The Ways Eclectic Design Works in Grandmillennial Home Decor

As we all know eclectic design is the one that implements the mixing technique into the decoration. There won’t be any limitation and rules just as long as you do the right combination and doesn’t make your home looks overserving. This one can really match the grandmillennial decor style where it combines the modern and traditional elements into the decoration. In this case, the modern and traditional will bring you into something old and new, into simple decoration and homey design.

Related to the eclectic design and grandmillennial home, there are some ways that you can do to make both styles work together such as

  1. mixing the antique and modern pieces
  2. having fun with the colors (you can even use bold colors)
  3. combining different patterns
  4. playing with the textures

With all of the freedom that you may have in decorating the grandmillennial home, you should consider the purpose of the decoration itself. Don’t be mistaken with other decor styles like maximalist that will be too wild in applying the freedom principle. Or, don’t be too stuffy like cottagecore decor style. Remember that the grandmillennial decor is about combining modern and traditional elements to make a simple yet fun and calming decor in this modern era without making it too striking or stuffy. Here are examples of ways to create a grandmillennial house by applying eclectic decor techniques.

The Mix of Old and New Items

What is meant by the old items here are the ones that have already been there for centuries with their stories and histories. This kind of item will be really valuable and able to bring warmth into the house. The design is also aesthetic and able to beautify the decoration around. Then, the new items are those that were created in this modern era to characterize the design impression. Combining old and new items is one of the ways to decorate the house by applying the eclectic decor technique.

There are some china items provided there that become the old parts in this decoration. You can see the plate, jar, and vase. Then, there is also an old-style faucet to add the old traditional impression. In this decoration, the new items come in the white and blue countertop with a simple design for the new modern touch. Countertop with Cabinet from @manor_south
The small console table looks really aesthetic with its old style. It is completed with the china jar to bring the old century into the room. The new items can be seen in the lighting and wall-framed ornament. Entryway Decor from @reneecusano
The fireplace uses an electric technology that characterizes the modern stuff and the clear plastic coffee table also looks really modern. Those items are combined with the mid-century floral chairs that really beautiful. You should also see the jute rope rug that is applied there to strengthen the traditional feeling in the room. Living Room Decor from @annalattimoredesign
The table is in mid-century style with the design and the pattern used. Then, it is layered with something modern which is a clear plastic table surface. Coffee Table from @kk_interiordesignstyle
The coffee table with the material and the design is really futuristic. It is paired with the old-style rattan chair and the patterned chairs that make the decoration look balanced for a grandmillennial home. The rug is also functional to give a warm atmosphere around the room with its traditional look. Living Room Decor from @theproperpeacock
This powder room looks really adorable with the design balance. Look at how modern the vanity and design are and look at the wooden mirror decor with its aesthetic yet warm impression. Also, take your concern on the additional items there such as the lamp, frame, painting, and vase. Each of them has its own style that makes the decoration look harmonious. Perfect! Powder Room from @virginia_mcdade_designs
The wooden coffee table comes with its natural old look without any additional treatment for the redecoration. However, it has even become the interesting point of this grandmillenial decoration. The coffee table is paired with the white sofa and chair. Then, the patterned cushions are the things that beautify the decoration and bring a fun impression. Living Room Decor from @findinggraceinteriors

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