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Terrace or Balcony: Which One Suits Your Home Best?

Terraces and balconies are two effective means of expanding living areas and linking indoor and outdoor spaces. They both enhance the visual appeal of a property’s exterior while providing homeowners with the opportunity to appreciate nature in close proximity to their homes.

Although terraces and balconies share certain features, they are often confused with one another. However, each has unique architectural characteristics and serves a distinct purpose. Furthermore, significant distinctions exist between the two structures, such as their location, size, and construction.

By examining the differences between terraces and balconies, as well as their origins, you can maximize your enjoyment of these outdoor spaces in your own home. Keep reading to discover how to utilize these areas to their fullest potential.

What Is a Terrace?

A terrace refers to an outdoor space next to or atop a building that is typically paved or tiled. It is an open, level area that is usually slightly elevated if not situated on a rooftop. The term “terrace” has roots in both 16th-century Old French and Latin, with “terra” meaning “earth” in the latter language.

The Mediterranean style is attached to the terrace of this house. Using a touch of wood will give a natural look and a different home design. This patterned rug also provides warmth to your feet. Mediterranean Terrace from @lifestyle_mallorca

This nautical terrace has a wood finish that will give the space a chic design. Complementing it with soft seating sets, wooden and rattan hanging chair accents will also add comfort to the terrace. Nautical Terrace from @golden.home.mb

Minimalist terrace decoration with black egg chairs looks simple and elegant. You can add some potted plants there to make it look prettier. Minimalist Terrace from @eastlondongardendesign

Using lounge chairs to decorate your space will provide perfect comfort but still look simple. In addition, this terrace also serves as the most comfortable place to spend time after a day of work. Chair Lounge Terrace from @bella_garden25

Placing a wooden dining table on your terrace is a perfect idea so you can relax comfortably while enjoying the beauty of nature. Equipped with wooden floors, successfully complete the look of this terrace. Dining Area Terrace from @simplylifeandme


A terrace is an outdoor space situated adjacent to, or occasionally atop, a building. Unlike a balcony, it does not have to be affixed to a structure and can stand alone. It is an unenclosed area that is typically slightly elevated, and because it is not physically connected to a building (unless it is a rooftop terrace), it does not require access through an interior room of the house.

Making this roof terrace will maximize the area of your roof. You can use white shades on the walls and combine them with wooden floors for a clean and comfortable terrace appearance. Rooftop Terrace from @sonja_ols

This roof terrace does not require access through the interior space of the house. Complementing your terrace with wooden furniture will present an attractive classic look. Adding greenery there will make your terrace look fresher. Rooftop Terrace Decor from @marbella_homes_advisor

A simple terrace decoration in Italian style will give it an attractive rustic look. You can complete it with a set of chairs and a coffee table so it is very comfortable to relax. Some vintage ornaments will also add to the Swanky terrace appearance. Italian Terrace Style from @jacquesgarcianoto

The upper terrace with steel accents has vintage French style. You can complete it with an iron dining table set and this iron fence will balance the look. This stone floor will also give a natural look to the overall design. Upper Terrace from @meghan.eisenberg


In comparison to a balcony, a terrace is significantly more expansive and can cover nearly the entire roof surface when located atop a building. It is frequently utilized as a garden or an area for hosting gatherings. When located in a bustling metropolis, it offers an excellent opportunity to establish a serene retreat that is isolated from the commotion of busy streets.

Terraces located adjacent to a house are also generally quite sizable. They are typically slightly elevated and offer ample outdoor living space for homeowners to entertain guests or unwind in the open air during pleasant weather. In particular, when private outdoor areas are scarce, such terraces can be a valuable asset when selling a home.

This large terrace offers ample space to relax at the back of the house. They are usually slightly taller and offer homeowners an extra living space. Large Terrace from @kiasma.studio

Decorating the house by adding a small terrace on this roof will offer an excellent opportunity to build a quiet retreat. You can complement it with rattan furniture and green plants for a comfortable and fresh terrace design. Small Terrace Balcony from @westwing.it

Placing sofas and chairs on the roof terrace will provide perfect comfort there. You can add flower pots there to make it look very pretty. Large Rooftop Terrace from @project_lu

The back terrace of the house has a large size that can be used as an outdoor living room area. This place offers an excellent opportunity to build a serene retreat isolated from the hustle and bustle of busy streets. Large Terrace Backyard from @dreaminteriors


Frequently constructed as an independent entity, a terrace is built from the base upward and finalized with a surface that is paved, tiled, or composed of wood planks. In the event that wood is utilized, it is imperative to employ a variety that is resistant to moisture and specifically treated for outdoor use. This will ensure that the terrace remains in excellent condition and maintains its pristine appearance for many years.

The wood accents on this deck and furniture give the room a natural feel. You can use a rattan swing chair and this rattan chair will be weather resistant. You can also add some green plants for a fresh and cool terrace design. Wooden Deck and Furniture from @domek_na_polanie

The wooden floor on the terrace of this house has the impression of a natural terrace and is resistant to moisture. This will ensure the patio stays in top condition and maintains its original appearance for years to come. Wooden Floor from @teraskonsept

This wooden deck is essential for you to try on your patio. Choosing a wooden deck painted in brown displays a stylish design. This rattan furniture will also balance the terrace and give the terrace a comfortable impression. Wooden Floor Terrace from @dom_przy_alabastrowej

The design of a rustic terrace with a deck made of wood looks classic and attractive. This will be a comfortable place to relax while enjoying the beauty of the garden. Wood material will be durable and resistant to all weather. Wooden Deck Terrace from @rubiomonocoat

What Is a Balcony?

A balcony is an elevated outdoor platform that is connected to the side of a building and secured by a low railing. It is accessible from an upper floor and serves the purpose of expanding living space beyond the interior of the building. The term “balcony” originates from the Old Italian word “balcone” and has been in use since the 17th century. One of the most renowned balconies globally is the one featured in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, known as Juliet’s balcony, located in Verona, Italy.

This balcony has a modern style equipped with an outdoor kitchen. In addition, equipped with minimalist and sleek furniture will provide a perfect design. This wood accent will also give a natural impression on this balcony. Modern Balcony from @pooneh_abd

This comfortable balcony is equipped with wooden benches and soft cushions for a warm balcony design. Having a gray and white color scheme is able to give a warm look to your balcony. Cozy Balcony from @moje_male_zacisze

If you want to get a romantic balcony terrace decoration, you can add some candles and dramatic lighting around this dining table. This balcony design is suitable for you to try for a romantic dinner with your partner. Lighting Balcony from @bjurforsgoteborgcity

This small balcony is equipped with a comfortable seating area. Using a rattan chair and some soft pillows adds extra comfort to this chair. Don’t forget to add a coffee table and some green plants to refresh your balcony. Small Balcony from @bjurforsgoteborgcity

A beach balcony design using a natural touch will enhance the appearance of your space. Complete it with several sets of wooden chairs and a coffee table for a cozy home décor. Coastal Balcony from @wisellaconcept_bahce_balkon

This small balcony has folding furniture complete with a few pillows that will provide comfort on this balcony. When not in use, you can fold it back up to create a spacious balcony look. Some lights and green plants complete the look. Folding Chair Balcony from @drellsky.home


A balcony is an outdoor platform that is raised and attached to the side of a building, with a low railing or wall enclosing it. It is typically reachable from an upper floor and generally has only one entry point, typically a door.


Balconies are typically slim and elongated, and significantly smaller than terraces. Their dimensions are influenced by whether they are connected to an apartment building or a house, with the latter being usually more spacious. Generally, a balcony has a depth of at least four feet, providing ample room for a small outdoor bistro set to relish a cup of morning coffee, to grow and exhibit herbs and tomatoes, or to unroll your yoga mat and engage in a rejuvenating workout session in the fresh air.


If you’ve ever been curious about the construction of balconies and their ability to remain suspended in the air, the secret lies in the concealed structural support provided by joists. These are connected to the existing beams of the building, creating a sturdy framework that can sustain the weight of the balcony.

Terrace VS Balcony

Both of these outdoor constructions serve a variety of purposes, including providing a space for socializing and hosting gatherings, as well as creating a spot for a small container garden in the midst of a bustling urban environment.

It’s not difficult to understand why balconies and terraces remain sought-after amenities in private residences and public structures. Their enduring popularity can be attributed to their effectiveness in fulfilling their intended purpose, which is to expand and optimize living areas while linking typically compact indoor spaces with the vastness of the outdoors.

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