Biophilic: The Six Elements That You Need To Know

The term “biophilia” may initially sound unfamiliar, but it refers to the “love of life,” specifically encompassing an affection for all life forms in nature, such as plants, trees, fish, birds, fungi, and insects. Biophilic interior design seeks to integrate these natural elements as much as possible into human-made spaces, like homes and office buildings. Biophilic design involves various components, such as open architecture, natural lighting, live plants, natural materials, earthy colors, and patterns with natural motifs.

One of the major reasons why biophilic design is gaining popularity is due to its associated health benefits. It is widely known that adding plants to modern offices can lead to concrete health advantages. According to CIPHR and a compilation of studies, such benefits may include reduced stress levels, increased productivity, lower sick days and absenteeism, enhanced attractiveness for job candidates, reduced pollution and cleaner air, lower noise levels, and a boost in creativity. What is significant is that incorporating natural elements into design can bring actual health benefits to employees in a workplace. It is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal; adding a few plants can also purify the air, enhance productivity, and lower stress levels.

Shepley and Bulfinch identify six elements of biophilic design:

The Natural Environment

Biophilic design incorporates various natural elements into the built environment to enhance people’s connection with nature. Some examples of natural elements commonly used in biophilic design include plants, water features, natural light, wood, stone, and organic textures. The goal is to create a more harmonious and relaxing space that promotes physical and mental well-being.

This biophilic-themed dining room has a natural touch. Use this wooden dining table set to balance the look. Dining Room Biophilic from @emilywheeler.interiors
Some of these wooden furniture will balance the look of your biophilic dining room. Using this wooden dining table set gives an attractive appearance. Wood Furniture Biophilic from @the_here_home
This bamboo ceiling and wooden dining table set will balance the biophilic style of your home. This idea gives a natural and rustic look to your entire home. Bamboo Ceiling from @biophilic.architecture
Wood accents stick with the theme of this biophilic house. You can apply it to the walls, ceiling and railings of the house. The incoming sunlight will also give the illusion of a large space. Wood Biophilic Home from @greenitecture
This bathroom carries a biophilic theme. Using wood accents and large windows allows sunlight to enter the house and makes your home brighter and brighter. Biophilic Bathroom from @greenitecture
This biophilic wooden kitchen is able to create an elegant and luxurious impression. Wood accents combined with this black color have a fierce and charming look. Wood Kitchen Biophilic from @design_layer


Natural Shapes

Natural shapes are a common feature of biophilic design, as they help to evoke the organic patterns found in nature. Curves, circles, and other soft, flowing shapes are often incorporated into biophilic design elements such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and architectural features. These shapes can help to create a more soothing and calming environment that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. In addition, natural shapes can help to create a sense of movement and flow, which can be especially effective in spaces where people are moving around or engaging in physical activity.

This herringbone shape console table provides an attractive appearance for you to try. Made of oak wood, it will give the impression of a natural and rustic room. Herringbone Console Table from @woodenbeesa
Having furniture with this curved shape will create a natural shape for your biophilic home. Some wood accents on the furniture and greenery complete the look of your biophilic living room. Natural Shape Biophilic from @expatreno
This curved coffee table gives a touch of natural shape. Glass countertops will also give it a new look. Curved Coffee Table from @rlaxerinteriors
This dining room with curved furniture provides an interesting biophilic home design for you to try. Some of these green plants will also look cool and fresh. Curved Dining Table from @coco.atelier

Natural Patterns

Biophilic design often incorporates natural patterns to create a more visually appealing and calming environment. These patterns may include things like the grain of wood, the texture of stone, or the veins in a leaf. They may also include more complex patterns such as fractals, which are repetitive patterns found in natural phenomena like seashells or snowflakes.

This biophilic nature wall adds a natural texture to your living room decor. This curved sofa will also give the room the perfect living look. Nature Wall Biophilic from @hometodo
This biophilic wall art frame is the perfect centerpiece for your home. Hanging on the dining room wall will look more perfect. Wall Art Frame Biophilic from @ninfastudio_com
These two living frames give a charming home look and can be the perfect centerpiece. hang it in the living room design for a charming home design. DIY Wall Art Biophilic from @ninfastudio_com
This biophilic wall art gives a captivating look for you to try. Its simple shape will also give a charming appearance. Biophilic Wall Art from @biophilicartwork
This biophilic living wall art adds the perfect wall look. this shabby wooden frame gives off a rustic look. Living Wall Art Biophilic from @r_magazine
The living wall in this staircase is able to provide a perfect appearance for you to try. Using this moss will also create a perfect look. Living Wall from @biophilicdesigns


Natural Lights

Natural lighting is an essential element of biophilic design, as it can have a significant impact on people’s mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Biophilic design seeks to incorporate natural light into indoor spaces whenever possible, by maximizing access to daylight and reducing the need for artificial lighting. One way to incorporate natural light into biophilic design is through the use of large windows, skylights, or other architectural features that allow daylight to enter the space. Another approach is to use materials that reflect or diffuse natural light, such as light-colored walls or surfaces.

The large windows of this color blend with the white color scheme throughout the room to give it a spacious look. This window also lets sunlight into your home. Biophilic Windows with White Color Scheme from @tomhowleykitchens
Large windows applied throughout your biophilic living room will give it the perfect look. This window lets sunlight into this room. Large Windows from @whytile
In this biophilic living room you can add skylights which will let sunlight into this space. green plants in a vase will also give a natural impression to the whole space. Skylight Biophilic from @jenniferconnelldesign
The large window combined with the sheer curtains gives a unique look for you to try. This window gives the illusion of perfect space and the impression of a large space. Large Windows and Sheer Curtain from @luxdeco
The large windows in this biophilic home make for an interesting home decoration for you to try. This gives the illusion of a large and airy space to the whole house. Windows Wall from @douglas_wright_architects


When discussing natural design, it’s important to consider the inclusion of plants. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to transform your office into a lush jungle. You can simply incorporate natural plants, images, or colors to establish a connection between the office and the natural world. The goal is to create a harmonious relationship between the indoor environment and the natural elements it includes.

This large potted fig tree makes for a cool and fresh biophilic home decor. you can apply it in the corner of the room to create the perfect center of attention. Large Fig Tree from @interioraffairscanada
In this biophilic bedroom, you can add some green plants that are planted in pots. Placing it wherever you like will give a charming home design. Several Greenery from @abosmadesign
In this biophilic bench house, you can add a large tree in the middle of the roundabout. This green tree will give a cool and fresh look. Large Tree from @crwdesign
This large Japanese tree applied to this biophilic home adds a fresh and cool look to your entire home. This tree will also be the perfect centerpiece. Japanese Large Tree from @crwdesign
Green plants applied to a biophilic living room will present a cool and fresh design. Choosing this low maintenance plant will also give it the perfect look. Several Greenery from
This bathroom wall living gives the impression of a perfect room. You can use low-maintenance greenery for the perfect bathroom design. Living Wall Bathroom from @tendliving
Vines will give a natural and fresh touch to your biophilic home. In addition, you can add low-maintenance greenery to give it the perfect look. Vines Greenery from @coco.atelier


The human-nature relationship

The last aspect of biophilic design is centered on re-establishing the connection between humans and nature, which has been present for thousands of years. Biophilic design integrates all of the previous elements to create an office environment that emphasizes various themes such as order, safety, complexity, curiosity, mastery, control, affection, exploration, discovery, and awe. By keeping these themes in mind, it’s possible to seamlessly combine contemporary and classic design elements.


Back to nature is the concept of this biophilic house. You can use large tree accents, sunshine and wooden furniture that will make the look charming. Nature Human Biophilic from @skalamaximagriya
Get back to nature in this biophilic home with a unique and stylish look. the big tree that grows inside this house makes an attractive appearance and steals the eye. Back To Nature from @biofiliaepaisagismo
Stone and greenery accents in the design of this house are able to give a unique look. You can add some plants on the walls and in pots for a fresh and natural impression. Stone and Greenery Accent from @plantstoreireland



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