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10+ Bathroom Remodel Ideas Based On 7 Types Of Bathroom Layout

Planning the layout of your bathroom is not an easy task to do, especially if you wanted to remodel your old one. Depending on the scale and shape of your bathroom layout, there are going to be numerous factors to consider. Measure your bathroom and considering the layout and the size is the key to achieve it. This will help you understand what layout options that are possible and what fixtures will fit comfortably to your space. Discover the best layouts of your own that will soothe you after a long day below!

Full Bathroom

There are 4 components in the bathroom: toilet, sink, shower and bathtub. And when those four components are combined, it is considered to be a full bathroom. Most homes will have at least one full bathroom. A full bathroom is versatile and valuable, packing many functions into a relatively small space, but it is also perfect for large space.

Remodeling a bathroom with a full bathroom design theme is the perfect idea. Now you can replace old sinks with floating sinks so that they will present a more modern look. Not only that, here you can also provide more space to add a bathtub and storage ideas in your bathroom. The idea of remodeling a bathroom based on this layout looks perfect for those of you who have a large enough space. Floating Shelves and Sink from @ahrensburgerglasbau.

Currently remodeling a bathroom with a full bathroom design will be the perfect choice. Use the wall space to place the vanity so it will look more organized. Here you can also use a glass divider to limit the shower room and other areas. As a result, your current bathroom design will look more organized. Modern Style from @lime_showrooms.

Take a look at the results of this full bathroom remodel! The owner uses the letter L design so that it will save space. Using two sinks at once that have a wall-mounted design won’t be a problem in this one bathroom. A toilet with a floating design will give a more modern look and many people like this type of bathroom. Not only that, the combination of white, wood and black makes this bathroom look extraordinary. Letter L Bathroom Layouts from @wizualizacjegizycko.

Increasing home values and improving lifestyles, Bathroom renovations enhance the design of the home, adding a modern vibe and comfort. A full bathroom featuring a sink, toilet, bathtub and vanity will make your activities easier in the bathroom. Not only that, the owner also used a glass divider and added a shower room in this bathroom so that your full bathroom design is perfect. Marble Interior from @gc_tilingandflooring.

You can remodel your bathroom with a full bathroom design to make your activities easier. A sink that is designed and placed against this wall will leave a wider space for movement. Place the toilet next to the sink and bathtub next to the toilet so that it will make your full bathroom look more organized. White nuances and rich lighting will make this full bathroom remodel perfect and extraordinary. White Bathroom Interior from @carringtonhomeskelowna.

Half Bathroom or powder room

Half-baths are more brief and limited use by visitors. They will use it to wash up without entering the bedroom areas, giving the homeowner additional privacy. Powder room contains of toilet and sink. Depending on where these two fixtures are positioned in the space, you might be looking for a space with either a linear, single wall or split design plan.

This powder room type bathroom is very simple and still functions properly. With a fairly narrow room, placing the sink and toilet side by side is the right solution. Use a mirror that is not too big and not too small for this one bathroom design so it doesn’t look excessive. Here you can also add wallpaper to present a more lively and lively appearance. Adjoining Sink and Toilet  from @bamboodesigngta.

In renovating a bathroom with a powder room design, you can only display the sink and toilet. Place a small vanity next to the toilet so it will look tidier and more orderly. You can use the wall space to install a mirror and some wall decorations, the result will look prettier but not excessive. The tissue holder on the side wall of the toilet will be very easy to access and is suitable for powder room designs because it saves space. Small Vanity Beside the Toilet  from @johnstonparkeinteriors.

You can use the powder room layout for your bathroom remodel ideas to make it simpler but still function properly. Place the sink and toilet against the wall to leave more space for movement. The appearance of furniture with shades of white is perfect in this bathroom so it will present a clean appearance. You can also equip it with the right lighting so that it will facilitate your activities. Light Grey Wall Painted from @novationmiami_floorandpaint.

One of the best things about powder rooms is that there’s no moisture left from the shower or tub, which means you can shop from any home decor department you like. I have a tight space problem because of that this powder room is the perfect choice because it only features a sink and toilet. Using a floating furniture design will present a more modern look. Floating Furniture from @_domus.vivendi.

The black and white look in this powder room decoration will present a beautiful and special monochromatic look. Professional staff install sinks and toilets against the wall so that they will leave adequate space for movement. Mirrors and lighting on the walls will make your bathroom look more perfect. So the renovation with the powder room theme is really fun. Black and White Powder Room from @bricksandoak.

Master Bathroom

This type of bathroom is typically connected to a master bedroom and is usually larger in size than other bathrooms in the home. It may include a double vanity, separate shower and bathtub, and a large walk-in closet. Master bathroom is typically the biggest and most private bathroom is a house and it can be found attached to the master bedroom. Many master bathroom consist of maximum relaxation such as sauna or steam shower, double vanities with sinks and mirror, whirlpool tub with soothing jets, linen storage, or even semi-enclosed toilet for maximum privacy.

This bathroom is quite large in size so that it has very sufficient space for movement. Inside there is a sink, vanity, bathtub and several storage ideas. Placing the bathtub in the middle will not be a problem for this type of bathroom because it has a large space. Then you can place the sink against the wall so that it will make it more organized. Perfect Lighting from @usathomes.

This master bathroom has a large shower room which is equipped with a frameless glass door. The bathtub in this bathroom area will make your bathroom more perfect. This floor to ceiling glass door will make your master bathroom more perfect. Because it will allow direct sunlight to enter and make this bathroom healthier than the others. Frameless Glass Shower from @glass.panel.

Placing the shower room in the corner of this bathroom will give the rest of the space a wider area making it very comfortable. Then you can place the sink, bathtub and vanity in a row to make it look tidier and easier to access. Complete this master bathroom remodel with lighting that embodies so that this bathroom can function properly. Not only about the layout, you can also repaint the walls with a white theme to make it look cleaner and brighter. Corner Glass Shower Room from @sullivaninteriordesign.

You can change your bathroom based on the type of master bathroom so that it will make your activities easier. Currently using a wall cabinet and vanity is the perfect idea that leaves a wider roar of motion. Placing the bathtub next to the window will look tidier and make it more comfortable. So the idea of remodeling a bathroom with this type of master bathroom is extraordinary. Wall Cabinet and Vanity from @ryansmithbuilders.

This bathroom was remodeled based on a master bathroom type layout. This type of bathroom features a bathtub. shower room, vanity and sink. At this time you can place bathroom furniture by sticking it to the wall so that it will make it look more orderly. The owner added the idea of lighting in the bathroom that is displayed on the walls and ceiling so that it will make this bathroom extraordinary. Wooden Accent from @magsinteriors.

Quarter Bathroom

Quarter bathroom, or often called utility closets or utility showers is a small room that contains either a shower stall or a toilet. This bathrooms are sometimes found in the basement or lower levels of home. It is frequent in unfinished basements or workshops where the bathroom’s primary function is to meet a single need.

Here you can use built in shelves for storage ideas so that it is more practical, easy to access and doesn’t take up much space. You can make this bathroom layout more regular. Place the vanity, toilet and shower room in close proximity so that it will be more perfect. You will never fail to renovate a bathroom with this type. Built in Shelves from @arq.marianajeronimo.

This bathroom renovation with the Quarter bathroom type features vanity, shower room and practical storage ideas. Floating shelves on the wall will be a practical storage idea and your bathroom layout will look tidier. This metal frame glass divider that seals between the shower room and the sink area will make your bathroom cozier and more organized. Vanity side the Shower Room from @inspi___deco.

Installing built-in shelves on the wall is the right choice for this bathroom storage remodel. The position of the sink and toilet which is right in front of the shelves will make it easier for you to access the shelves when you are in the sink or toilet area. This bathroom also places the shower room at the very end so that it will keep the water in the shower room area and not hit other areas. Wall Shelves from @home_gld.

Are you decorating the bathroom? If so, you can use the Quarter Bathroom layout. Here you can display the vanity, toilet and shower room. Place all three in a strategic place to create comfort. You can place the shower room at the very end so that it will leave enough space for movement. Then use a floating design to display the vanity and toilet and it will look perfect. Floating Vanity and Toilet from @goralka.home.

Use the quarter bathroom type for bathroom renovation ideas in your home. The wall is a strategic place to place the vanity so it will leave some wiggle room in other corners and make it easier to access. Then you can place the sink at the end so it doesn’t interfere with the space for movement in this bathroom area. Glass doors will make this bathroom look more spacious. White Marble and Glass Interior from @ilovedasmod.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack & Jill bathroom is positioned between two bedrooms and has two doors through which it can be entered from either bedroom. These bathrooms can feature one or two sinks, and include a tub or shower and a toilet. This type of bathroom layout allows for easy access for multiple people and provides privacy for each person using the bathroom. The design of Jack and Jill bathroom can vary from home to home, but the most common is that it contains two sinks and a shared shower or bathtub. Some of these bathrooms also have a shared toilet room.

This bathroom places the vanity in the corner of the room near the window so it won’t interfere with access from the bedroom to the bathroom. The large glass window in the bathroom area will provide perfect natural lighting and make your bathroom healthier. Quite simple, but bathroom renovation with this type of layout is perfect for you to apply to your home. Painted Vanity from @wahltowalldesign.

This bathroom makeover emphasizes the right layout. Currently you can place the sink right next to the door, so that it will be easier for you to access it. This sink is also designed to be attached to the wall so that it will give the impression of a wider space. The combination of black and white in this bathroom will present a beautiful monochromatic appearance. Sink on the Wall from @marticheruse3d.

You can use a jack and jill bathroom layout to remodel the bathroom in your home. The simplest way you can do this is to place the sink in a strategic place. Here you can place this sink against the wall so that it is tidier and more orderly. This sink is also next to the door, consequently making it easier for you to access this one bathroom. Slim vanity on the Wall from @imakeitpretty.

The layout is one of the things that you should pay attention to in this bathroom remodel. Now you can remodel a bathroom with a jack and jill type bathroom layout. Placing a vanity against the wall will make this bathroom tidier and more organized. Equipped with a mirror on the wall will give a more attractive appearance and make your bathroom renovation more perfect. Marble Wallpaper from @michellewenitskyinteriordesign.

Take a look at the results of the bathroom renovation with the jack and jill bathroom type. The floating sink and bathtub which are in opposite positions will not interfere with access to the road in this bathroom. Not only that, this layout will also make it easier for you to access it and more freely. The owner also completes it with a carpet that is displayed on the floor and lights on the ceiling so that it will make it very perfect and very comfortable. Opposite Bathtub and Sink from @turningthepagemansion.

Split Bathroom

A split bathroom, also known as a divided bathroom or “His and Hers” bathroom, is a type of bathroom layout that separates the toilet and shower/bathtub areas for increased privacy. This type of layout is often found in homes with multiple occupants or in master bathrooms. One side of the bathroom typically contains the toilet and sink, while the other side contains the shower or bathtub. This separation allows for multiple people to use the bathroom at the same time without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

In some cases, this bathroom layout may also include a shared vanity area with double sinks that allows for both individuals to have their own sink and mirror while still maintaining a sense of privacy and separate space. This type of layout is very useful in larger master bedrooms where the bathroom is also part of the bedroom and it provides a good privacy solution while not compromising on space.

The layout of this bathroom is equipped with a wooden divider to separate the sink and toilet. The advantage of using this type of bathroom layout is that it creates complete privacy. Not only that, this bathroom can also be accessed by two people at once with different interests and this bathroom also looks more organized. Wooden Divider from @four_walls_and_me.

Check out this bathroom renovation! The owner added a divider to separate the bathtub and toilet areas. This bathroom layout idea will make this bathroom more organized and can function optimally. This bathroom is also equipped with other accessories such as carpet, curtain and coat hook which are in the right place so that this bathroom looks extraordinary. Curtain Divider from @camitidbits.

The owner renovated this bathroom by adding a room divider. The toilet and bathroom which are located in different places will provide perfect privacy for the owner. With the addition of a room divider, it is possible that your bathroom will become narrower. Therefore placing the sink and bathroom against the wall is the right solution. Concrete Divider from @the.house.at.roseacres.

Now you can remodel bathrooms with the split bathroom layout type. The floor to ceiling room divider that separates the bathtub and sink will make this bathroom more organized and accessible to two people with different interests. More precisely, you can place furniture against the wall so that your bathroom will not look so cramped. Floor to Ceiling Divider from @kthomeimprovements.

Corner Shower Bathroom

Corner shower bathrooms are typically seen as shower rooms or as part of a guest room. They feature a shower stall that can either be placed in the corner for the best use of space or in the center of the space if you aren’t tight on room. A corner shower can come in different shapes, typically square or triangle shape to fit in a corner and it can be either an enclosed shower or an open shower. It can also come with different features such as sliding or pivot door, built-in shelves, or bench seating.

You will never fail to place the shower room in the corner of the room. The result will provide a wider range of motion. This shower room is equipped with a metal frame so that it will present a more beautiful and attractive appearance. This sink will provide perfect privacy for you, and keep the splashes of water in this shower room. Corner Shower Room from @denhamrenodiaries.

Take a look at this one bathroom remodel! Positioning the shower alcove in the corner allows the entire bathroom space to be reconfigured. In this case, placing the shower room in the corner of the room with a glass door will present a more modern appearance and give the impression of a wider space. Slim Shower Room Design from @terraceontheriver.

If the bathroom is small and placing the shower in the corner was a space-saving solution, it would be practical to opt for a transparent glass structure as not to obstruct the overall décor and the ambiance, allowing the room to stay bright and fresh. Corner shower niches take advantage of often unused space and thus allow you to more easily organize the rest of the bathroom, having more room for a freestanding tub or for additional storage. Farmless Glass Shower Room from @cns_plumbing_gas.

Look at this bathroom! Remodeled with a corner shower room will make it look perfect. The shower room which is next to the sink will not be a problem in a bathroom that has a large space. You can use a glass door to complement your shower room so it will look modern and still give the impression of a wider space Minimalist Shower Room from @studiosidika.

Are you renovating a bathroom? Corner shower room is the right choice. The square shower room in the corner of this room is perfect for narrow bathroom designs. Having a glass door will make it look wider and look modern. The appearance of marble walls will present a modern and luxurious look to this one bathroom. Square Glass Shower Room from @walkerblakeleykitchens.

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