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Designing Laundry Room Tips That’ll Make Doing The Chores A Joy

Sure, laundry room is not the heart of your home. Yet, designing your laundry room to be a productive and attractive space is needed. This can improve the atmosphere in laundry room so you’ll feel less gloomy when doing the chores. Whether you want to make a few quick upgrade or build the new one, here are some tips to consider before designing laundry room below.

Plan for functionality

Consider the layout of your laundry room and the appliances you will be using. Make sure there is enough space for the washer and dryer, as well as room for folding clothes and storage. Washing machines and dryers come in various sizes, so it is important to leave additional space around your machines. You may decide to buy new ones later on, and having some extra space can make the change much easier. You can also consider putting your machines on a platform/pedestal, giving you extra space underneath. You should also double-check that the platform/ pedestal you buy is appropriate for your particular models.

Having a laundry room decoration with a minimalist look is able to create a sleek design. Choosing green and white colors will make the look fresher and wider. Minimalist Laundry Room from @acentuaa.

In the laundry room using wood furniture will give a sleek and natural look. Simply using a laundry rack and standing rack will make your laundry look sleek and tidy. Small Laundry Room from @zawanizulhemi.

The two row layout in this laundry room décor will give it a clean and tidy look. Having a gray cabinet will also provide the perfect room contrast.  Two Rows Laundry Room from @anggun.deco.

Consider storage options

As about storage options for laundry room, the best option will depend on the size and layout of your laundry room, as well as your personal needs and preferences. Installing cabinets above or below the laundry machines for example, it provide additional storage space for laundry supplies, cleaning products, and other items. Wall-mounted or freestanding shelving can be used to store laundry baskets, detergents, and other items. Installing hanging rod above the machines can be used to store laundry supplies and can be easily moved around the room. A rolling cart can be used to store laundry supplies and can be easily moved around the room.

Using glass storage jars to store soap or perfume, this is a neat room decoration. You can try adding a basket for extra storage. Glass Jar Storage from @odeleanne.

Don’t forget to add storage from a rattan basket that will hold some of your dirty stuff. Apart from wicker storage, you can add jar storage to easily store some soap and fragrance. Wicker Basket Storage from @bideandburgeon.

Opting for a galvanized basket that converts into soap and deodorizer storage will give it a neat look. This rattan basket also manages to accommodate a lot of items in your laundry room. Galvanize Storage from @sle_trading.

You need to try storing towels in the laundry room. Choosing to use an iron shelf that is placed on this wall will not take up much space. Rack Towel Storage from @interieur_by_charlene.


Lighting is an important aspect of any room, including a laundry room. For the entire room, overhead lighting is all you need. If you need lighting to illuminate specific area, consider to use wall-mounted sconce or an under-cabinet light. If possible, incorporating natural light into the laundry room through windows or skylights can provide additional lighting and make the space feel more open and airy.

The right light in the laundry room succeeds in making the room bright. choosing this pendant lamp makes a dramatic appearance. Pendant Lighting from @nasze.kilka.metrow.

This lamp with yellow lighting uses wood bead lighting. hanging from this ceiling will also make a bright appearance. Wood Bead Lighting from @sheamausserdesigns.


Proper ventilation is important in a laundry room to remove excess moisture, odors and harmful gases produced by the washer and dryer. The best thing that a laundry room need is a window. A window can be used to provide natural ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate in the room. You can also install exhaust fan to remove excess moisture and odors from the room. It can be placed in the ceiling or on the wall, and can be connected to the ductwork or vented directly to the outside. A lint trap can be installed in the exhaust duct to capture lint and debris before they are vented outside. To improve the efficiency of the dryer, install dryer vent. Just remember that It’s important to make sure that the ventilation system is properly installed and maintained to ensure that it functions effectively and safely..

Two large windows placed in the corner of this laundry room will provide natural lighting. besides that this window is able to provide a bright room during the day. Two Windows Laundry Room from @theeverydayhome.

The Small Window in this laundry room succeeds in giving a spacious and bright room. Using this type of window will make your laundry room decoration brighter during the day. Small Windows from @hartwhiteinteriors.

Don’t forget to add window awnings to this laundry room for the perfect air exchange. These window awnings are also easy for you to open and close and will let the sun into the room. Awning Windows from @customerskitchenandbath.

The choice of a large window on one of the walls of the laundry room succeeded in letting sunlight into the room. Combined with black window frames this will give the house an attractive appearance. Large Windows from @shalmaikeim.

Apart from windows on the walls, you can use skylights in the attic of this laundry room. This skylight functions as natural lighting which will provide a spacious and bright room design. Skylight Laundry Room from @myinterior_diary.


When choosing flooring for a laundry room, durability and water resistance are important factors to consider. Some popular options include ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and concrete. Ceramic tile is durable and water-resistant option that is easy to clean. Vinyl flooring also durable and water-resistant and it’s available in a wide variety of styles and colors. For a more budget-friendly and easy to clean, laminate flooring is the best. Concrete is also durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. But it can be cold on the feet. Ultimately, the best flooring for your laundry room will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your space.

Choosing a brick stone floor will not harm you while in this laundry room. In addition, choosing this type of floor will help speed up the absorption of water that falls down. Brick Stone Floor from @trimtechdesigns.

The herringbone stone applied to the laundry room succeeds in giving a comfortable and rustic impression to the entire room. Choosing this type of floor will not take many risks and is certainly safer. Herringbone Stone Floor from @kennedyco__.

The right floor idea in this living room is to use a checkered tile floor with a rough texture so it won’t harm you. Having this checkered pattern will also make your home decoration more stylish. Plaid Floor Laundry Room from @ourfrenchcountryfarm.

The intricate pattern on the laundry room floor tiles will give the room a beautiful design and successfully give it a charming appearance. Choosing a floor with a rough texture will also reduce the risk of falling. Pattern Tile Floor from @_houseonthemeadow.

The geometric pattern on the laundry room floor will make your room decoration more attractive and stylish. using tiles with a slightly rough texture will also make your feet comfortable. Pattern Floor from @builtbywolff

Add a sink

If possible, adding a sink can be a great addition to your laundry room. It allows you to pretreat stains and rinse out delicate items before washing them. Choose the size depend on the size that available. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, while porcelain and acrylic are also durable and easy to clean but may be more budget-friendly. As for the function, some sinks come with built-in washboards, which can be useful for hand-washing clothes. Some others have a built-in drainboard for drying the clothes, this could be helpful if you are short of space.

Choosing a sink with this family house style will balance the style in this laundry room. This sink helps you in doing anything in this laundry room. Farmhouse Sink from @the_stables_.

The modern farmhouse sink in this laundry room will give this room a more attractive appearance. This Wink will also make it easier for you to brush back dirty clothes. Modern Farmhouse Sink from @timelesshome_.

This white sink with marble accents will also balance the look and make your laundry room design more luxurious. Choosing this gold color faucet will also make your sink more attractive. White Sink Laundry Room from @trimtechdesigns.

Add a drying rack

A drying rack can be a useful addition to a laundry room, as it allows you to dry clothes naturally rather than using a dryer. When choosing drying rack, consider the size and how much laundry you need to dry at one time. A larger rack will be able to hold more clothes, but it will also take up more space. There are several types of drying racks available: foldable, wall-mounted, standing rack, and ceiling-mounted rack.

This selection of the right drying rack uses a folding style. Choosing this drying rack will irritate the space while making it easier for you to dry in the room. Folding Drying Rack from @benimevfikrim.

The built-in drying rack using iron will last a long time and create a different design. Placing a wall on one of the walls of the laundry room will also make it easier for you to dry clothes in the room.  Built-in Laundry Rack from @ahousewebuilt.

Choosing a folding drying rack that is placed on one of the walls of this room makes it easier for you to dry your clothes indoors. If you don’t use it, you can fold it up to maximize space. Folding Drying Rack from @burlanesinteriors.

Placing a drying rack in the corner of the house will provide a neat room design and avoid the mess of your clothesline. Choosing a folding style and using iron will also make your room design more attractive. Corner Drying Rack from @villanordrevik. 

The iron drying rack that is installed in the corner of the laundry room will make it easier for you to dry clothes in the house. Choosing materials from iron will also last longer. Iron Drying Rack from @dirumah_ibunia.

Add folding table or ironing board

A folding table and ironing board can be a useful addition to a laundry room, as they provide a dedicated surface for folding clothes and ironing. This will make it easy for you to fold clothes and iron them.

This folding ironing table in the laundry room cabinet manages to keep the room tidy and avoid clutter. If you don’t use it, you can fold it back so that it makes the room look clean. Folding Ironing Board from @mireformaproyect_1.

Adding a standing wooden ironing board has succeeded in providing comfort when you are ironing. Wood materials will reduce maintenance and give a natural touch to the decoration of this room. Wooden Ironing Board from @hyggehome4you.

The pull out ironing table in this cabinet will make it easier for you to iron in this laundry room. This idea won’t take up much space and will result in a neat home decoration. Pull Out Ironing Board from @huize_kooiker.


Add some personal touches to your laundry room. You can paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint, add some artwork or a few plants.

Adding a self-made distressed wood laundry sign manages to make your room look more attractive and look different. Just hang it on the wall of your house for a charming design. Laundry Sign from @notafarmhousentexas.

The greenery vines that are placed on the open shelf of this laundry room will give a beautiful and stylish room decoration. Besides that, these vines will also give a fresh and natural room design. Vines Greenery from @reno.journal.

This wall art frame that is placed on the laundry room wall will never fail for you to try. This idea will give your wall an attractive appearance and not look boring. Wall Art from @sle_trading.

Decorating the laundry room by adding accents of green plants in pots successfully brings fresh air and a cool look into the room. Placing it on the laundry room counter and hanging it on this hook will create a different design. Greenery Laundry Room from @jo.marie_blissfulbuilds.

Don’t forget to add a small money art frame placed on each wooden open shelf for an interesting decoration. Apart from art frames, you can also complement it with grass to give it a charming appearance. Art Frame and Grass from @jemandjayinteriors.

Aloe vera leaves placed in this glass vase have succeeded in providing a fresh home decoration and will have many health benefits. Simply place it on the countertop laundry room for an interesting decoration. Aloe Vera from @christinestarfish.

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