Entryway: Décor Tips To Give Your Space A Great First Impression

Entryway is the first impression that guests have of your home, so it’s important to make it inviting, functional, and reflective of your personal style. Still unsure on what to do? With these tips in mind, you can create a functional and stylish entryway that welcomes you and your guests with warmth and charm. Psst, some examples are also available below.

Create focal point

Creating a focal point in your entryway is an effective way to draw the eye and add visual interest to the space. A large piece of artwork, such as a painting or a framed print, can make a big impact in your entryway. Choose a piece that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall look of the space. You can also create a gallery wall featuring a collection of framed photos, artwork, or other decorative items. Or, if it’s too much, paint one wall in a bold color!

Because this entryway decoration is one of the first rooms that will be visited by guests or your family who come to the house, you can make unique, interesting and unusual decorations so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. For example, when the entryway room is dominated by neutral white shades, you can use a wooden console table that has been painted a bright yellow color. Bold Color Console Table from @kotiharjunkupeessa

Installing textured molding on this entryway wall will look boring when you don’t add artwork decorations or photo frames. Therefore, try to install and hang a painting of a work of art with very bold splashes of color, a perfect blue flower painting against a deep red background. Statement Floral Painting from @rightathomeinteriors

Basically entryway decoration has a small and limited room. Therefore, you can decorate it as much as possible by using the appropriate furniture and wall decorations, install and hang a jumbo-sized abstract painting that is perfected with an even splash of several pastel colors. This will be the focal point of the room. Abstract Painting Wall Decoration from @yssinteriordesign

Not only using ornaments, wall hangings and unique furniture to be used as the focal point of the room in this entryway area. There are many other ways you can do it, painting the entryway wall in emerald green is a smart idea that you can try. Next, combine it with a wooden console table that has a bright pink paint surface. Emerald Green Wall Paint from

Use console table

A console table is a great way to add both style and function to your entryway. It provides a surface for displaying décor. It is also perfect as a landing spot for items such as keys, mail, and bags, helping to keep your entryway organized and clutter-free.

This console table design with a curved shape has wood material that has been re-laminated so that it has a more shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Besides that, the additional console table legs with spindle material are able to provide a classic look that will never fail to be combined with a gold table lamp. Laminate Wooden Console Table from @paperwhitesinteriors

To create a simple entryway decoration, you can use a console table design made of plain wood. Furthermore, the comfort of this console table can be perfected with the ottoman seating area which has been covered with a tassels cloth to give the room a soft texture. Simple Console Table with Seating Areas from @thetargetexplorer

Take a look at this melamine wood console table decoration, doesn’t it look minimalist and suitable for modern or contemporary entryway decorations? Yes, you can try using it as an area to put some pretty ornaments that you have. You can also use the drawer section of this console table as a closed storage area to store house keys or other important small items to make them easier to find too. Minimalist Look Console Table from @kate_decorates

This console table made from Brazilian red wood features a natural design that you can combine with the use of chairs with intricate and interesting patterns to place on both sides. Several built-in storage drawers can be used optimally to store all your things. Finish with a vase of blooms for a decoration that can never fail. Brazilian Red Wood Console Table from @jessicalevantiques

Add storage

Having adequate storage in your entryway is essential for keeping the space organized and clutter-free. Here are some ways to add storage to your entryway:

  • Coat rack or wall-mounted hooks is a simple and efficient solution for hanging coats, hats, and bags.
  • A bench with built-in storage can serve as a place to sit and store shoes, bags, and other items.
  • Floating wall shelves are a great way to add storage and display decorative items.
  • A shoe cabinet can keep shoes organized and out of sight.
  • Adding hall tree for a complete organizational solution

To ensure that your entryway decorations still look neat and orderly, you can add a hall tree in the corner of the room to be used as an area to hang coats, hats and bags that have been used. Everything will be neatly arranged and less clutter in this room. Make a hall tree with wood to make it more sturdy. Hall Tree at the Corner from @accordingtomandy

Take advantage of the entryway wall for open storage ideas that you can use as an area to hang coats after you’re done or when you’re on the go. This coat hanger rack is also perfected with a floating shelf that can be used to place several bags that are often used so that all the items that are owned can be neatly arranged. Coat Rack and Open Storage from @closetmaid

Do you have spindle wood that is no longer used in the warehouse? If you have it, you can reuse it as the main material for vertical storage shelves that can be hung on the entryway wall to serve as easy-to-reach open storage. Floating Spindle Rack from @uandidesigns

Another storage commonly used in entryway decorations is hooks. You can attach it parallel to the wall to hang your sling bag. This hook is usually made of sturdy wood so it is not easily porous or damaged when used for a long time. You can try it right now. DIY Wooden Hook Storage from @potejstronielustra

Besides being able to be used as a sitting area, a wooden bench that is equipped with empty space underneath can also be used as an open storage area to place shoes or sandals in a neat arrangement. The upper surface of the bench can be equipped with throw pillows for a more comfortable, soft and comfortable sitting area. Multifunction Bench with Storage from @alexisandraaustin

The corner of the entryway room will work better when you complete it with the idea of hook storage that is attached to the wall at a height that is easy to reach. Not only hooks, but you can also combine them with two basketball baskets that are large enough as an area to place throw blankets or umbrellas. Combination of Basket with Wall Organization from @antiquefarmhouse

Choose a rug

Adding a rug to your entryway can make it more functional, comfortable, and attractive. As for comfort matter, rug provide a soft and comfortable surface for your feet to land on when you walk into your home. It can also protect your flooring from scratches, scuffs, and dirt that may be brought in from the outdoors. Since rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, and can add a decorative touch to your entryway.

Apart from making your footwear feel warmer, the use of an attractive and bold patterned rug is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Just choose and use a rug with a classic modern theme that is perfected with an abstract pattern. Its size is long enough to coat all parts of the entryway evenly. Modern Classic Runner Rug from @rug_society

One way that you can do to make the entryway decoration look more elegant is to cover the floor with a natural fiber rug with a fairly neutral color selection. The design of this rug is also perfected by the presence of tassels on the sides as a whole which can add texture to the room. Natural Fiber Rug from @safavieh

If the small runner rug already looks attractive in this entryway area why not. Choosing this mini rug makes it easier for you to do maintenance such as washing it again when it looks dirty and dusty. Choose and use according to the material you want, wool or saxony is an option that will never fail. Small Runner Rug from

Adjust the use of the rug pattern with the entryway theme used. When this entryway decoration uses a vintage theme, you can also use rugs with matching patterns and colors. A splash of red is one of the options that you can apply, this rug comes in a large size so that it is able to completely cover the floor. Vintage Pattern and Color Rug from @lizmearns

Add lighting

Good lighting is essential in an entryway, not just for practical reasons, but also to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Consider adding a chandelier, pendant light, or wall sconces to provide a soft, inviting glow. Don’t forget to consider the size of the area, the height of the ceiling, and the amount of natural light that enters the space.

Table lamps combined with the use of candle holders are a combination of lighting that will never fail. The two of them will work well together when the entryway room starts to look darker. Use both of them simultaneously when needed, the resulting lighting will give a warm effect to the room. Table Lamp Combination with Candle Holder from @fiveatnumberthree

Use attractive decorations on the entryway and also have useful functions for your activities. Using wall sconces lighting on the entryway is a smart idea, use two wall lights and install them in a right and left balance, this will certainly make the appearance more symmetrical. With this wall lamp you will be warmly welcomed when you enter the house. Wall Sconces Lighting from @calling_allcreators

Add natural lighting to the entryway to get a bright room during the day, that way you will save more energy. Natural skylights are the right solution for your entryway, natural skylights will work best if you also use light color paint. This skylight will also be useful for greenery that is placed on your entryway. Natural Skylight from @sherricalnanhome

The classic style that you apply to the entrance will be maximized if you apply hanging lanterns. The hanging lantern that you install right in the middle of the room entrance will add a warm atmosphere when you enter the house. In addition, hanging lanterns can also provide additional lighting at the entrance. Hanging Lantern Ideas from @haverhill.home

It’s not enough with just one lighting, you can also use two or three sources of entryway lighting. Two pendant lighting that is installed parallel to the main door will be very suitable if you have a long entrance, the use of pendant lighting also provides a unique appearance to welcome guests who come. Statement Pendant Lighting from @hendricksoninteriors

Incorporate plants

Plants can bring life and energy to your entryway and help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Choose low-maintenance plants, such as succulents or ferns, that will thrive in the lighting conditions of your entryway.

To provide natural freshness to the entryway, an easy step you can take is to place plants in the entryway area. You can combine green plants with flower arrangements for this entryway decoration, place flower arrangements on the console table, while green plants in pots that you can only place on the entryway floor. Combination of Greenery and Flower Arrangement from @instadecohome

To make it easier for you to care for the green plants you use for entryway decorations, don’t forget to use a vase as a place to plant them. That way indoor plants planted in vases will certainly give a neat impression and also make it easier for you to organize a room that you can move easily. Indoor Plants Vases from @instadecohome

Don’t hesitate to put various types of green plants in the entryway, because this will certainly make your entryway fresher. The important thing you have to do is arrange the layout of the green plants in this vase according to their height, don’t let tall plants be placed at the very front of the row because they will disturb the appearance of the room. Several Types of Indoor Green Plants from @singingplantladytj

Present a natural atmosphere for the entryway decoration so you can feel freshness and warmth. The combination of green plants and rattan woven vases is the best way to get all of that, just one tall plant and a rattan woven vase placed beside the bench will give a different impression when your guests enter the house. Statement Greenery with Wicker Rattan Vase from @jarcdesigns

Personalize the space

Your entryway is a great place to showcase your personality and style. Consider adding personal touches, such as family photos, framed artwork, or a statement piece of furniture, to make your entryway feel like home.

Don’t let your entryway wall look empty, to fill in the empty space on the wall you can install some family photo frames with B/W color splashes. Apart from being an entryway decoration, this can also introduce your family members to guests who come to your house. Install these B/W family photo frames neatly so they don’t look messy and make them look like mini galleries. B/W Family Photo Frame from @athomewithfran

To give a personal touch to the entryway decoration, you can use and place a personal painting on the console table area used. This entryway nuance has a coastal theme which is in harmony with a painting on display. This is the best decorating idea that you can apply. Painting Works from @kindred.fineart

If you have a large collection of china porcelain plates and are confused about how to store them, the entryway wall is the right place to display them. In addition, by installing some of your collection of china plates on the entryway wall, it will give a unique and more personal appearance so that it is ready to become a new focal point in this room. China Porcelain Plate Collection from @jessicalevantiques

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