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Implementing the Beauty of Contrast for Your Grandmillenial Home

The grandmillennial decor is about combining modern elements with traditional ones. It could be from the furniture, ornament, home accessories, and even the interior parts like the floor, wall, or ceiling. We all know that modern and traditional styles are really contrast but that is why the grandmillennial can be proper and loved by people. It is all about how those two styles complete each other to fulfill your needs of an occupancy. In this case, the modern decoration style is needed because of its simplicity and effectiveness. But, modern style can’t fulfill your need for comfort and a welcoming atmosphere so the traditional style is added for that reason.

Talking about the contrast, the grandmillennial decor will let you embrace the beauty of contrast in your house. It won’t only be about the modern and traditional things but also other aspects related to those styles. Have you heard about the eclectic decor technique? You can use it to create contrast in your grandmillennial home. It will give you a chance to celebrate many different eras of design. However, you should be careful because it is not the maximalist decoration. It is the grandmillennial where you can’t make your house be seen as stuffy and overserving. Simply make a balance and stop when you have felt the warm and welcoming atmosphere around the house so that the decorations won’t be too crowded. Here are the ideas for implementing the beauty of contrast for your grandmillennial home.

Color Contrast

Since you can’t be overserving, then make sure that in creating contrast, you should be able to choose the right color. It means that the colors should be able to balance one another. When the first color already stands out, then you should choose the warm and calm color for the other one to lock the color and not to be overserving. Here are the examples of the color contrast application that you can do.

Here, the yellow bright color is the stand-out one to create a statement in the room. Then, it is combined with the green color to give a calming effect. Not only that but look at the grey color layered there for the extra warm feeling. Living Room from @cocozentner_art


Pink is a sweet color that is striking at once. You can use it in the decoration just like what this porch decor has. Look at how the porch still looks warm and welcoming with the grey and brown color to contrast the pink color applied there. Porch Decor from @tortoiseandharevintage

Different Era

Applying the different era contrast is what the eclectic decor commonly does. You can do it by providing the old vintage items and then putting them around the modern items to create such a beautiful contrast. Well, buying the old-century product will be a bit expensive because it includes the antique product. You can have it on a budget by finding the old items from your grandma’s house and then redecorating it to have a new look and more proper to be added to the house.

The cabinet desk here can be said as the new modern product that is decorated with the urn with its antique product classification. You should also see the table lamp and mirror that characterize the mid-century era. Foyer Decor from @thissouthernhome

The sofa that is in grey color is a new product. It is then combined with the old table in wooden material with its old look. There is also a side table in an old-century design. For the window, there are blinds that are installed with the design that you commonly see in your grandma’s house. For the urns and plates, no need to question it anymore. The style must be old in China touch. Living Room Decor from @littlefarmhouseonsollie

Different Style

Applying the different style items in a room is one of the ways to create contrast for your grandmillennial house. Anyway, since the grandmillennial is all about combining modern and traditional elements, you should make sure that the different styles you apply here can indicate those two styles. Here are the examples.

From this decoration, the modern design can be seen clearly from the white minimalist sofa. Then, it is combined with the patterned and gold furniture that characterizes the traditional luxurious impression. In this case, you can see how the traditional items are not only about something old and disheveled but there are also luxurious traditional items available. Living Room Decor from @anchor_bend

The table lamp looks really luxurious in silver color that matches well with the white sofa to create a modern impression. Then, it is combined with the traditional side table and urn. The decoration is really aesthetic without looking stuffy. Corner Spot Living Room from @reneecusano

Different Material

The material is also able to bring contrast. Commonly, it will also related to the style of the items. It is known that each style has its own habit of using the material to create the style impression. For example, the wood is commonly used for rustic or farmhouse style that (in this case) can be classified as traditional elements.

There are some different materials applied here from the jute rug, wooden table, velvet sofa and stool, copper, etc. The combination is really pretty and the impression is great. The contrast comes from the luxurious velvet material and the jute material. You should also see the piano that has an aesthetic traditional impression. Living Room Decor from @amalkapeninteriors

Wood and copper are two materials that can create a contrast. The impression of those two materials is also different. No need to worry about the modern impression because it is already added to the white simple chairs. Dining Room Decor from @manor_south

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