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10 Basic Characteristics to Follow in Creating a Country Home Decoration

The country home design will offer you a comfortable decoration. It’s not about something modern or stylish but it’s all about comfort. By having the country home design, the atmosphere of the house will be calming and warm. Basically, the decoration is defined by the comfortable and casual items that are combined with some natural materials. Let’s say that you can have wood, stone, rattan, sisal, wool, and any other materials that come from nature. Then, the decoration will also deal with vintage and antique items for the furniture and other decoration needs.

Talking about the color scheme, the country decoration is all about the neutrals. The best colors are white, ivory, soft beige, etc. The point is that don’t choose the color that will make the room look dark or gloomy. It should be welcoming, cozy, and warm. Besides, country design will let you meet some patterns where the authentic ones are the paid pattern, stripes, and florals.

We have 10 basic characteristics of the country home design to help you create an authentic country home. You can apply each of the characteristics by adjusting the suitability for your home space and condition. Check the following ideas.

Wooden Furniture

After considering the interior aspects, the furniture is the main thing that you should provide and prepare well in the house. Then, since the country home is focused on the coziness and welcoming atmosphere, having the wood material for the furniture is really recommended. You can have it for the table. chairs, cabinets, and other possible pieces of furniture. Of course, you can have it with other material combinations. The main point is the use of the wood material.

The wood is used for the table material which is added with a fabric pad. Then, there are also chairs, a stool, and a cabinet that are made of wood. Wooden Furniture from @farmhouseismystyle

The Application of Shiplap

Shiplap is made of wood. It comes in the form of a wood pallet. Commonly, the shiplap is used for exterior needs, but these days, the shiplap is also used for interior parts. Let’s say that you can have the shiplap for the indoor wall layer, the TV panel, and even the ceiling. You can have it in its natural wood color or you can color it.

The shiplap is installed on the entryway wall in white color. It is then added with the hanger to hang coats, hats, bags, etc. The Application of Shiplap from @fachwerk_liebelei

Wood Beam Ceiling

Installing wood beams to the ceiling is also one of the Country home decor characteristics. The wood beams will give a special impression where it has a sturdy look and interesting details when installed on the ceiling. Sometimes we want to decorate the ceiling so as not to make it boring and for the country home, you can simply install the wood beams.

There are two different sizes of wood beams used in this ceiling. The top layer is the smaller ones then it is stricken with the bigger ones. Using two different wood beam sizes is important so that it can be balanced well. Wood Beam Ceiling from @nicoletta68_

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is also needed to beautify the Country home. It even becomes the center of interest for a Country home. The antique furniture will make the house more valuable and aesthetic even without any additional ornaments. Antique furniture is commonly provided in chairs or tables. There will be some identical indentation and details that you can’t find in modern design that are mostly used these days.

The small console table is the one that has the antique characteristic. It comes from the old era with identical color, carving patterns, and indentation. Antique Furniture from @nicoletta68_

Stone Application

As one of the materials that come from nature, the stone is worth considering to be applied to the Country home. There are varied kinds of stone that you can use as you can choose based on the impression you want to create. Then, the colors of the stone are also varied so when you don’t want to color it to get the natural look of the stone, you can choose the one based on the color you want. After that, talking about the finishing you can make it sleek or rough. Each texture characteristic will bring a different impression and taste.

The stone that is used is in different colors that make the wall even more aesthetic. The sizes and shapes are also varied which is adorable and unique. This stone wall is added with a neutral color that still maintains the natural impression of the stone. Stone Application from @provincialfarmtouch

Curvy Furniture

What is meant by curvy here is the indentation that the furniture has. However, the curve won’t be too much where it is just a soft one. Just like what the antique furniture has, the country design needs the curve for the furniture just like the old-style has. It can be applied to the chair legs, table legs, headboards, etc.

The curve in this image is the kitchen island table legs. You can see that some indentations create details in these curvy legs. The curve is simple and soft but still able to make value for the furniture. Curvy Furniture from @leahwhitehome

Vaulted Ceiling

Besides the use of wood beams, the Country home is also applying the vaulted ceiling style. Well, not all of the Country home uses this ceiling design but if you want to have the authentic one, we recommend you this. The vaulted ceiling will make the ceiling are looks higher and majestic.

The vaulted ceiling here is not only the simple one where there is a frame that shapes an indentation on each corner. There is also a detail that looks like a flower there. Vaulted Ceiling from @interiorsocialclub

Plaid Accent

Applying the plaid accent will become the easy thing that you can do to create a country home design. It can be in any part of the house. Let’s say that you can have it for the table runner, napkins, curtain, cushions, etc. The color will be up to you. You can even adjust it with the season or the event that is going on.

The plaid white and green table runner on the console table will give the room an authentic country decoration. It is also pretty and looks harmonious with the greenery on the table and the white table color. Plaid Accent from @decorating_diy_mom

Neutral Color Scheme

This one is the most common thing that you might already know that the country home design uses neutral colors for the color scheme. It is not without reason because the neutral colors will be able to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the house. However, not all of the neutral colors can be used. Here, we recommend you use beige color, ivory, white, light grey, and other soft and warm colors.

Basically, this room has white color as the scheme. Then, the yellow color lamp is provided there that brings a warm room atmosphere. This one is the easiest way you can do to have different room colors which is by implementing the different lamp colors. Neutral Color Scheme from @osborninteriors

Jute Rug

As one of the items that come from nature, the jute is an interesting one to be used for your rug material. It will be such an interesting addition to your living room. The jute rug will have a warm color, textured, and harmonious to be paired with other natural materials that you provide in the room to create the country home design.

The jute rug here is applied in the living room in a brown color that is really harmonious with the wooden floor, wood chairs, tables, and ceiling. Jute Rug from @citychic4ever__

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