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The Biggest Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designers often notice a few decorating mistakes when they enter their clients’ bedrooms. These mistakes may include ignoring clutter and failing to address mood lighting, which can significantly affect the overall look and feel of the room. To help you avoid these mistakes, we asked some of the top interior designers in the industry to share their professional tips for bedroom design. Keep reading below to learn more about how to redecorate your bedroom like a pro.

Avoid Going Overboard with Colors

It’s best to reserve bright colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges for other rooms in the house, as they can be too stimulating and detract from the calming atmosphere you want to achieve in the bedroom. Instead, opt for muted shades of your favorite colors, such as mauve instead of eggplant or pumpkin instead of tangerine.

The selection of pastel colors on the walls of this bedroom will give a calm and warm impression to the whole room. The green color is also able to give the appearance of a cool home. Green Pastel Color Wall from @renovationqueenlife

The light gray color is also able to give the impression of a cool and warm room that you can try in this bedroom. These shabby pink curtains will also balance the look of your bedroom. Light Gray Wall Color from @macainterior

Pay Attention to the Ceiling As Well

Avoid having a plain and uninteresting ceiling to stare at while lying in bed. Consider painting it with a bold color that can make the ceiling appear lower and create a cozy and intimate ambiance in the room. Alternatively, painting the ceiling with a slightly lighter shade of the wall color can also be an option.

Adding color to this ceiling will also brighten up your bedroom. The use of dark gray combined with white walls will also succeed in creating a bright bedroom design. Dark Grey Ceiling Paint from @raquelmillikin

The black ceiling, complete with a floral pattern, manages to give the bedroom an interesting look to stare at while lying in bed. These white notes will also balance the look of this bedroom. Black Floral Ceiling Bedroom from @maxine.ypm

The striped ceiling accents in green and white successfully give the bedroom a lovely look to look at while lying in bed. This design makes the ceiling appear lower and creates a comfortable and intimate atmosphere in the room. Striped Paint Ceiling Paint from @cwlifebydesign

Avoid Neglecting Storage Options

When thinking of a personal haven, do you imagine a room cluttered with stacks of newspapers and overstuffed drawers? Most likely not. A cluttered bedroom can cause stress, so it’s important to keep it organized and clutter-free. To achieve this, sufficient storage is crucial. Having designated storage spaces can promote a sense of peace and tidiness, so try to incorporate concealed storage options wherever possible.

Avoid a messy bedroom display. With this idea you can add open cabinet storage in the corner of the house which is used to store various ornaments or a collection of books. Open Shelf Storage from @kaashtham_

Built-in storage on the headboard can provide a neat bedroom design. You can use this storage to store various collections of books and ornaments to produce attractive designs. Built-in Headboard Storage from @maisonsdumondeuk

Having a designated storage space can promote a sense of peace and order. You can use a nightstand complete with drawers to easily reach various ornaments and books. Nightstand Storage from @schumacher_gulfcoast

Do Not Overlook the Foot of the Bed

If you require additional storage, consider using a trunk or storage bench instead of a small settee or bench at the foot of the bed. They can be useful for hiding extra bedding and throw pillows when not in use.

If you require additional storage, consider using a trunk or storage bench instead of a small settee or bench at the foot of the bed. They can be useful for hiding extra bedding and throw pillows when not in use. Small Bench Storage from @furniturecart

A bench placed at the bottom of the bed can serve as additional storage and seating at the same time. They can be useful for hiding extra beds and throwing pillows when not in use. Bedroom Bench Storage from @sculptdesignstudio

Utilizing Under-Bed Storage Space

If purchasing new furniture or renovating the closet is not currently feasible due to budget constraints, consider utilizing storage boxes that can be easily slid under the bed and concealed by a dust ruffle.

Storage drawers at the bottom of the bed will also make it easier for you to store various blankets or items while in this bedroom. Choosing a bed set made of wood will also look sturdier and will produce a perfect home design. Drawer Under Bed from @furniturecart

A bed that has storage space at the bottom will make it easier for you to store various furniture there. The way to find this storage is enough to raise the bed so you will find storage in this bedroom. Storage Under Bed from @furniturepick

Don’t Overcrowd It

Filling up the bedroom with too much furniture or accessories can create an obstacle course and hinder the tranquil atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. It’s better to keep the bedroom simple and serene. Strive for a beautifully restful, subtly sophisticated, and elegantly understated look.

Having this minimalist bedroom design can create obstacles and get in the way of the calm atmosphere you want to achieve. Just adding some furniture is enough for this minimalist bedroom idea. Simple Bedroom from @corcoranperryco

This bedroom with a white color scheme in a minimalist style manages to give an attractive look. This idea is able to keep the bedroom simple and calm. The white color scheme is also able to make the room look cleaner and more spacious. Minimalist Bedroom from @minimal_arts_inc

Indulge in Luxurious Linens

The bedroom should be a haven of comfort and pleasure, more than any other room in your home. Since we spend so much time sleeping, why not make it a luxurious experience? Elevate your bedding with soft, inviting fabrics: layer your bed with plush pillows, high-quality sheets, warm blankets, and irresistible throws that entice you to sink in and relax at the end of the day.

This soft bed set offers extra comfort in your bedroom. Using this linen material gives a warm touch and a luxurious look. Like the picture above, you can use quilted blankets made of linen and knit to produce a comfortable bed set design. Linen Bedding Set from @kwstudiokwstudio

Don’t Forget a Cozy Sitting Spot

If you have the space in your bedroom, treat yourself to a peaceful spot where you can read, relax, or enjoy your morning tea while gazing out the window. A comfortable armchair and footrest, accompanied by a small table and reading lamp, are perfect for creating a cozy reading or sitting area. Simply tuck them into an unused corner or at the foot of your bed.

This curved sofa complete with coffee table provides a relaxing sitting area in your bedroom. Placing the corner of the room near the window also offers a comfortable and warm bedroom design. Cozy Seating Area from @styledprettydesign

You can add a sitting area next to the bed. This sitting area is perfect for creating a comfortable reading or seating area. Choosing a soft sofa complete with a coffee table will also successfully complete the look of your bedroom. Sitting Area Bedroom from @tollbrothers

Consider a Well-Planned Lighting Scheme

A bright overhead light can create harsh shadows and make it difficult to see properly. To avoid this, use multiple light sources throughout the room. In a bedroom, you need general lighting to illuminate the entire space, task lighting for reading and other activities, and accent lighting to add ambiance and coziness. Use wall sconces, torchieres, or art lights to create an inviting atmosphere.

This LED ceiling light emits a warm yellow light that creates a captivating and dramatic ambiance, enhancing the room’s overall appeal. LED Celing Light from @baharbd33

In the bedroom, you need general lighting to illuminate the entire room. These wall lights and ceiling lights are able to create a dramatic look with yellow lighting throughout the house. Wall Light Bedroom from

Don’t Over-Accessorize

In the bedroom, it is best to avoid overcrowding the space with too many decorative items. Select accessories carefully and consider how they complement the room’s style and theme. One striking piece of art and a few understated accents can be sufficient to enhance the overall look of the room.

In this bedroom, you can add gold-framed wall art that hangs on the bedroom wall to give an attractive design. Using two art frames will enhance the overall look of the room. Wall Art Frame from @floraandfont

Wall paintings that are hung on the walls of the room are able to steal the attention of everyone who comes. You only need to use one painting to avoid a crowded space. Wall Painting Bedroom from @bluebuild

Don’t Neglect Your Window Curtain

To avoid being woken up too early by the sun or light creeping in around poorly-sized shades, designers suggest using curtains or shades with blackout linings or thicker, opaque fabrics that can be opened when you want natural light. If you prefer gauzy curtains, pair them with opaque roller blinds that can be closed at night for privacy and to block morning light.

You can apply curtains in the bedroom to reduce sunlight entering the bedroom. Using blinds can also make a difference. Blinds and Linen Curtain from @realtorstoolbox

These tall curtains from floor to ceiling offer the illusion of a wide and tall space in. Choose a linen curtain that has a thick material and is able to make this home design more attractive for you to apply. High To Ceiling Curtain from @bedrooms_of_insta

The selection of linen material for curtains is the best idea for decorating your bedroom. Having thick materials and colors that blend with the walls will also give you a chic farmhouse bedroom design. Linen Curtain from @hunkerhome


Mirrors are not only useful for getting ready in the morning, but they can also make your space look larger, which is particularly beneficial when decorating a small bedroom. They reflect light and brighten up your room while also making a significant decorative impact.

The mirror will give the illusion of a large and bright space in bedroom. Choose a frameless standing mirror will give an attractive design to your space. Standing Mirror Bedroom from @the_brannans

Placing a gold-framed mirror with a curved design can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. In addition to adding a significant decorative element, this mirror can also contribute to brightening up your space. Curved Mirror Wall from @actonrumbleinteriors

Lastly, by hanging this asymmetrical mirror on your bedroom wall, you can not only add a significant decorative element but also brighten up the room. This idea will also give your walls a unique look, making the mirror the focal point of your bedroom. Assymetric Mirror Bedroom from @klk.interiors

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