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10 Ideas to Nail an Earthy Design Concept to Your Home

An earthy design concept is really interesting to implement in your home decoration. It will give your house a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Those two are things that we need in living these days where everything moves fast and busy. By having a small heaven in the house, we can release our stress after our tiring daily activities.

What is Earthy Design?

An earthy design concept for a house is about providing things that come from nature. The application can be in many parts of the decoration. Let’s say that you can have it for the furniture, for the floor, ceiling, wall, and even the ornament. Besides, you can also deal with the color scheme choices when applying the earthy home design concept to your house. The colors are surely the ones that are classified as earthy colors such as beige, brown, white, green, etc.

Another interesting fact about the earthy design is its timeless characteristic. The materials that come from nature and are being used for home decoration won’t be out of style. From a very long time ago till today, we can still find many natural materials in any home design and that is still really adorable and not out of style at all. The earthy things are really adaptable. That is why it can be timeless. You can combine it with any other decoration touches for a more stylish look. Those are the facts about the benefits of implementing earthy design in your house.

How to Implement Earthy Design Concept to the House

As we have mentioned before the earthy design concept can be applied to any part of the house. It is surely any room such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, just anywhere! To have an authentic earthy home design, we want you to see the ideas of things that you can provide in your house below.

Natural Textured Product

Playing with texture will always be interesting as it will be able to bring dimension to the house. It is great how the natural material can bring varied textures to the decoration. For example, you can bamboo, rattan, jute, sisal, etc. When being crafted, those materials can create products for your home needs with aesthetic and interesting textures. Here are the examples of the natural textured products that you can have.

Rattan Chairs

The rattan chair is combined with the metal material for the leg to make it more sturdy. Not only that, it will also make the chair look stylish. No need to worry about the earthy impression because the leg is in white color which is still related to the earthy color concept. Rattan Chair from @greenstell_

Woven Baskets

The woven basket is placed in the bedroom and can be used to store anything. You can have it to store books, blankets, cushions, or even a planter. Woven Basket from @house.on.oak.lane

Textured Linens

The textured linen is applied to the sofa. It comes in light grey with a warm texture feeling that will match well with the earthy decoration concept. That is why linen material can be found in many earthy home decor styles. Textured Linen from @house.on.oak.lane

Indoor Greenery

The greeneries are things that you can leave for an earthy home design. It can even be said that without any greenery, your earthy house won’t be ‘earthy’. The greenery can be anything but we recommend you grow the easy maintenance plants that are durable enough so that you won’t be exhausted with the plants. For the size of the plants, it will be great if you can provide the complete one. You can put the big potted one in the corner of the room. Then, the small ones on the table.

There are varied indoor greenery provided here that make the house look adorable and fresh. Not only the potted plants but some vines are propagated on the wall also. Indoor Greenery from @mybohodecor

Jute/Sisal Rug

The jute or sisal materials are really familiar for the earthy home design. For the rug, to get an authentic earthy home design, we recommend you choose between those two materials. It will be a warm one. Even when it is not soft it has a texture that will make your feet comfortable. The texture will also lock your feet so that it is not slippery.

The jute rug is used for the kitchen rug. This is the best choice where the kitchen is the place that is commonly slippery compared with other rooms. In this case, the use of the jute rug in the kitchen is the smart thing that you can do. Jute Rug from @cozyhomeshots

Earthy Tones

To create a balanced and harmonious one. Creating an earthy home design won’t be only about providing natural materials but also implementing earthy tones to the house. You should use the colors as the color scheme so that the concept of the earthy design can be authentically implemented. Here are the examples of the earthy tones implementations to the earthy house design.


The beige tone can be seen in this room. It is then combined with the brick sofa color which is awesome to be combined with the beige. You can also see the use of other earthy colors in the furniture and additional facilities in the house that make everything look harmonious. Beige Tone from @greenstell_


You can see the green color in greeneries, that is why green is also an earthy color. Look at how calming this room is when added with the green color on the wall. The color is then completed with some earthy items and colors to bring an earthy home design concept. Green Tone from @cozyhomeshots


If you want a simple earthy home design, you can choose white as the color scheme. However, don’t forget to implement other earthy colors such as brown or beige. This one uses white for all wall parts and ceiling. It is then combined with a brown wood floor and some other natural color furniture that make the decoration not boring and warm. White Tone from @rolanstar_official

Natural Material Interior

Implementing the natural material to the interior parts is about implementing it on the wall, ceiling, or floor. The natural material itself can be wood, stone, or brick. It may make the decoration be seen as unfinished but it is aesthetic for sure. If you do not like it that much, you can simply implement it in a small part of the interior. Just a bit of touch will be enough.


Having a stone wall will make you feel like surrounded by nature as if you are outside of the house. It is such an effective one to create an earthy atmosphere in the house. Here, the stone is implemented on one side of the wall so as not to make it look overserving. Stone Material from @storries.scottish.steadings


Look at how warm and relaxing this bathroom atmosphere can be. It uses wood pallets as the wall material. To have this kind of wall, you have to layer the wood with waterproof liquid so that it won’t be rotten easily. Wood Material from @rolanstar_official

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