes to people when seeing the house is about the color. When the color is already impressive, they will then be willing to know more about the house design applied. That is all about how important the house’s exterior color can be.

There are so many color choices that you can take. It can be chosen by considering the color characteristic you want to have on the exterior part of the house. Or, you can choose the one based on the decoration style that you apply to the whole house. The point is that, since the exterior color will have a big impact on the house and will take a big part of the building, then you should be careful in choosing and implementing the color. Here, you can’t make mistakes because it will be a bit exhausting to repaint the house.

Talking about the colors, there are many trending colors that will never be out of style. It means that no matter what the year or trend is going on, using certain colors that we will mention here will never make your house be seen as out of style. It is interesting to use these kinds of colors so that you don’t need to repaint the house again and again. Here are the colors with different characteristics you should know.

Grey Color

The grey color is a transition between two non-colors, those are black and white. It can also be said as an unemotional color. But, the grey color can be surely masculine and warm. Also, since the grey color is neither black nor white, grey color commonly mentioned as the color of compromise.

The grey color is applied to the whole wall parts then it is combined with charcoal roof color which is really harmonious. For the door and window frames, this house uses white color to tone down the color. Grey Exterior from @jameshardie

Red Color

Basically, the red color is great for spring and winter to welcome Christmas. But, you can surely have it the whole year because the color impression will be pretty and sweet. It is always great to apply red color for the exterior. I know, it might be too stand out for you who love simplicity. But, you can always choose the warm darker red color for that.

The red color is applied beautifully on this house’s exterior. The choice of the tone is perfect where the red color is not too bright and can be seen as warm. It is combined with white color and brown color for the roof. Red Exterior from @newhavencthomes

Linen Color

If you want a classic look, linen color can be the best choice for your exterior. It has a strong neutral tone like beige that can be transformed into a sharp and exciting color impression. You can combine the linen color with contrasting colors such as grey or charcoal color.

Look at how soft and warm the linen color can be when applied to the home exterior. This house then combines the linen color with olive color and grey for the roof. Linen Exterior from @meridianhomesinc

Snow Color

Basically, the white color is really interesting. It looks white to us but surprisingly, it reflects the entire spectrum of visible light. The density of ice absorbs more red light than blue which is adorable. It can be such a great idea to use the snow color for your exterior.

The snow white color looks pure and clean in this house. The house has a simple impression but is still interesting for sure with the addition of the greenery. Snow Color Exterior from @bellsheepstudio


If you want to have a white color but not that too bright white color, then you can please choose the off-white color. This color is such a white color but in a more calm and warm version. You can see it in eggshell color. Using this color for the house can be done by combining it with other warm or muted colors such as beige or brown.

The application of the off-white color in this house is combined with the black color. The contrast makes the impression of the house to be seen as aesthetic and creative. It is simple but not boring and has a stand-out effect. Off-White Exterior from @southernlivingmag

Earthy Color

The earthy color can’t be doubted anymore for its ability to bring beauty and comfort impression for the house. The colors also won’t be outdated and will always be proper no matter what trend is going on. The earthy colors are basically the colors that you can find in nature such as brown from wood, grey from stone, green from foliage, red from flowers, etc.

The earthy colors in this house’s exterior are green, red, brown, and grey. In this house, you can see how the earthy color is not only about brown. You can even have a bit of stand-out colors to get another taste. Earthy Color Exterior from @mattengengroup

Wood Color

The wood color will bring you a welcoming and warm house impression. The use of the wood itself for home decoration needs is also really massive. For exterior needs, the wood color can be applied not only on the wood material but also on any other materials such as concrete or metal. 

The brown wood color here is combined with the green color on the ceiling and roof part. The combination is great since brown and green are both the most identical earthy colors. Wood Color Exterior from @sda_paint

Light Blue

The blue color is known for its trustworthiness and reliability. Then, the light blue color will be more gentle with a peaceful and calming impression. When applied to the exterior, the house can be seen as lovely with a soft and calm look.

The light blue color is the soft version of the blue color. It brings a fresh and peaceful atmosphere to the exterior. The light blue color here is combined with white and black colors to create contrast. Light Blue Exterior from @erinwalkerinteriordesigner

Turquoise Color

This color is between blue and green color. There is also an amount of yellow color. This one is a kind of calm, happy, and friendly color. It also offers you tranquility in the house which is great. We recommend this color in case you don’t like something crowded and need something calm.

This house has a cute yet fresh impression with the turquoise color being applied. It is then combined with a white color for a more innocent impression. Turquoise Exterior/a> from @anne_mcdonald_design

Green Color

The green color is one of the famous earthy colors that people mostly love to use for their houses. The green color offers peace and a calming atmosphere. Having it for your exterior color will let your house get its best characteristics. It is really conceptual, cool, and calm at the same time.

I do really adore this house. It looks calming and fresh with a green forest color. The house seems integrated with the nature around which is adorable. It uses a dark grey color for the roof to create contrast. Green Color Exterior from @sandy.ginn

Pacific Blue

It is a color that brings a deep characteristic. It also has strength charismatic. If you don’t like something soft and love some bold, this Pacific blue color is a great one for your exterior color. You can combine it with other soft colors to create balance and not make the pacific blue color to be overserving.

This house reminds us of the coastal home design. It is true because this house with a Pacific blue exterior color will make you feel like surrounded by the Pacific water. Pacific Blue Color Exterior from @cgnconstructionltd


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