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How to Optimize Your Dining Space with the Right Table Top Shape

Selecting the ideal tabletop for dining room can be a daunting task with a plethora of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from. You may feel uncertain about where to start. However, it is crucial to consider several essential factors such as the appropriate table size, the desired aesthetic appeal for your home, and the intended purpose of the table before making a decision.

The mention of a table top often evokes images of the conventional square, rectangle or circle shapes. However, in actuality, there is an abundance of alternative shapes to choose from, including but not limited to ovals, semi-circles, and irregular shapes.


When it comes to selecting a table, rectangular table tops are a highly favored option. The uncomplicated, linear shape of a rectangular table is a great fit for most rooms, as it allows for easy movement around the table. Rectangular tables are not only practical and functional, but also very comfortable to have in your home. The elongated and narrow design of rectangular tables makes them perfect for hosting large gatherings, as they can seat more people compared to other shapes of tables. Moreover, if you have a small room, a rectangular table can be conveniently pushed up against the wall to save space and can be pulled out when you have guests over, especially when combined with bench seating. Additionally, rectangular tables are incredibly versatile and can be easily transformed into an extendable tabletop by adding leaves.

This square-top dining table is made of durable walnut wood and has a sleek shape. This design is suitable for your minimalist home style. Walnut Slab Table from @against.the.grain.woodworks

This rectangular dining table has a practical and functional appearance. Choose a small size table with neutral color such as white to make it easier for you to mix the space with other color. Small Rectangle Dining Table from @furniturecart

This rectangular table from reclaimed wood is not an ordinary material. It has many advantages that other types of materials do not have. Some advantages are it will last a long time and look solid and perfect for almost every dining room style. Wooden Rectangle Dining Table from @stylemyhome_australia

This rectangular dining table is perfect for a large space dining area. It’s legs has an industrial vibe that makes it a bit flexible to be mixed with other style. Add a rug to make it look less ‘cold’. Industrial Rectangle Dining Table from @interior_manufacturer

This glass table makes an interesting statement and a modern look to your entire dining room. Using a glass table gives an attractive room design. Don’t forget to add some dramatic chandelier lighting to create an interesting space. Glass Rectangle Table from @alissar_decor_magazine

This rectangular table is so large that’s perfect for you to host a gathering. You can choose materials from oak and pair it with wishbone chairs to create a look that’ll complements each other. Wooden Dining Table from @thewellmanway

This sleek brown rectangular table complement this simple but modern dining space. A nice lamps, potted plants, and simple decoration make the space even better. Sleek Dining Table from @aarthaadesignstudio

This oak wood dining table design has a sleek appearance that will give the space a charming look. A simple vase with a plant on the dining table will soften the space. Wooden Dining Room from @the_green_terrace_house

The wood material on this dining table gives a sturdy and strong appearance. Opting for a rectangular shape to save space and makes it perfect for hosting large gathering. Mid-Century Dining Table from @modcasa_furniture


The square table top is another well-liked option for tables. It is particularly suitable for individuals who have limited living space, as it can help maintain balance and proportion in symmetrically shaped rooms.

Usually seating between four to eight guests (depending on its size), square tables are generally not as large as rectangular ones. However, as every person is equidistant from one another, conversations at the table are always comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, if you ever require additional table space, you can effortlessly push two square tables together.

This farmhouse style square-shaped dining table with chairs made of rattan provide a comfortable design that you can copy at home. Square Farmhouse Dining Table from @jamesandjames

The wooden square-shaped dining table in the picture above is so gorgeous! Pair it with soft chairs and wooden benches to create a comfortable space. Wooden Block Square Dining Table from @hibbsathome



This square dining table gives a perfect look to this dining room. Using materials from wood and pipes is great options since it will last longer and sturdy. Square Industrial Dining Table from @jamesandjames

The benefit of having a square-shaped dining table is it can accommodate many people all at once. Not only to have meals together, a nice conversation when families and friends visiting the house can be held here. Square Dining Table from @lumber_furniture

Round / Circular

Circular dining tables are an excellent choice for small spaces as they provide ample room for movement without any sharp corners to bump into. One of the significant advantages of round tables is that their seating capacity is not as rigid as rectangular or square ones; you can always accommodate a few extra people around the table. Furthermore, round tables are considered to be one of the most socially conducive shapes, as the circular form creates a more intimate and egalitarian setting.

However, round tables can be challenging to position in a home since they cannot be placed in a corner or against a flat wall. Therefore, if you decide to go for a round table, ensure that you have a designated spot for it in advance.

If you have small dining space, circular dining table can be a great options for you to consider. Wooden Round Dining Table from @worldsaway1

This traditional design on a dining table looks great for small spaces as it gives you plenty of room to move around without hitting sharp corners. This round table is able to provide the perfect contrast to this traditional living room design. Dark Wood Dining Table from @fairfieldchair

The circular shape of the dining table creates a more intimate and egalitarian atmosphere. It has a sleek appearance and the addition of this rattan dining chair will complete the look of your dining table. Round Dining Table from @therenoproject_nz

Using a circular dining table is not the wrong choice especially if your space is small. The glass doors let the sunshine in, makes the space appear bigger. Small Round Dining Table from @mrandmrsb_newbuild_

Having a dining table’s material that match with the chair is a plus point! The open concept kitchen dining area in the picture above is a great example of how modern minimalist style can blend well with traditional style. Round Oak Dining Table from @chroniclesofsiri

Round table is not only for small space. As you can see in the picture above, it is also suitable for large space.  Large Round Dining Table from @lumber_furniture

This round glass dining table gives a modern rustic look to your dining room. The wooden legs create a rustic feel to the space. Don’t forget to complete the look with some soft dining chairs to complete your home design. Round Glass Dining Table from @home_with_candy_sky


A contemporary version of circular table tops, oval table tops are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. An oval dining table is a combination of the linear simplicity of a rectangular top and the intimacy of a round one; it offers the best of both worlds! The size of oval tops is usually similar to rectangular ones, allowing you to seat more people around it. However, the curved nature of the top visually takes up less space, making the area look more expansive to the naked eye.

Similar to circular tables, oval tables do not have a predetermined number of seats due to their rounded edges. Hence, adding an extra chair for a last-minute guest is always effortless.

The contemporary design of this oval dining table is made of durable and strong wood. The curved nature of the dining table from above visually takes up less space and will give a sleek design. Oval Dining Table from @mafimade_

Having an oval shape and a minimalist look at this dining table will create a different design and doesn’t take up much space. You can choose white on this table complete with being the center of attention in your dining room.  Minimalist Oval DIning Table from @ohpaddi

Having a table with a shape like this won’t take up much space and is certainly safer if you have small children. Oval Wooden Dining Table from @_killerkreations_

This oval shaped marble dining table has room to fit more people around it. The curved nature of the top visually takes up less space and will create a charming home look. Oval Marble Dining Table from @aimetestudio

This dark color oval dining table has a sleek and modern look. In addition, you can add wooden chairs painted in the same color to create a charming home design. Dark Wood OVal Table from @westofmainshoppe

Using an oval shape for this dining area is the right choice for you to try. The unique color combination can be a great inspiration for homeowners . Black Oval Dining Table from @huisjekwartshove

D – Shape/Semi Circle

Furnishing spaces of all sizes and shapes, a D-shaped (semi-circle) tabletop is an excellent choice.

While D-shaped tables are typically associated with console tables or office desks, they offer several advantages as dining tables. The flat side of the table can rest against a wall, while the round side provides a visually appealing finish with sufficient space. Additionally, they are frequently sold with a “butterfly top” that can be unfolded into a full circle, providing more table space as needed without sacrificing space.

D-shaped table is an excellent choice for your dining room. It’s also blend well with mid-century dining room style. Wooden D-Shaped Dining Table from @retro_colony

Having two D-shaped dining tables combined into one will provide a large and spacious dining table design for spending time with family in this dining room. This dining table provides more table space as needed without sacrificing space. Natural D-shaped Dining Table from @hardwood_hk

Irregular Shaped

If you want a unique and distinctive dining table that will make a statement, consider going for an irregularly shaped tabletop. By choosing a custom-made tabletop, you can add your own personal touch to your home and get a table that fits perfectly in your space.

However, keep in mind that irregularly shaped tables may require more space than standard shapes, and you need to ensure that it will fit comfortably in your dining area. Otherwise, it may make the space appear cluttered and detract from its overall appeal.

The irregular shape of this dining table gives a charming look that can steal the eye. But you have to remember that a table with an irregular shape requires more space. Travertine Irregular Dining Table from @thepiecemakers_france

Irregular dining table will take up more space than the ordinary one, but it has an artistic look and that can be a focal point of your dining room. Irregular Table from @miradorlife

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