Designing Pantry Tips & Tricks: 26 Examples Worth To Consider

Need a trick for a stress-free and aesthetically pleasing kitchen? Build your own dream pantry! The purpose of it is to provide you an additional storage space for a household’s food and supplies, and also to keep those items organized and easily accessible. But keeping your pantry tidy is not an easy task to do especially if you’re constantly stocking up on it. Believe it or not, a well-organized pantry can change your life! By reading this article, you can have the clean, sleek storage pantry you’ve always wanted in no time!

Plan the layout

When planning the layout of the pantry, the goal is to create a functional and organized pantry that meets your specific storage needs and makes it easy to find and access the items you need. First thing first, consider the size and shape of the space, and think about what types of items you will be storing.

Take advantage of the small room in your house as a mini pantry that will store all your food and drink stocks safely. Organize everything according to its type to make it easier to find when you need it. Use two standing racks and apply them face to face. Small Space Pantry Design from @hostesstoday.

If you are going to store a large amount of food stock, then using a U shaped kitchen pantry is the best choice that can be applied. You can make it out of wood and then repaint it white for an elegant look. Additional containers or baskets can be used when needed. U Shaped Kitchen Pantry Ideas from @therealm_ks.

No need to worry when you don’t have room for pantry decorations in your small house, because now you can use the wall area as a simple small pantry that can be made from floating shelves. Just hang these floating shelves vertically to store all the food stock you have for the next month. Wall Mounted Floating Shelves Pantry from @hawkes.landing.

Another design option that you can try in a kitchen pantry layout is to use an L-shaped pantry to store more of your items or food. In this pantry area there are open and closed storage that can be used entirely according to what you need. L Shaped Pantry Layout Design from @cindyology.

Use adjustable shelving and racks

Adjustable shelving and racks are used to maximize storage space and make it easy to see and reach all items. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the height of each shelf to accommodate different sized items. This can be especially helpful for storing items such as tall bottles or cans.

When you have a kitchen pantry decoration that is wider and more open, then you can install a standing shelf with several rooms that are the same size. Arrange all food ingredients in a neat and more organized way by using a basket or container that is equipped with a label on the outer surface. Standing Rack Pantry Organizer from @theorderlyspace.

There are many benefits that you can get from using open pantry storage shelves, now you can find all the food ingredients you need easily. Try to store food ingredients in jars or containers and don’t put them in with plastic packaging which will make the pantry look untidy and will take up more space. Open Shelves Pantry Storage from @therealm_ks.

Organize and keep your groceries safe and easy to reach with a neat kitchen pantry. Now you can install three to five floating shelves to be used as a pantry design that makes it easier for you to display food and helps you find canned food and snacks in a more efficient time. Sleek and Bold Color Pantry Shelves from @citylifeinthecountry.

Consider installing pull-out shelves and drawers

Pull-out shelves and drawers provides convenient and accessible storage options. They can be used to store a variety of items such as dry goods, cans, bottles, or even small appliances. With this, you can easily access items stored in the back of the pantry without having to remove everything in front of it. Another benefit of using pull-out drawers are easy to clean as you can remove the items and wipe down the drawers. Pull-out drawers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your pantry and storage needs.

Not only using shelves and floating shelves, but the pantry storage design can also use pull-out drawers to store all food stocks for this month. Pull this drawer outward so you can select groceries easily. The existence of this drawer is also inside the cabinet so it is safer from dust or insects. DIY Wood Pull-Out Drawers from @time4organizing.

You can use this pull-drawer design with a fairly large and open size to store all of your snack stock in a neat arrangement. You can store each type of snack in a different container so that the taste doesn’t change either. Snack Kitchen Drawer Organizing from @idlivesimply.

The vertical pull-out drawers in this cabinet offer abundant storage that you can use in a more compact way and of course make it easier for you to pick up groceries quickly. Also use drawers to store canned food. Vertical Shaped Pantry Drawers from @sortme_co.

Use clear storage containers and bins

Clear storage containers comes in many benefits. The visibility allow you to see the contents of the container at a glance. Clear storage containers can protect items from moisture, light, and pests, which can help to extend the shelf life of food items. This containers can be easily transported, allowing you to move items around the pantry or take them with you when you’re on the go. Another great thing about clear container is it can be used to store a variety items since it come in variety of sizes. Last but not least, Clear storage containers give a sleek and modern look to your pantry, making it look more organized.

Pantry open shelves that are refined with the use of clear bins and storage baskets make it have additional smart storage space. Just attach the shelves to the wall and place all the storage baskets on the shelves in a neat arrangement and you can store groceries according to their type. Clear Bins and Baskets Organization from @agv_my_lifestyle.

To make the pantry shelves look neater and avoid clutter, you can add some additional storage, such as using baskets that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Just choose and use baskets with woven materials to make it look more natural, baskets that are equipped with handles make it easier for you to move them. Woven Storage Basket from @nashvilleneat_holly.

Even though your pantry cabinet already provides enough space for storing basic needs, there’s nothing wrong with combining it with baskets or containers so that storage is more well organized. This way the appearance of the pantry will be more organized. Food Container Organization from @atouchofsimplicitybyrana.

One way you can do to organize in the pantry area is to add a few containers and baskets for additional storage. Transparent containers will make it easier for you to find out what’s inside without having to open the lid if it’s equipped with a lid. Transparent Container with Basket Storage from @thetidycitrus.

Add a countertop or prep area in your pantry

When adding a countertop to a pantry, it’s important to consider the size of the space and the types of activities that will take place on the countertop. It’s also important to choose a durable and easy-to-clean material for the countertop, such as granite or quartz. But overall, adding a countertop to a pantry can be a great way to increase the functionality of the space and make it more convenient for food preparation, recipe reading, and additional storage.

When you are going to do storage in the pantry area, of course you need free space to prepare everything that will be stored. Therefore the existence of a countertop is really needed, just take advantage of the small room under the floating shelf as a simple countertop that can be used optimally. Small Countertop Prep Area from @old_cottage_life/.

Utilizing an empty part of the wall as a pantry storage design is a smart thing. But don’t forget to also prepare the countertop as an area for you to arrange all the food ingredients that will be stored, you can use a countertop with wood material which has a smoother surface. Natural Wood Countertop Design from @raisu_home.

Preparation for storage in the pantry area can be done on the countertop. Here you can sort out the types of food and arrange the layout of canned food in a neat arrangement, of course. On this countertop you can also put a tool for baking bread, the existence of a countertop in the pantry decoration is really needed. Countertop Prep Above Rack Storage from @thetidycitrus.

Use a label maker or print out labels

Using labels in a pantry can be a great way to keep the space organized, make it easy to find what you need, and add to the overall aesthetics of the space. Don’t forget to choose a size and font that is easy to read, and to place the labels in a visible location. It’s also important to update the labels as necessary, to ensure that your pantry remains organized and easy to use.

To make it easier for you when looking for the type of food ingredients you are looking for, sticking writing labels on pantry baskets is a smart idea that you can do easily. You can write it on a small piece of paper and write it using a white marker so that it looks clearer, this is very easy to do and saves more on the spending budget. Labels Name On a Budget for Container Pantry from @neworleansneat.

Buy label stickers to enhance your pantry decoration. Attach this sticker to the container or storage jar to make you understand what’s inside this jar. When you use a transparent glass jar, a black sticker is the right choice to make it look clearer. Sticker Labels for Pantry Organizer from @design_bysimonabadi.

You can do print labels that are attached to the pantry basket section easily and cheaply. You can attach printed labels using adhesive glue using thicker white paper so it doesn’t tear easily when used for a long time. Just write the print label according to the food ingredients stored in the basket. Print Labels Container from @agv_my_lifestyle.

If baskets, containers and additional storage in the pantry area are dominated by white, then you can use labels with a solid black color so they can be seen even when viewed from a considerable distance. The use of this label makes it easier for you to take stock of groceries according to what you need. Statement Label Container for Pantry from

When you are going to use labels in your pantry area, try to choose them with a touch of color that is clearly visible. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a clear font to make it easier to read. Attach these labels to the jars using adhesive glue. Black Matte Label Jars from @thecozyfarmhouse.

Invest in a good lighting system

Investing in a good lighting whether it be natural light or artificial, can make the space more functional, convenient, and attractive, while reducing energy costs and helping to prevent accidents. Choose lighting that is bright enough to illuminate the entire space, and to place the lights in a location that will make it easy to see what you need. It’s also important to choose energy-efficient lighting options, to reduce energy costs and help the environment.

Two hanging chandeliers that are hung to the ceiling can be used as the main lighting in your pantry storage decoration. Now you can use chandeliers with candle lighting that can bring a warm and dramatic feel at the same time. Layers of polka dot wallpaper add color as well as pattern to this room. Hanging Chandeliers Lighting from @simpleorganization.

The hidden light that is applied at the bottom of the pantry shelf will accompany your night activities while in the kitchen pantry area. Just use white lighting so that all your storage can be seen clearly. Also combine with the main lights that are hung on the ceiling. Hidden Lighting for Kitchen Pantry Area from @a_wolds_lifestyle.

Make use of vertical space

There are several ways to make use of vertical space in your pantry.You can use shelves and stackable containers to store items, or install hanging racks or hooks to hold items. Don’t forget to utilize the space above the pantry door or window. Install a pegboard or magnetic knife rack to make use of the wall space.

This vertical pantry cabinet is a hidden storage idea that will reduce clutter in your kitchen décor. You can pull the pantry towards the outside when you are going to get the food you need. Close or push the pantry cabinet back inward so that it is free from insects and dust. Vertical Cabinet Pantry from @organisedbycharlotte.

Take advantage of the cabinet door as an additional storage idea in your pantry cabinet area. What you can do now is install a vertical shelf with a selection of iron materials so that it can be used to store a large amount of food. Choose and use a vertical Shelf with white color so that it is in harmony with the cabinet you are using. Multifunction Door Pantry Ideas from @hunterdonhomelife.

Consider including a recycling and compost area

By including a recycling and compost area in your pantry design, you can not only keep your kitchen clean and organized, but you can also reduce waste and help the environment. This can be as simple as setting aside a corner of the pantry for these items or installing a separate recycling and compost bin. Use labeled containers or bins for different types of recyclable materials, such as paper, glass, and plastic.

Make sure to leave some empty space in your pantry for future purchases and unexpected bulk buys

By leaving some empty space in your pantry, you’ll be able to accommodate unexpected bulk buys, or new purchases without having to reorganize everything and will keep your pantry functional and organized.

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