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8 Functional Things To Do That’ll Beautify Your Entryway Wall

Your entryway should not just provide a warm welcome to your home, but also establish the overall style and atmosphere for the rest of your interior design. By maximizing the use of available wall space, you can unlock a range of creative decorating possibilities, from striking artwork and wallpaper to practical shelving and hooks. Achieving the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is crucial for this versatile area that serves as a transitional space. Learn how to transform your entryway walls from bare to beautiful below.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Walls Using Paint

Picking up a paintbrush is one of the simplest ways to give a blank wall a new look, and painting the entryway can be especially impactful in terms of transformation. Here are some ways to enhance the entryway wall:

  • Create an accent wall by painting one wall a bold, contrasting color to make it stand out
  • Use a high-gloss finish on the walls to add a reflective sheen and make the space appear brighter
  • Add a decorative pattern or stencil design to the walls for a unique and personalized touch
  • Paint the ceiling a different color or shade to add dimension and create a visual interest
  • Experiment with color blocking by using different shades of the same color or complementary colors to create a cohesive look

No matter if you opt to saturate the entire area with a vivid blue shade like the one seen in this classic entryway, or just paint a lively accent wall, the transformative impact of paint will certainly infuse your entryway walls with character and color.

Elevate It To The Next Level By Adding A Painted Wall Mural

A painted wall mural is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on visitors when they enter your home. Whether you opt for a stunning natural landscape, intricate patterns, or unique shapes, it’s an opportunity to create a truly original work of art that’s tailored to your space.

Do you have a high enough artwork idea? If so, then try decorating the entryway wall with a simple mural decoration that has leaf patterns dominated by fresh green. There’s nothing wrong with combining it with a white wall background to make this mural look bolder. Leaf Mural from @fisheyehome

Make the entryway wall decoration look more fun by applying a mural decoration with a splash of color that can be used as the focal point of the room. Now you can use a rich floral pattern with a large size so that it can also be used as a photo background with your friends. Rich Floral Mural Design from @wunderwallmural

Because entryway decorations are one of the first rooms your friends or family will visit, do the best decorations you can do yourself to save more on your spending budget. For example, you can apply a mural wall decoration with an abstract pattern that has splashes of colorful paint to make it more inviting. Colorful and Fun Pattern Mural from @mooreofthetobin

This hand-painted mural with a forest theme is dominated by splashes of green which will make the room instantly bring natural nuances. Here you can depict tall trees and lush shrubs. Hand Painted Forest Mural Pattern from @larkfontaine

Adorn Your Walls With Striking Artwork

In case your entryway is long, an intriguing approach to make a statement is to design a gallery wall. Experiment with a blend of artworks in varying sizes, hues, and styles to craft your unique exhibition area.

Do you have large artwork? If you have it, just hang it on the entryway wall or more precisely on the console table you are using. This painting has a facial pattern that is perfected with a touch of colorful acrylic paint so that it looks bold when hung on a white wall. Full Color Face Painting from @meerabedidesigns

The greenery murals arranged vertically are of the same size so they look neater and more elegant. The artwork that is hung on the entryway wall adds an instant personal touch, you can try it right now. Greenery Painting Wall Hanging from

This colorful work of art is ready to be used as an entryway statement that you can choose in a fairly large size. Use wooden frames that have been repainted in white for a more elegant look and prepare a vase of flower arrangements as a complement that can be obtained from the backyard garden area. Statement Wall Artwork from @jessicalevantiques

This gold-colored frame enhanced with carved accents gives a vintage and classic look at the same time. You can use it to frame a rose painting artwork with splashes of pastel pink. Mirrors are a more useful addition to wall decor. Vintage Touch Wall Painting from @mumacas_s_casa

Not always just hanging on the wall, but you can also place an abstract painting right on the console table that is used to make a room statement. Just dominate with yellow to make it look brighter for a simple entryway. Abstract Painting with Bright Touch Color from @ryliecaldwellart

Opt For A Visually Striking Wallpaper

Wallpaper ideas for hallways are certain to create a strong initial impact by adding gorgeous patterns, colors, and visually captivating features to the area. There are countless patterns and designs to select from, allowing for wallpaper ideas that range from bold and impactful to subtle and delicate, based on your chosen style and desired mood for your entranceway.

Similar to paint, wallpaper can magnificently enhance a blank wall with a visually striking element that will undoubtedly spark conversation among guests as soon as they step into your home.

Wallpaper is also one of the wall decorations that you can try for entryway decorations this year. You can use a wallpaper design according to what you want, lush greenery wallpaper which is dominated by green color ready to be made as the focal point of the room. Lush Greenery Wallpaper from @kristinaphillipsinteriordesign

The floral pattern is synonymous with vintage style. Therefore, you can try decorating the wallpaper in the entryway area to get this vintage style. Just choose and use floral wallpapers with fairly neutral color choices such as navy with a splash of yellow. Vintage Floral Wallpaper Ideas from @gatheredliving

Liven up your entryway atmosphere by using the right wall decor. Currently you can choose and use patterned wallpapers and bold colors that attract attention. This large floral wallpaper with splashes of orange, blue, green and brown is a mix of colors that can never fail. Bold Color and Pattern Wallpaper from @chezshea

Don’t let your wall decorations look plain and boring, because now you can apply wallpaper decorations with a choice of botanical themes that can make the room feel fresher. Installing this wallpaper can be done by yourself to save on the spending budget. Botanical Wallpaper from @houseof_york

The use of wallpaper can be adjusted to the style of your entryway decoration. When this entryway uses a modern style, you can use geometric patterned wallpapers with neutral color choices such as a combination of blue and white which will blend perfectly. Neutral Color Geometric Wallpaper from @kate_decorates

The use of neutral colored wallpaper which is perfected by the presence of antique furniture will work well in your entryway decoration. This wallpaper has a geometric pattern that has a mix of beige and white colors and can be combined with wall sconces that have a touch of brass or gold. Wallpaper Entryway with Antique Furniture from @jessicalevantiques

Maintain Both Functionality And Aesthetic Appeal By Incorporating Shelving

Storage ideas for entryways are crucial for such a busy area in the house, and integrating shelves onto the walls is an excellent method to achieve this. Not only does shelving provide storage, but it also serves as a fashionable display area for ornaments, accessories, and lamps. This simple yet highly effective technique is an ideal way to add adornment to the area.

Take advantage of the wall for storage area by building a built-in wall with two different sizes. Now you can use it to display flower vases which are enhanced by LED lighting. Use a unique vase with a choice of ceramic and glass materials. Built-in Wall Flowers Display from @bluedoordesigngroup

You don’t need to worry that the floating shelf at the entryway will reduce the aesthetics of this room, because here you can choose it using wood which has a smoother surface. Use this floating shelf to put some pretty ornaments that you have so that they can be used as a new focal point. Single Floating Shelves from @advancedcustomcabinets

When you are going to install a floating shelf in an entryway decoration, try to repaint it with a color selection that matches the shiplap wall paint you are using. White is always a color choice that can never fail and is ready to give an elegant look too. Just use wood material to make it more sturdy when used as open storage. Built-in Wooden Shelf from @the_hoffman_homestead

Apart from being open storage, this arched wall mounted shelf also adds texture to the room. This unique shape can be used as the focal point of the room. Repaint it with a color that matches the wall color to make it look more elegant and harmonious. Arched Wall Mounted Shelf from @_littlebitofgrace_

Create Inviting Pockets Of Illumination With Wall Lighting

Lighting for the entryway can instantly establish a warm and inviting ambiance as soon as you enter through the door. The hallway should convey the feeling of being a pathway through your home, leading you from one welcoming room to the next. Lighting plays a significant role in emphasizing this sense of progression. Wall lighting can serve as both a practical light source and a stylish design element that introduces attractive shapes, materials, and colors to your space.

Wall sconce lighting with a modern look can be hung on two walls in a symmetrical layout. The installation can be applied to both sides of a large enough hanging mirror. This mirror is able to reflect light rays throughout the room, making the entryway area brighter. Modern Style Wall Sconce from @luxxumoderndesignliving

Adjust the style of using a wall lamp with the mirror frame you are using. When you use a wall lamp with a gold color, you can apply a mirror frame with a matching color for a maximum vintage touch too. Collection of porcelain ornaments can be placed on the console table. Vintage Look Wall Sconce from @harvelonthehunt

Amplify Space And Light With Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into interior design can heighten the perception of space and light within a room, and naturally provide a spot for you to check your reflection. Additionally, mirrors can also enhance a plain wall with stunning decoration.

Mirrors offer a simple method to enhance an entryway wall with a stylish and functional centerpiece. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles available, the design possibilities are limitless.

You can get a classic touch in entryway decorations easily, one of which is by using mirrors that are complemented by classic carved gold frames. The shape and design of this mirror display is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Gold Engraving Frame Mirror from @mackenziepageinteriors

Mirror is one of the most useful wall decorations for your entryway wall decoration. Currently, you can choose and use a mirror with a gold frame so that it can be used as the focal point of the room as well as an area to check your appearance before leaving the house. Gold Accent Mirror with Table Lamp from @jessicalevantiques

The monochromatic entryway which is dominated by a mix of black and white gives a modern touch that will never fail. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing the white wall with a round mirror that has a splash of deep black. An iron console table in black also completes the look of this entryway. Round Shaped Mirror with Wall Lighting from @home_styling_by_ms

The round shaped mirror that is hung on this part of the wall becomes an important accent or interior that can be utilized to the fullest. You can match the colors and materials with other interiors around it so they work well together. A mirror that is large enough will help reflect light so that it looks brighter. Monochromatic Mirror and Table Lamp from @livingwithnic

Hooks And Beyond

Entryway storage is of utmost importance, and incorporating hooks into your wall design provides a functional storage solution for items such as coats, bags, hats, and more. A practical seating area situated beneath the hooks with shoe storage below can also be added for added functionality.

When space is limited, hooks must be selected for their aesthetic appeal. With an abundance of exquisite and decorative designs to choose from, they can add an artistic and distinctive element to your entrance walls.

Coat hooks are commonly used in entryway décor to help keep the room clutter-free. Just use a hook with a gold color made of iron to make it more sturdy when used for quite a long time. This hook is hung on the wall just above the bench. Coat Hook Ideas from @rignellranch

This entryway decoration with white nuances will look more attractive when you combine it with a brass accent hook that is attached to an empty wall. You can use more than one hook or it can be adjusted according to your storage needs, hang coats or bags that you have used from outdoors. Brass Accent Hook Rack from @home.of.holly

Why can the entryway hook be used as a room statement? Yes, because you can use it to hang some decorations or ornaments such as wreaths and unique DIY calendars. Repaint the hook with a solid black color to make it look more contrast when hung on a white wall. Statement Hook Entryway from @makingthishouseourhome_

This mini hook design made of iron will be more sturdy when used throughout the year. Hang more than one so they can be used simultaneously when needed. At least use four hooks with a color selection that is quite contrasting with the wall paint. Mini Hook Entryway from @myshabbyvintagefarmhouse

Hook designs come in different materials, colors and looks. Right now you can choose DIY wooden hooks that can be folded and are easier to move when needed. Get this handy hook online for a pretty affordable price. DIY Portable Wooden Hook from @vasaglefurniture

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