37 Bright and Organized Bathroom Decoration Ideas

We’ve all heard of the benefits of a clutter-free, streamlined home. But it’s especially important in a space that sees a lot of use. One of them is your bathroom. Bathroom is a place that often used in your home. In addition to keep it clean, it’s important to get a bright and organized bathroom decoration. Whether its a large bathroom or small one, you have to make sure that your bathroom is well-organized. Therefore, you need some ideas to brighten up and organize your bathroom. There are some simple things you can do to make your bathroom feel bright and organized. From using storage baskets to incorporating color into your decor, there are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom looking stylish and tidy.

First thing first, to brighten up your bathroom, you might consider using a white color scheme for your walls, ceiling, tiles, and some pieces of furniture. These ideas are very functional if you have a small bathroom. And to organize your bathroom, baskets are an easy and affordable way to store items that may otherwise be cluttering your bathroom. They also make excellent decorative accents and are a great choice for small bathrooms because they can add an air of sophistication. Basket decor can be found in many different styles and materials, including wicker and galvanized metal. Choose baskets that blend with your bathroom’s decor style to make the room look more cohesive.

Then, floating shelves offer a sleek look to any bathroom design. They are a good way to display artwork or keep towels and other necessities organized. Labeling is a great way to help keep your bathroom tidy and organized. It also adds a bit of whimsy and fun to the space. The simplest way to do this is to purchase labels and stick them on the back of any storage containers that you use in your bathroom. These labels will help you remember where certain items are so you can find them quickly. And you can find more organizer ideas for your bathroom. Here are some ideas for you.

Tidy Organized Cabinet Bathroom

Cabinets are one of the best storages that you can maximize in limited-sized bathroom decorations. On the inside of this cabinet vanity you can add several plastic baskets to organize all the toiletries and toiletries that you have so that they look neat and orderly. Organized Cabinet Bathroom from @eversoorganized

Wall Organized Ideas

Take advantage of the empty bathroom wall to organize all the items you have in this room. This organized bathroom idea can be done easily and cheaply, just install a few open shelves that can be arranged vertically. Try to choose storage according to the color of the backsplash tiles that are used so that it still looks harmonious. Wall Organized Ideas from @home__by__eva

Under Sink Storage

When you still have space under the sink why not use it as main storage or additional storage? Yes, you can keep some clean towels in here in a neat arrangement. Add a canvas basket as additional storage that you can use and can be moved easily when needed. Under Sink Storage from @inordertosucceed

Natural Wood Standing Rack

Open storage shelves that are placed right next to this floating sink will work well. Here you can store all your toiletries and necessities within easy reach. When the bathroom is dominated by white, you can use a wooden stand with a lighter color. DIY Light Wood Rack from @home.orga

Minimalist Built-in Shelves

The white nuance that dominates the bathtub area of the bathroom is suitable for use in limited room decorations. At this time you can also use the wall as an open storage area that can be arranged vertically according to the size of the wall available. The basket is an additional container that you can place in this shelf area. Minimalist Built-in Shelves from @erin_sunnysideup

Standing Ladder Towel

Don’t leave your towels lying around in the bathroom area. At this time you can store and put it on a standing shelf made of sturdy iron. Repaint the outside of the iron with a solid black color so that the towels you hang are not dirty and smelly. Standing Ladder Towel from @artifexliving

Neat and Organized Bathroom

No need to use too much furniture in your bathroom decoration. This will make it easier for you to organize the room with simple decorating ideas that you can do yourself. DIY standing teak wood can be placed right next to your toilet and of course you can also add some wicker baskets of the same size. Neat and Organized Bathroom from @lelaburris

Container Organized with Labels

Organized bathrooms can be started from proper storage procedures. For example, you can use several white plastic containers as storage ideas that can be neatly arranged in the under sink area. It’s not enough to get here, also add labels on the outer surface of the basket to make it easier for you to find the items you needContainer Organized with Labels from @maisonhaven

Different Size Wall Organized

Built-in wall storage will help you when organizing a bathroom with limited space. Make several wall storages with different sizes and shapes to make them more varied. Adding a light wood shelf is the best choice that can be applied to a corner of a room with a vertical arrangement that is easy to work with. Different Size Wall Organized from

Small Bathroom Organized

Arrange the layout in your small bathroom so that it looks neat so it won’t feel cramped. The use of storage is very important in this small bathroom, you can install a storage box right above the lid and also provide a basket for dirty clothes in the corner of the bathroom to reduce the mess in it. Small Bathroom Organized from @three.pines.organizing

Partition Drawer Organized

You can also complete the storage drawer under the sink with a partition, this will make it easier to separate items according to their type and function. Use partitions made of transparent acrylic so that the drawers still look wide, so your bathroom will look tidier. Partition Drawer Organized from @homeguru_

Transparant Glass Shelves Ideas

To fill the empty space on the bathroom wall, you can just install a shelf as a place to store tissues or other decorations. Try using transparent glass shelves so your bathroom doesn’t look cramped, these transparent glass shelves won’t block the light so your bathroom will still look bright. Transparent Glass Shelves Ideas from @smallishhome

Kids Bathroom Organized


Teach your child to be able to live neatly from an early age, one of the right ways is to provide lots of storage in the child’s toilet. Install a cabinet that uses pull-out drawers to make it easier for your child to open and store items used. You can also use open shelves that are attached to the side of the cabinet to place equipment that your child often uses. Kids Bathroom Organized from @hbdesigninc

Make the Most of Walls

Don’t let your bathroom wall look empty, use it as storage. You can install various kinds of storage on the bathroom wall, for example a towel hanger that has been used stainless and also a stainless shelf as a place to store unused towels that are mounted slightly higher above this towel rail. Make the Most of Walls from @splashshowrooms

Right Furniture Layout

Make sure you arrange the layout of the furniture correctly, don’t let arbitrary installation of furniture make the appearance of your bathroom look cramped. Place a sink complete with a mirror right in front of the closet where there is still some free space left, this aims to maximize the remaining space in the bathroom. Right Furniture Layout from @maddiy.martini

Monochromatic Vibes

The choice of bathroom color is also very important, to match the theme of a monochromatic bathroom, the use of the right organized one really needs to be done. Black walls will match more if you use white open shelves, these open shelves will also help you avoid clutter in the bathroom. Monochromatic Vibes from @azhouseoforder

Tray Make Up Organized

If you have a lot of make up, you should use organized so it doesn’t look messy. Use a tray for storage of this make-up, so that it can hold a lot of make-up you can use a stacking tray. Choose an organized makeup tray made of acrylic to make it look luxurious and not break easily like glass. Tray Make Up Organized from @sonyameares

Under Sink Storage with Container

Take advantage of the empty space at the bottom of the sink to be used as additional storage in your bathroom. To make it tidier and make it easier for you to find the items you are going to use, use a plastic container, with this plastic container you can separate items according to function and type. Under Sink Storage with Plastic Container from @sonyameares

Shower Organizer

Because this shower room decoration has limited space, you can install and use soap storage baskets. For example, you can use a vertical basket corner made of iron which is sturdy and doesn’t rust easily when used for quite a long time. Shower Organizer from @tldboston

Fold your Towels Fancy

So that it can be used as a room statement, you can fold towels in a unique and luxurious way and then hang them on the wall which is equipped with wall shelves. Arrange all your make up on a tiered tray for an organized countertop decoration that gives a neat final look. Fold your Towels Fancy from @slyinspireme

Minimalist Bathroom

To create a minimalist bathroom decoration, you don’t need to use too much interior so you can move freely. Don’t end here, don’t use the floor area for storage. Now you can install DIY wooden shelves with sturdy metal supports. Use Bathroom Interior Moderately from @simplysamorganized

Hook Organized Ideas

Of course, you will need an area to hang wet towels that have been used in the shower. Just hang it on the wall by using a stainless steel hook that can be attached to the wall parallel to it so it looks neater. Stainless Steel Hook from @spaceinyourplaceorganizing

Open Space Bathroom Decor

The decoration of the open bathroom which is equipped with a glass wall shower room is a room that will often be used for bathing or brushing teeth. Therefore you can make this bathroom as comfortable as possible with an open decoration that is very well maintained so that it is clean every time it is used. Open Space Bathroom Organized from @waynehymerinc

Multifunctional Mini Bench

When entering the shower room area, of course you will need a towel to dry your body. Prepare storage that is easy to reach, for example, you can put a small bench equipped with storage underneath to be used as an area to store some dry towels. Multifunctional Wooden Bench from @seacoast_abode

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Applying modern and minimalist decorations simultaneously into this bathroom can be dominated by selected marble materials that have splashes of white. Combine with a mini vanity that has been painted in gray for an elegant color combination that will never fail. Modern Minimalist Bathroom from @by.maria.kurmasheva

Bright Summer Wallpaper Display

Look at the installation of wallpaper on the backsplash of this bathroom, doesn’t it produce bright colors that you can try right now. Yes, all of these colors are perfect for a fun summery touch. In the same room you can use a colorful doormat together with a pretty pastel colored vanity. Summer Vibes Bright Bathroom from @luxurybathforless

Square Shaped Bathroom

The square shaped bedroom which is perfected with the use of modern interiors makes the final appearance of the room elegant and will never go out of style. Clean lines with the use of built-in wall shelves and floating toilets will work well together. Square Shaped Bathroom from @tona_bath

Organized Countertop

Do not leave your soap supplies scattered on the countertop vanity. Now you can use a reclaimed wood tray to store all of these soap bottles neatly. Avoid storing soap in its packaging, now you can transfer it to the bottle you already have so it’s more organized. Organized Countertop from @pinewoodinterior

Scandinavian Bathroom

The combination of white and wood that dominates the bathroom decor is an important part of instantly presenting a Scandinavian touch. You can use white to cover the entire interior of this room, while wood color can be applied to a small bench that is placed right next to the bathtub. Scandinavian Bathroom Decor from @pinewoodinterior

Brass Touch Bathroom

A touch of brass in this white bathroom decor can be used as the focal point of the room. You can try this brass color by using a shower pole with plain white ceramic subway tiles. These two colors will work well together for a modern décor that will never go out of style. Brass Touch Design from @claire.moran.designs

Double LED Mirror Design

Use the right lighting in your modern bathroom decor. For example, you can take advantage of the use of LED mirrors as additional lighting that can be used during the day or night. Hanging ball pendant lamps are the main lighting that can be used simultaneously. LED Double Mirror Bathroom from @moje.projekty

Vintage Look Arched Shelves

Look at the design of the arched shelves in the corner of the room which is repainted in white, doesn’t it look unique and attract attention? Yes, you can add a wooden chair enhanced with carvings for an instant vintage touch. In this way the bathroom decoration will look neat and orderly. Vintage Look Arched Shelves from @nestingat146

White Themed Tile Bathroom Decor

Organize and decorate small bathroom areas using ceramic tiles that can be applied evenly to all parts of the wall. The use of this tile will reflect light throughout the room to the fullest. The use of white also makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. White Themed Ceramic Tile Bathroom from @omvivo

Geometric Tile Shower Room Decor

The use of geometric tiles with a touch of white will certainly give a bright impression to the bathroom instantly. The tile pattern that is used also looks more attractive and not too plain, you can try it together with a glass shower door with an iron frame that has been painted in solid black so that it presents an instant monochromatic touch. Geometric Tile Shower Room from @savannahs_home_and_design

Transparant Glass Divider

Use a door as well as a wet floor divider and dry floor in your bathroom decoration with transparent glass. This will make the room look more open. Try to choose a glass material with a thickness that is good enough so that it does not break easily when used for a long time. Take care of it too to keep it looking clean and shiny. Transparent Glass Shower Room from @heyabigailwilliams

Add Indoor Plants at the Corner


There’s nothing wrong with adding indoor plants to your monochromatic bathroom decor. It will add color to the room instantly. So as not to disturb your space for movement, just place these tropical plants in the corner of the room using a pot that is large enough to get these plants in your backyard garden easily. Add Indoor Plant from @home.full.of.changes

Combination of Metallic with Plain White Color

The combination of metallic colors with white in this modern bathroom decoration gives the room a brighter, cleaner and shiny look. The use of metallic tiles that are exposed to the reflection of this light will look more shiny. Perfect it by using the right lighting to produce a comfortable and peaceful bathroom decoration. Metallic Color Combination with Plain White from @mo_wiecej_niz_wnetrza

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