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Tips to Follow to Decorate Your Dining Room in the Best Way

The dining room is the place where we share a good time together with family and close friends while enjoying good meals and some healthy food. It is also a place where we enjoy lively conversation. It is clear how valuable the dining room is. With that fact, it is such a must for you to decorate the dining room in the best way. You should focus on both function and beauty. Remember that to really enjoy the time, you should be in a place that can make you comfortable and entertained. The beauty of the room will be able to give you comfort as you will experience a fun time with all of the beauty that you provide there.

In decorating the dining room, there will be some main things that you should consider. Just like the other room, you have to consider the furniture, home accessories, ornament, color scheme, and even the lighting. However, since the dining room will be only a small space, you should be careful in choosing the items to be inserted there. Make sure that you still have the space to move and not feel packed. Anyway, above all, to get a really proper and fit dining room decoration, you should make a plan first. And here, we are going to give you some considerations in making a plan before doing the decoration.

Considering the Space

Considering the space is the very first thing that you should do. It will be the guide for your next decisions. You should measure the size and then think of the best dining table that you can have. Also, it will be the decision key whether you can add some ornament or other furniture such as the cabinet or not. In case you have a small dining room space, you should minimize the items to be provided there so that you can still move freely around the dining room area.

This dining room has an open space decoration concept that will allow the room to have a wider room impression. For this kind of space condition, you can apply things that you can’t for the small space. No need to worry because the open space will help you deal with the space impression. Dining Room Space from @happy_petit_family

Considering the Perfect Table Size and Shape

The table size and shape are chosen based on the space that you have. It won’t be only about the size but also the shape that should be adjusted with the space (the size of the space and the location condition). For example, for the corner location, you can have a round dining table so that you can still have the space to move. Additionally, you should also count the family members so that everyone can sit there.

Since the space left for the dining room is only in the corner, the round dining table is the best choice. Look at how the table still lets you get the spare space in the corner. This one is a thing that you can’t get when put square or rectangular table shape Round Dining Table from @homewithrue

The rectangular dining table is the best shape you can have. It fits well with the space. The existence of the horizontal rectangular cabinet is also harmonious the the rectangular dining table. Rectangular Dining Table from @homewithrue

Considering the Rug Area

The rug area should be wide enough for the table and chair. It would be great if the rug area could be wider but if not, then at least it still covers the chair area. It is important because the rug is not only there to beautify the decoration but also to give you comfort while dining. Anyway, don’t forget to consider the rug choices as it has varied styles and materials. Choose the one that fits the decoration style you have in the dining room and the material that fits the season/weather.

This one is an example of the large dining room space. It allows you to have a large rug. The color of the rug is white not to make the room space be seen as too full. It comes it a striped pattern not to make the white color rug look boring. Large Rug Size from @inspireyourhomewith_vanessa

The round rug is harmonious with the round table. Even when small, the rug can still cover the are of the chairs. It is still really proper and able to function well. Round Rug from @lumensdotcom

Deciding the Lighting Concept

Lighting is really important. It can even be the savior for your small dining room that doesn’t have enough space for the ornament. You can beautify the decoration by simply installing the pretty lighting there. For the dining room, you can do the layering lighting which will be the main lighting and the additional lighting (ex. chandelier above the dining table or the candles on the table).

The technique of layering lighting is applied in this dining room. There is a floor lamp, a chandelier above the dining table, candles on the dining table and cabinet, and a table lamp on the cabinet. So pretty and functional! Dining Room Lighting from @eimsbude

Considering the Wall Decoration

Considering the small space that the dining room commonly has, the wall decoration is the best choice you can take to beautify the decoration without any ornament around the dining room area. Wall decoration can be done by displaying art galleries, collections, wall greenery, etc. The main point is that you use the wall to display the pretty things.

The wall gallery is the wall decoration that this dining room chose. It uses a pack of four abstract paintings with matching colors to the decoration around. Wall Gallery from @thestagedlife

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