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11 Nice Ways to Implementing Eclectic Style to A Vintage Decor

Having a vintage home is interesting. You can get an aesthetic home impression with all of the vintage items that you provide in the house. However, it can’t be doubted that it will be quite tricky to create a vintage home design. Well, if you can do it well, you can have such a wonderful house with all of the artistic and aesthetic items without looking old-fashioned. But, if you do it wrongly, it will be bad because your house can be seen as if it is a museum. Here are some tips that you can have to create a proper vintage home without making it look like a museum.

  1. Consider the size of the vintage you want to put inside the house. It is important because if you have it in a too-big size for a small home space, your house will be full of vintage impressions and that will be overserving.
  2. Decide on a focal point. You can layer the vintage items in the room but you should be able to create a focal point and make the other items not to be seen as overserving.
  3. Do the right mix and match so that everything can be seen as harmonious. You should think of this well if you don’t want to make the decoration look like a museum.
  4. Consider the quality of vintage items that you provide. You can put any of the items just because the style is vintage. You should be selective and effective in choosing the items.

With all of the mix and match that the vintage design offers to have a proper vintage home design, you can incorporate the eclectic style into the process. For you who might not too understand about the eclectic style, it is the style of the decoration that is done by doing the mixing and matching. That will be by mixing and matching the different periods, different colors, patterns, etc. Now, the question is about how you can implement the eclectic style in the vintage home design. Here we have some references for you.

This living room provides some vintage items on the wall that consist of paintings and ornament. Then, the vintage item is also provided on the chair. The eclectic side is done by adding a modern coffee table with two levels made of glass material. Modern and Vintage from @ahousewren

The focal point in this room is the sofa with a floral pattern in a vintage design. Then, it is combined with a gold luxurious mirror above the fireplace. You should also see the sconces installed with the luxury impression. Impression Combination from @hagemanhomesinteriors

You should see how pretty the floral pattern looks on the cushion. It is then layered with the real flowers on a vase beside the bed on the side table. The layering is done on two different kinds of objects. Floral Pattern Layering from @elle_the_home_bird

Rustic is the style that combines the vintage in this bedroom. The floral pattern on the wallpaper is vintage and the bed frame also represents the vintage style. The rustic style is provided on the mirror frame and side table which are made with natural shade wood material without any touches. Vintage Rustic Design from @ourcozycasa

Besides the vintage items provided, this room has items that can have multiple impressions. You can use those kinds of items for the eclectic style. For example, you can see the curtain. From the color, that will be modern but from the material that can be rustic. from @ashleylynhome

This room has style layering. The floral wallpaper is vintage, the dining table is rustic, the sconce is Scandinavian, and still, some other styles are provided on the items there. Anyway, even when the style combination is massive, it doesn’t make the room lose its vintage impression. Different Styles Layering from

The vintage items here are layered. You can see the paintings there which are in an older era compared with the vintage dining table and chairs. The candle holders and the chandelier are also different in relation to the era even by looking at the appearance. Vintage Layering from @ashleylynhome

Nature is one of the elements that characterize the vintage style. This bedroom applies the nature theme by using the eclectic style which is by doing the layering. The cushion is in a tree pattern, the lampshade is floral, and the blanket is floral, then, you should also see on the paintings provided there where all of them are in nature theme. Nature Theme Layering from @hintonlodge_

You can copy this design for your entryway decoration. It uses a floral theme where the floral things are layered. The first one is the lampshade. Then, there is a floral painting. The last one is the real flowers on the vase. Floral Theme Layering from @prettylittleedwardian

The style is the same which is vintage but many items come in different eras. You can check the wall gallery there where the paintings without frames are older than the ones with frames. Different Era Mixing from @masonandpainter

The color scheme here is black which is modern. Then it is combined with the vintage touches which are the wallpaper, paintings, and artwork. Styles Mixing from @lindasbarn

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