21 Types of Entryway Table Ideas to Choose From

Entryway is the most important part of your home. It might the first place that will be seen of your guests before entering your living room. Related to that, make sure you have decorated your entryway as interesting as you can. Think about decorative items, color schemes, themes, and also the furniture. And talking about the entryway furniture, the important thing is providing the right and fit entryway table. Having a welcoming table at the entryway is a great way to show off your personality. There are many different types of entryway tables to choose from, depending on your preferences and style. The entryway table comes in a wide variety of colors and can be customized to fit the overall decor scheme in your home. And here, we have some references of entryway tables to choose from.

Minimalist Style

If you’re looking to give your entryway a clean, contemporary feel, opt for an ultra-sleek console table. It won’t take up a lot of space, but it will add some style and character to your entrance. If a streamlined console doesn’t appeal to you, go for a narrow entryway table that can be paired with multiple decorative accents. Use the lower tier for storage baskets and the upper level for more stylish accessories, as shown here. For a chic, minimalist look, decorate your entryway table with geometric sculptures, simple handmade bowls, and rectangular vases. Alternatively, consider using abstract prints.

Adjust the use of entryway furniture with the style applied. When the entryway has a minimalist theme, using a console table with a curved shape is one of the best choices you can try. Choose and use it with a splash of white to have a color harmony with the feel of the room. Curved Entryway Table Ideas from @lorenasauerinteriors

This brass table leg with a round and textured shape is ready to become an entryway focal point because it has a unique and different look. Combine it with a shiny marble stone surface with a choice of deep black to make it look more contrasting and attract attention. Sleek and Gold Touch Color Table from @designsbyashmara

Repaint the console table design that is placed on your entryway decoration. For example, you can paint it with a solid black color so that it will produce a more shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Do the painting yourself easily. Black Matte Console Table from

The stainless steel X leg on the console table design in this entryway decoration has a splash of glossy black that looks cool and dramatic. This is very suitable for decorating a minimalist style room, you can combine it with a large mirror to be hung on the empty part of the molding wall. Sleek Console Table with X Leg from @bankhouse_renovation

Rustic Entry Table

One of the most popular types is the rustic entry table. A rustic entryway table can add a touch of charm to your home. These tables come in different styles and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs. A wooden entryway table can make any space feel more welcoming and homely. They also look more personalized, which is a nice thing to have in your home. These rustic pieces are incredibly durable, and you can easily paint them to fit your decor style.

This rustic themed entryway decor is enhanced by the use of a table made from reclaimed wood that matches and never fails. No need to repaint, just let its presence bring natural nuances into the room instantly. Use a size large enough to be used as additional storage. Reclaimed Wood Console Table from @_homeofvictoria

The use of spindle legs on the use of this entryway table is able to present a rustic theme to the area around it. Of course, you can use only teak wood so that it is not easily porous when used for a long time. In addition, this material is also more sturdy throughout the year in use. Spindle Legs Console Table from @thepennrenovation

When you use a shabby chic console table, you can also get a rustic theme at the same time. At the bottom of this reclaimed wood table you can place two candle lanterns which can be used as dramatic room lighting. Have more than one candle lantern and just use it according to the needs of the room. Shabby Chic Wood Console Table from @corbelcottage


Beach Themed

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, consider choosing an entryway table that has a beach theme. This will bring a relaxed vibe to your home, and can be a wonderful way to display some of your favorite items. These tables come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space. They are usually sturdy and built with quality hardware, and you’ll also find some that have a beach-inspired flair for an extra special touch.

You might bring a beach theme to your entryway decoration this year. The decoration that you can do is place the ship ornament right on the surface of the console table you are using. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also paint it with white for a more elegant final look that is suitable for this beach theme. Beach Ornament Display from @kendall_furniture

White is one of the favorite color choices used to bring a touch of a beach theme. When you want this theme to be present in the entryway decoration, then just apply this color to the use of a wooden console table decorated with beach ornaments as well as ships which are dominated by white too. Console Table Decoration with Ship Decoration from @thepolishedpineapple_

Another beach ornament that can be placed on the surface of a wooden console table is a fairly large white shell. Place this shell on top of the pile of books that you have to make it look bolder and ready to be used as a room statement. Because the bottom surface of this table has empty space, you can use it to place several storage baskets. Wooden Console Table with Shells Ornament from @stylemyhome_australia

Red Table

When you want to make an entryway feel bright and welcoming, a red table can be the perfect choice. It can give the space a strong pop of color and makes the room look much larger. It can also help your decor stand out against a darker wall. Just be careful not to add too many decorations or accents if you are using this color. You can also use a mirrored table in your entryway to prevent it from looking too small. A large mirror can bounce light around the room and reflect any surrounding wall art or decor.

Make changes to your farmhouse entryway decoration. One of them is repainting the wooden console table with a splash of bold red. This will be a fantastic look that no one else has thought of because basically the farmhouse theme is dominated by neutral tones. Reclaimed Red Console Table from @chicagoupcyclers

Melamine wood is one of the recommended materials as the main material for your entryway table design. Repaint it with a glossy red color to give the room a luxurious final look and can be done instantly. Flower arrangements are additional decorations that you can place on the surface of this table. Melamine Wood Console Table from @albrittoninteriors

Not only using bright red, now you can apply a touch of maroon to use this year’s entryway table. This color is slightly darker so it is suitable for entryway decorations with plain white wall paint that can make this furniture a statement of the room. Maroon Red Console Table from @bsigndesign

Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs are a classic element of mid-century modern design and have been a favorite choice for custom furniture projects for years. They’re durable and versatile. They’re a great option for building coffee tables, accent consoles and desks. They’re easy to install and they come in a wide range of sizes. And if you just have a small entryway, you can use a small table with hairpin legs.

A small wooden plank with two hairpin legs that is designed to be an entryway table is a very useful piece of furniture that will never go out of style even though it has a simple look and is made of cheap materials. The wooden planks don’t need to be repainted, just let them have a natural and environmentally friendly surface. DIY Hairpin Console Table On a Budget from @vale_interior_decor

Do not use the haipin legs table to place too many and heavy ornaments. Reclaimed wood with hairpin legs is a combination that will never fail to be applied to a simple rustic entryway area. The addition of a round mirror that is hung right above the table is the best idea that you can use to check your appearance. Rustic Look Hairpin Console Table from @homeatbrimstonedrive

The narrow entryway is not an obstacle for you to decorate the room by adding furniture. Barn wood hairpin console table is a smart idea to overcome the narrow entryway problem. You can use the hairpin console table to place various decorations, this is so that your entryway doesn’t look empty and boring. Barn Wood Hairpin Console Table from @pg_wood_steel_workshop

The minimalist hairpin console table that is placed on the entryway will not interfere with your activities when passing by, its slim and long shape really supports the situation at the entryway. Fill this minimalist hairpin console table with simple decorations, for example green plants in pots, photo frames, or aromatherapy. Minimalist Hairpin Console Table from @no26_noplacelikehome

Farmhouse Entryway Table

A farmhouse entryway table is a statement piece that will announce your interior design style. This style is known for its clean lines and warm coloration. Farmhouse decor is a great way to bring a sense of the countryside into your home, so choosing an entryway table with barn-inspired designs is a wonderful choice. This type of table is not large and doesn’t take up too much space, which makes it easy to fit into any room.

To create a farmhouse look on an entryway is very easy, all you have to do is add furniture made from natural wood. A minimalist natural wood table is perfect for decorating your small entryway. This natural wood table which is equipped with a pull-out drawer will make it easier for you to get additional storage on the entryway. Natural Wood Material from @our_wandsworth_home

Using a console table as additional furniture on the entryway is a smart idea that you can try. A console table with underneats storage really helps you get additional storage that will make your entryway farmhouse look neat and avoid clutter. Farmhouse Console Table with Underneath Storage from @sherricalnanhome

The unique appearance of the entryway will welcome everyone who enters your home. Use furniture that is different from the others, layered thick wood console table is an interesting idea that you can try. Layered thick wood console table has a unique and attractive impression so that it will be the main attraction for your entryway. Layered Thick Wood Console Table from @fourhandsfurniture

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