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Transform Your Guest Bedroom into a Relaxing Retreat with These Tips

Whether you’re preparing for guests this weekend or in the future, become the ultimate host with our ideas for creating a welcoming guest bedroom. By thoughtfully decorating your guest room, you can help your visitors feel at home and comfortable during their stay. Check out our suggestions below for curating the perfect spot for your guests.


Freshen Up

Adding fresh flowers to your guest bedroom is a simple way to add charm and warmth to the space. Don’t be intimidated by creating an arrangement – it’s easy! Purchase a few bunches from your local florist or grocery store, trim the stems, and arrange them in a vase. Tulips are a great option because they are readily available throughout the year, and their unique shape requires minimal fuss to look beautiful. With a small effort, you can add a lovely touch to your guest room that your visitors will appreciate.

For refreshment in the guest bedroom decoration, you can put a colorful flower arrangement that can be placed right above the nightstand. This flower can be found in the backyard garden and you can arrange it in a vase filled with water so that this indoor flower does not wilt easily when used for a long time. Yellow, purple and white flowers make a combination that can never fail. Colorful Arrangement Flowers from @patriciarodi

White roses that bloom beautifully can be placed on a guest bedroom nightstand to produce a fragrant aroma that makes the room more relaxed. Use a textured ceramic vase for a modern look that can never fail. Adjust the color of the vase with the flower arrangements you use so that they work well together in the same room. Try to do regular maintenance so that these flowers don’t wither easily. White Rose Arrangement from @jillys_home

Do you have tulips blooming in the garden? If you have it, you can bring it into the room to make it a natural decoration in your guest bedroom area. What you can do now is prepare a transparent glass vase to include some fresh stems of tulips. Use only one type of tulip color so that it can be used as the focal point of the room, then this flower is also able to give the room a more colorful appearance by adding a relaxing fragrance. Pink Tulips Arrangement from @ryan_a_jones_

Add TV

If your guests enjoy watching TV to unwind, consider adding one to your guest bedroom to help them feel more comfortable and at home.

Take advantage of the guest bedroom wall area to hang an LED TV which can be used as one of your guest’s entertainment while in this room. Just choose and use a 24 inch TV so that it has a medium size that is not too big or not too small. TV installation in this wall area uses a sturdy iron stand so as to minimize the use of the floor area in this room. Wall Mounted TV from @doppionodo_interior

Elevate It Into a Luxurious Retreat

Ensure your guests have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep by providing them with luxurious bedding. Begin with high-quality, 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count, and add a plush duvet or quilt along with an abundance of soft and fluffy pillows. Your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you’ve put into making their stay as cozy as possible.

This bedding material made from cotton rayon has a tropical pattern that will never fail to add pattern and color to the room. This choice of cotton rayon bedding is very appropriate because it has a more comfortable surface and doesn’t easily make your body feel hot. Do the washing again when the bedding has been used several times to avoid dust, hair loss or germs. Tropical Bedding Pattern from @inspiredorehomedecor

Try to design and decorate the guest bedroom as comfortable as possible. One of the things you can do is cover the mattress with a bedding made of cotton cloth. Bedding with this cotton cloth has a wide selection of patterns that you can use and can be adjusted to the style of this bedroom. For example, when you use a guest bedroom with a modern theme, the choice of geometric bedding patterns is a smart idea that you can use. Cotton Bedding Material from @houseofpru

Add Ventilation

To ensure your guests have a comfortable stay, you may want to consider providing them with a ceiling fan or portable fan that they can use as needed. This extra touch can help them stay cool and comfortable, regardless of the temperature outside.

To provide fresh air in the guest bedroom, you can install a ceiling fan whose speed can be adjusted as needed. This fan will use less electrical energy compared to the use of AC, therefore it is highly recommended to apply it. Clean the dust from this ceiling fan so that the air produced is healthier, just use a feather duster. You can do maintenance and cleaning once a month. Ceiling Fan from @gatheredliving

Cozy Up with a Throw Blanket

Adding a cozy throw blanket to your guest bedroom can provide a touch of warmth and color to the space. You can fold it neatly across the foot of the bed or casually drape it over the bed for a more relaxed feel. Plus, your guests will appreciate having an extra layer to snuggle up with on chilly nights.

To provide maximum comfort on the mattress, you can place and use several layers of blankets on the mattress. This will be the best choice that can be applied in the guest bedroom decoration. Use a throw blanket with two different material choices, the most important thing is that it has a smooth surface and is easy to wash again when it gets dirty and smells of sweat. Layered Blanket Ideas from @windsweptliving

The simple look of this guest bedroom is refined with maximum comfort. Why ? Because the surface of the mattress is perfected with several different fabrics with different color choices. This throw blanket with a choice of orange color is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Apart from that, you can also add fabrics and pillowcases with a choice of sage green so that they will look more contrasting. Bold Color Blanket Ideas from @allthings.ash

Entice Them to Unwind with a Captivating Book

Provide up-to-date magazines or short books on bedside tables so that guests can easily indulge in some leisurely reading. Those with a love for literature will value the opportunity to relax and unwind after a busy day of activities.

Take advantage of the area under the side table to store some of the latest book collections for your guests to read. Arrange this book vertically so it doesn’t use up too much floor area. Prepare a table lamp that can be placed right next to the bed so that it can be used to read a book when the atmosphere in the room feels dark. Pile of Books Under Table from @discod1amond

When your guest bedroom has an empty corner of the room, then just perfect it as a reading nook decoration which can be equipped with the use of a chair and a small table made of wood. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also cover the floor with a rug that has a velvet material so that it can make the surface of your feet feel warmer. Throw pillows placed on a chair can be used to make the surface feel warmer. Reading Nook Decoration from @marinalibermaninteriores

Add Bedside Lighting

Inquiring about suitable lighting, such as this adaptable desk lamp, permits individuals who stay up late to relish a captivating book or check their emails without interrupting the peace of the rest of the house.

A table lamp with a pole that is long enough can be adjusted in the direction of lighting as needed. Just choose and use this table lamp with a choice of copper material with a more sturdy surface when used this time of year. It’s not enough to get here, this table lamp can also be rotated 90 degrees as needed. Customizable Table Lamp from @alannadunn

So that your guests can read books at night, you can add additional lighting to be placed right next to the use of bedding. For example, you can use a wall sconces that is applied to the wall. The textured lampshade used has a splash of white which has a color harmony with the feel of the room which is dominated by white as well. Wall Mounted Bedside Lighting from @crack_the_shutters

Take advantage of the surface of the nightstand to be used to place a table lamp which can be used for additional lighting in the guest bedroom decoration. Try to use a lamp with white lighting so that it can illuminate the area around it brighter. Its vintage appearance has a simple impression and doesn’t use a bigger budget. Table Lamp Ideas from @delve.interiors

Create a Vanity Area

Explore your home to discover objects like a petite table or a desk and chair combination that can double as a vanity. Don’t be concerned if they don’t match; dissimilar styles and finishes can contribute to a stylish, accumulated-over-time appearance.

This nightstand design which is equipped with a chair can be converted into a vanity design to be used in guest bedroom decorations. Nowadays you can use wood as the main material which is environmentally friendly and of course has a warmer and softer surface. No need to repaint to achieve a vintage and simple overall design. DIY Wooden Vanity from @home.and.happy.hour

Layer the Pillow

Arranging pillows in layers enhances the aesthetics of the bedroom and offers various functions. Plush 26-inch square Euro pillows provide a soft layer on top of sturdy wooden headboards, while ornamental shams or attractive patterned sheets add charm to bed pillows. Furthermore, decorative throw pillows unify the patterns and colors of the bedroom.

A bed is incomplete without throw pillows and blankets. Therefore have both more than one. When you use a large number of throw pillows, arrange them and rearrange them so that they stay neat after use. That way the guest bedroom will feel warmer. This throw blanket with a choice of cable knit material is perfected by the presence of string lights that can be used as magical lighting. Cable Knit Throw Blanket from @boost_your_home

Own and place several throw pillows on the bed in a variety of sizes and colors. Throw pillows with a choice of small to large sizes make the surface of the mattress feel warmer, softer and softer. These three throw pillows in a choice of various patterns and colors are ready to be made as the focal point of the room. The dominating orange lighting looks more inviting. Throwing Pillows of Various Sizes from @loveallthingsquirky

The use of more than one throw pillow makes the mattress surface feel warmer and softer. These days you can use two to three throw pillows in blue and white tones that work perfectly together in the same room. This pillowcase has a main ingredient of cotton which can be re-washed when it looks dirty or stained, this material is also easier to dry when washed. Patterned Layer Throw Pillows from @ritadinizinteriores

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