Bring the Beauty of Spring Into Your Home: Tips and Trick to Refresh Your Space

When talking about home design trends, there really are no rules of it and you don’t need to follow the crowd. All you need to know is ‘what style that makes you happy and works best with your lifestyle’. However, looking for new current decorating trends are also important to open your mind to some inspirations. It also helps you make the decision process earlier when you need to buy new items for your own space. To help you out, here are 5 ideas for incorporating spring home design elements into your home, no matter what your style is.

Bring The Outdoors In

Adding plants to your space can bring a sense of nature indoors. The easiest thing to do about it is by incorporating natural elements such as bring in fresh flowers, plants, natural fibers, and even indoor gardening into your home décor. Try placing a few potted plants on windowsills or in a corner of a room. Or, for an easy maintenance, terrarium never go wrong!

Adding a touch of greenery to this spring décor adds a natural touch to your home décor. Putting it on a tiered tray can give a beautiful decoration. Greenery in Tiered Tray from @farmcharmhomestead.

You can completing the bathroom decoration with tulips and hydrangeas for a natural touch to the room. Just put it in the drawer and tray for a beautiful room design. Tulips Flower and Hydrangea from @welcominghome.

This spring home decoration is complemented by pink flower accents which will give a beautiful and feminine look. These pink blooms will add the impression of a natural and fresh room. Pink Flower from @womansdaymag.

These flowers in a vase make a fresh and natural decoration for your spring kitchen design. Apply it on the kitchen table next to the window providing a perfect home decoration. Spring Flower Display from @southern.cottage.

Pink flowers in vintage Tosca pots will give you a natural and fresh spring home decoration. Simply place it on an open shelf to bring color to your room. Pink Flower from @southern.cottage.

This greenery on the kitchen windowsill adds a natural and fresh touch to the whole room. Besides greenery, you can also add lavender flowers to complete this spring kitchen decoration. Greenery Windows Sill from

This White Cherry Blossom in a vase is able to give your spring a different look. Placing it on the kitchen table will also be a beautiful room centerpiece. White Cherry Blossom from @an.interior1.

Pink tulips in this spring home decoration add a natural impression to the whole room. Place them next to the fireplace and chairs to complete the look of the room. Pink Tulips Flower from @farmtotablecreations.

Lighten Up Your Space

Another easy way is to light up the space is by letting in the pastel colors: soft pinks, yellows, blues, and floral patterns. You can also hang sheer curtains or add a sheer overlay to your existing curtains to give your space more natural light. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. This can help create a brighter and a more open space.

The choice of light gray curtains in the spring dining room is a brilliant idea for you to try. Apart from protecting from exposure to direct sunlight, this curtain also serves as a beautiful decoration. Light Gray Curtain from @vintagechicdecor.

Interesting right? Blue curtains look beautiful in your spring living room décor in your home. The creators outfitted it with some light pastel colored furniture to provide the room with the perfect contrast. Blue Curtain from @athomewithmelmel.

Having a large window equipped with white curtains is a brilliant idea for you to try. Instead protects the sun is also able to provide perfect space privacy. White Curtain Spring Dining Room from @triacustomhomes.

This spring corner is equipped with a pink blouse tie accent which will add a beautiful color to the room. Apart from the curtains, you can also complement it with pink bloom accents and pink cushions for the perfect contrast. Pink Blush Curtain from @damariscon_stilo.

The sheer white curtains on the spring living room window give the illusion of the room being bright from the sun. Combined with a matching color scheme and furnishings, it creates a clean and airy design. White Sheer Curtain from @jordanadesign.

The floor-to-ceiling windows are fitted with sheer curtains to let in the sunlight. This idea will make your living room decoration more spacious and airy. Sheer Curtain from @farmulosity.

These lace curtains complete your spring living room window look. Using this type of lace curtain while letting in sunlight will also create a trendy spring look. Lace Curtain from @mycozydecors.

Replace the Bedding

Farewell to the heavy winter bedding! Say hello to the lightweight, Spring-inspired linens. So simple but it gives a huge impact to your bedroom space. You can also create a relaxing ambiance with dimmable lighting and candles.

Using linen material will provide comfort and the appearance of your bed will look harmonious. Now you can apply it to bed sheets and pillows for extra comfort. Farmhouse Linen Bedding Set from @steele.eclectic.farmhouse.

This spring style bedding set uses linen as a base. The choice of linen material will look beautiful when combined with some warm pillows and blankets. Spring Bedding Set from @thedowntownaly.

This modern farmhouse spring bedroom uses linen which will make your bedroom décor more comfortable and inviting. The ruffle linen on this sheet will also be a beautiful bedroom decoration. Ruffle Linen Bedding Set from @levtexhome.

This bed set uses linen which will provide extra comfort throughout the room. Complete with a leaf patterned blanket, this will also strengthen the spring style in your bedroom. Linen Bedding Set from @miss.shabbychic.

The white linen ruffles in this bedding set will give you a comfortable relaxing experience. Adding some pillows and blankets will also make a cozy bedding set for you to experiment with.  White Linen Bed Set from @cottagebythecreek_.

All You Need Is Natural Material

As for the furniture or décor for your living room or any other space, try to incorporate natural materials furniture such as wood, wicker, or bamboo for a rustic touch and plus to create a connection to the outdoors. You can also incorporate unique elements like a vintage vase or a unique lamp to add character to your home. If you want to add a touch of elegance, a chandelier or a statement lighting piece will do.

PS: Adding scented candles or essential oils to freshen up the scent of your space will also do the trick!

This wooden bed frame with a classic style will strengthen the farmhouse in this bedroom. Besides that, using a wooden floor will also make the room decoration warm at night. Wooden Bed Frame from @midcounty_journal.

Apart from furniture, you can add wood elements to some of the twig ornaments on this console table. By carrying out a rustic theme, choosing recycled furniture will also save your budget. Wood Spring Ornament from @sixonoakathome.

A coffee table that uses recycled materials won’t cost much. Opting for this old wicker basket turned into a coffee table will also give your living room a touch of natural oak. Wicker Basket Coffee Table from @finishingtouchdecorbyjenny.

The antique mirror that hangs over the bathroom sink is made of recycled wood, giving it a natural touch. Besides that, the antique carving on this mirror adds a vintage impression. Antique Mirror Frame from @softserenitycandleco.

The wood finish on this nightstand has a vintage flair that will wow you when it comes to your spring bedroom décor. In addition to adding a natural touch, this table is able to store various equipment easily. Vintage Wood Nightstand from @frenchbedroom.

This two tone farmhouse style side table has a natural touch because it is made of wood. Used to put some ornaments and aromatherapy candles, it will make your room look different. Vintage Side Table from @gramsfarmhouse.

The decoration of the bedding set with a natural touch in the form of two rattan trays filled with spring ornaments captivates the eyes of everyone who comes. Putting on benches and above the bed it creates a beautiful look. Spring Wicker Tray from @frenchflairfarmhouse.

This wooden dining table set gives a natural and vintage touch to your dining room décor. Don’t forget to complete the look with some other spring ornaments for maximum results. Wooden Spring Dining Table from @mycottagefarmhousestyle.

This vintage coffee table is made of wood which is painted two colors to give it a new look. You can refit to give your living room the perfect springtime décor. Wooden Coffee Table from @curatedandcozy.

Create A Cozy Outdoor Space

Don’t forget the outside! Create a cozy outdoor living space with a patio set and outdoor lighting. Choose a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor décor such as furniture made from recycled materials. If you have enough space, add a water feature such as fountains or small ponds that can add the soothing sound of running water to your space for a calming and serene atmosphere. Or, if you like to hang out with family and friends outside, consider having an outdoor kitchens and dining areas for al fresco dining. But if it’s too much, a cozy lounging spaces and fireplace or fire pits is also a great option to choose.

Using recycled materials to decorate this outdoor spring is necessary for you to try. Here you can use a coffee table and side table from used wood to make it into beautiful and useful furniture. Wooden Coffee Table from @le_monde_de_jaia.

This comfortable outdoor spring is furnished with a dining area, fireplace and outdoor living area for spending time with the family. Don’t forget to choose durable furniture for your outdoor spring décor. Cozy Spring Outdoor from @housetohome_design.

This spring’s outdoor dining room uses wrought iron furniture painted white so it will outlast any weather. This is the best idea for you to try with your family to eat food on the terrace. Spring Dining Area from @thoughtfullyorganized.

You also need to pay attention to choosing a comfortable sitting area. Using a rattan chair complete with soft and thick pillows is a simple idea that you can try now. Rattan Furniture from @10seventeendecor.

The sitting area on the terrace uses a set of white painted wooden tables and chairs. Don’t forget to complete it with pillows and blankets to provide a comfortable and warm sitting area. Sitting Area from @ingridbrown_.

You can also add a swing seat made of wood to the terrace of the house. Don’t forget to complete it with some pillows and blankets to make it look more comfortable. Spring Wood Swing Chair from @thefinleyfarmhouse.

The last idea, adding a fireplace to the patio spring, is also worth trying. Complementing it with a comfortable and soft sitting area will make you feel at home for long. Add Fireplace Outdoor from @craftsmancourtceramics.

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