11 Decor References for Pretty Colorful Maximalist Home

The basic meaning of a maximalist home is all about applying your personal touches to the home decoration. You can surely have the freedom to apply anything in the decoration without feeling too much. It will be ok if there are too many colors being applied or too many patterns that you have because it is a maximalist style. Anyway, for the maximalist decoration, layering is the technique that the designer uses. Besides having the details that represent your personality, you can also display your collection to bring your personal touches to the decoration. Commonly, people also have a wall gallery in their maximalist house that displays photo collections, paintings, or any other artworks. Back to the layering technique, as a whole, here are some possible layering that you can do to create a maximalist home.

  1. Color layering: The color choices of the maximalist design can be anything but mostly, people use bold colors. You can do the layering color by combining some colors in a room without worrying about being too much.
  2. Texture Layering: You can have the texture from the furniture, home accessories, or interior parts like the wall. The texture itself can be the rough ones or the soft ones.
  3. Pattern Layering: There are so many pattern choices you can take from the dots, lines, floral, geometric, etc. Create an aesthetic look by combining some of the different patterns.

With all of the possible combinations and layering applications you can make in creating a maximalist design by implementing your personal touches, you should be a little bit careful because the decoration can be overserving. The point is that you decide the concept. You will need references in making a great maximalist home design and here we have the ideas for you.

Living Room

The living room is the public room where there won’t be only you who use the room. That is why you should consider more for things that you apply there. However, it doesn’t mean that you can present your personal touches to the decoration. You can still have it but not too much. You should also think about others’ impressions when they are in the room. That is why, here you need to balance the decoration. You can do all the layering but still apply the neutral colors to balance the impression.

This living room uses dark bold colors such as blue, green, and dark purple. There are also patterns and textures applied but then balanced with the white ceiling and soft pink wall. Dark Bold Colors from @baliol.house


Look at how the yellow color makes the living room look bright and cheerful. It is then, calmed down with the warm dark blue color. To create balance, the white color is applied to the wall and ceiling. Bright Bold Color from @jordanhefler



Bedroom is your private room so that you can surely do anything there. From the color choice, pattern, and anything that you apply there, you can do it based on your personal taste and passion. However, remember that the bedroom is the place to rest and relax so that don’t make the room being overserving and distracting you while you need to have a qualified sleep or rest.

It can’t be doubted that green color is a fresh and calming color. It will be perfect for your bedroom to create such a great ambiance. You can see in this bedroom where the green color is combined with the floral wall mural that brings an adorable nature impression. Nature Green Concept from @overatno18


This room has a feminine impression with the red color as the color scheme and some patterns that represent the feminine style. There are also some varied textures that make this room layering interesting. Intimate Red Color Scheme from @bohemiandecor


Dining Room

The dining room should be intimate because it will be the room where you have the meal. The ambiance should be able to bring a grateful feeling and a warm environment. We recommend you apply the warm bold colors but if you want to have the bright ones then it will be ok. The point is that you should be able to balance the ambiance.

Yellow is a fun color but can be warm if you choose the right shade. To make it have the maximalist style impression, it is then added with the details which are in patterns and colors. The chairs are also implemented with the details and there is one chair that has a red color to make the decoration be seen as more festive. Yellow Scheme from @thatrebelhouse


You can see that this room has the layering patterns and colors in such a massive way. It will be ok in case you are living not with your parents because this kind of style won’t make them comfortable. This dining room is really funky and stylish which is great for the youngsters. Retro Design Touch from @prettypocketprojects



The kitchen is the room to make the food and there will be many appliances there. Applying a maximalist decoration style is a little bit risky but still possible. In this case, you should make sure to arrange all of the appliances and spices well so that the kitchen can be proper enough for the maximalist design.

This kitchen uses colors for the maximalist style need but gives the traditional touches to bring the warm rural living impression to make it feel warm cooking there. The texture layering and pattern layering are also being applied to bring the maximalist characteristic. Maximalist with Traditional Touch from @thefabledthread


This kitchen will be perfect for the youngsters. You can see from the colors, patterns, and the collection display on the top surface of the kitchen cabinet. Retro Modern from @prettypocketprojects



Some of us might think that the bathroom should be simple related to its space limitation. Anyway, you can surely express yourself in the bathroom too. Add your personal touch by implementing the maximalist design You can do it by applying the color layering or displaying your collection. You can even have the wall gallery there.

The wall gallery brings a feminine impression into the bathroom with the figures’ characters. The maximalist design is applied to some parts as well such as the floor, wall, and even the curtain. Bathroom Wall Gallery from @digandhang


The maximalist design technique is applied in this decoration where there are color layering and pattern layering but in a minimum proportion and in a softer choice. You can have it if you don’t want to make your small bathroom looks crowded.  Simple Maximalist Design from @househomo



the entryway is like the first room that your guests will enter and they will have their first impression in the entryway. We recommend you put your effort into decorating the entryway even when it is just a small space compared with the other rooms in the house. You can apply the maximalist decoration by applying the layering technique.

Look at how this small room can be pretty as well with the colors and patterns. there is also wall decoration which is unique and aesthetic. The rug has colors and textures that make the decoration more impressive. Entryway from @leighcodesigns


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