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Brighten Up Your Windowless Bathroom with These Ideas

It is great to have enough lighting and air circulation in our bathroom. However, we should accept the condition of our occupancy space which doesn’t let us have a bathroom with any window. It will let the bathroom to get lack natural lighting and air circulation. The effect of that is that your bathroom will have high humidity and be too dark and gloomy. It can’t be doubted that some of you must be struggling with that problem. No need to worry because there are still some efforts that you can do to deal with that problem. With the right techniques, your windowless bathroom will be cozy, comfortable, healthy, and not gloomy at all. Here are the tips for you.

Installing the Fit Lighting

Since it is impossible for natural light to enter the bathroom, then lighting is the most crucial thing that you should consider. There are varied lamp choices that you pick but you should make sure that you install the right one. The lamps should fit into your bathroom and have the function you intend to get. Here are some considerations of the lamp choice you should take.

1. Lighting Option

If you have a small bathroom, you can choose wall-mounted sconces or vanity lighting since those kinds of lamps won’t need any space in the bathroom. Otherwise, if you have a spacious bathroom, you can install recessed lighting to create a layered effect. Then, the pendant light will also be great to be added for a glamour impression.

2. Bulb Brightness

This one is something that you should consider for the lighting. In choosing the brightness, you should look at the space you have, when you only have a small bathroom space and install a too-bright lamp, then it will irritating for your eyes. It will be great if you can provide the dimmer switches so that you can control the brightness easily based on your need.

Bathroom lighting control dimmer switch which is super stylish under the mirror, yet very functional.⁠ This addition adds a nice look to the bathroom space as it can adjust the brightness level of the light according to taste. dimmer switches from@legrandna



3. Lighting Fixture

The lighting fixture is important to spot the space you need so that the lamp can light up the space based on the target to make it effective. You can have it face down for your vanity so that the lamp can light up the area while you do some stuff in the vanity, etc.

This lighting material for modern looking bathroom vanity can enhance personal aesthetic style. Details from minimalist lighting and a warm touch give a beautiful impression when on the bathroom vanity. lighting fixture from@_justvanity


Installing Mirror

It is something common for the mirror to be installed to give a wider effect. The good thing about it is that you can use the mirror to give extra brightness to your windowless bathroom. The mirror will reflect the light really well to make your bathroom be seen as brighter.

From the subtle chandelier to the beautiful mirror, every element blends harmoniously to create the perfect bathroom. A wide mirror display with a thin black frame makes the bathroom appear spacious when viewed. big bathroom mirror from@mrralphlighting

Applying a Light and Neutral Color Scheme

The dark color scheme that is applied to a room will make the room have a shaded impression which won’t fit your windowless bathroom. We recommend you choose a light neutral color scheme such as white, beige, light grey, or ivory.

The neutral white color scheme in the bathroom and the materials used look elegant and clean. A customized double vanity offers the benefit of also adding overall comfort and flexibility to the room. neutral color scheme bathroom from@exquisite_interiors_

Adding Some Plants

Not only to give a peaceful and fresh room impression, but the plants that are provided to the windowless bathroom will also be useful to make the bathroom seem brighter and airier. However, you should choose the right plants that will be proper enough for the windowless bathroom that you can check here.

There are several types of plants in this bathroom, Dracaena and Philodendron come in all shapes and sizes with variegated leaves or alternative splashes of color, making them great choices as indoor plants. bathroom plants from@poteydotcom

Pop of Colors

When you already apply the light neutral color to your bathroom, then you can add some pop of colors there to give an extra bright impression. For example, you can use yellow, orange, pink, etc. Apply the color to the mat, bathroom curtain, or just anywhere. Even when it is only in a small part, that will be surely worth it.

The orange color in the bathroom on this vanity looks lively and beautiful. This stunning bathroom will always feel so luxurious and timeless. Dressing table details give a fresh look to the room. pop of color wallpaper from@creativetonic

Smart Storage Solution

Don’t let your bathroom be seen as crowded. You should be able to make it as clean and sleek as possible to make the room looks brighter. You can do that by using smart storage. This is the kind of storage that has an effective design so that it looks simple but able to store many things.

Mirror cabinets are the perfect storage solution for bathrooms, giving a clean, clutter-free look that makes a statement. Modern minimalist bathrooms make use of clean, sleek fixtures and simple designs to create a relaxing space. smart storage from@inizio_atelier

Applying Open-Concept Design

The open-concept design is the bathroom design with a doorless design. It means that it is better for you not to install the door for your shower room and install a minimum room divider. This will let the lamp or the light to expose the whole room easily and make the room be seen as brighter.

The bathroom is an open concept in this way to maximize incoming light so that it remains bright, as well as the nuances in the bathroom if it is small so that it looks spacious and attractive. open concept bathroom from@alexisparentinteriors

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