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7 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom That Are Kind To Your Wallet

As the most frequently used room in the house, your bathroom is often subject to wear and tear. Neglecting this space can leave you feeling vulnerable, but there are solutions. With the advice of experts, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom without the need for a costly and time-consuming renovation project during busy periods. Here’s how!

Keep your bathroom surfaces clear

Removing the miscellaneous items that create clutter in the shower or vanity area not only results in a clean and organized appearance but also imparts a chic and sophisticated touch, while facilitating hassle-free cleaning of the bathroom. To maintain an organized and clutter-free bathroom surface, follow these tips:

  • Use drawer organizers to keep small items, such as makeup, razors, and toothbrushes, in an orderly fashion.

Organizing your makeup tools in this drawer will give your bathroom a neat design. You can use an acrylic border to give it a neat look. Makeup Organizer from @orderedllc

These dividers using plastic containers to store various kinds of soaps and toothpaste will tidy up your home drawers. With this idea your bathroom drawers will be neatly organized and avoid clutter. Plastic Container from @orderlysc

  • Place a tray or basket on the counter to gather essential items like soap and hand lotion.

This storage tray on the countertop will give your bathroom a neat and stylish design. You can use this tray to store several glass jars with a neat design. Tray Storage from @orderedllc

  • Hang towels on hooks or bars to keep them off the counter and floor.

To tidy up the towels in this bathroom, you can use a handle that is placed on the bathroom wall to give a neat home design. Applying with this vertical shape will give space to your floor. Handle Towel from @capecodhomevalues

  • Minimize the number of decorative items on the counter to avoid clutter.

Tidying up this bathroom countertop will provide an attractive home design for you to try. You can use a small jar for maximum results. Decultter Countertop Bathroom from @orderlysc

  • Encourage everyone in your household to put away items after use.
  • Regularly clean and wipe down surfaces to maintain a dust and grime-free environment.

Add pattern

Here are some easy ways to add pattern to your bathroom:

  • Hang patterned art or prints on the walls to add color and texture to the space

Adding wall art to this bathroom adds a stylish look to this classic bathroom. You can use two wall art for maximum results. Frame Art Bathroom from @kevinbearhill

  • Incorporate patterned bath mats or rugs for a pop of visual interest on the floor

In this modern bathroom you can add a rug to provide extra warmth throughout your home. This white and blue color scheme gives the perfect illusion of space. Bathroom Rug Pattern from @powellandsullivan

  • Hang patterned wallpaper on an accent wall or the entire room to create a bold statement

This bathroom wallpaper with a unique pattern is the perfect centerpiece for this bathoom. This idea will enhance the appearance of your home bathroom. Bathroom Wallpaper from @neelz_contracting

  • Use stencils to paint a pattern on the walls or floor
  • Use patterned contact paper to cover cabinet doors, drawers, or shelves
  • Use patterned shower curtains to add color and texture

Paint the wall

Upgrading your bathroom by painting the walls is an excellent way to give it a fresh and updated look without breaking the bank. Select high-quality paint that is specifically designed for use in bathrooms. This type of paint will hold up better against humidity and moisture than regular paint. Decide on a color scheme that will complement the existing décor in your bathroom before buying the paint. Lighter colors will make the room feel more spacious, while darker colors can create a more dramatic effect.

Updating the bathroom by painting the walls this brown will give it a warm and serene look. Combined with white furniture will balance the look. Brown Wall Bathroom from @lafemesmarttoilet

The dark gray paint color in this bathroom gives the impression of a calm room. Proper lighting and white furniture will balance the look. Dark Gray Paint Color from @gofixxit5

This gray bathroom has a serene modern style. The dim lighting and white furniture provide the perfect contrast to the space. Gray Bathroom from @hemptonhouse

The combination of green and white in this bathroom makes an interesting room design for you to try. Having an interesting contrast and some of these sleek pieces of furniture are perfect for your small bathroom design. Green and White Bathroom Wall from @our.aldenham

Lighting upgrade

An outdated light fixture can quickly make a room look old-fashioned, but a stunning new fitting can be a real standout feature. Upgrading your lighting is a relatively easy project to undertake, but it’s important to select a fixture that’s suitable for a high-moisture environment.

This pendant lamp with dim lighting gives a dramatic impression to your bathroom. This type of lamp will also give a modern impression and an eye-catching bathroom look. Pendant Light Bathroom from @kolorowekable

In this luxurious bathroom you can update the lights with a large gold chandelier. Placed above this bathtub will also provide perfect lighting for the entire room. Chandelier Bathroom Light from @luxxustudio

Mirror light will also make your bathroom brighter. In addition, the scone lamp that is placed above the mirror has yellow lighting which will make a dramatic impression on your bathroom. Mirror Light from @luciole_mad

The reccessed light in this bathroom has white light which will make your bathroom look wider and brighter. You can also add a mirror lamp for additional lighting ideas in your bathroom. Reccesed Light from @rainhillheating

Change your cabinetry handle

Replacing your cabinet handles is one of the quickest updates you can make to your bathroom. Simply measure the width of your current handles and purchase new ones that can be easily screwed into the existing holes. While you’re shopping for handles, consider selecting wall hooks in a matching finish to create additional storage space for towels and robes.

This pink cabinet has gold handles that will give your bathroom a new and luxurious look. The legs of this cabinet also have a gold color to balance the appearance of your bathroom cabinet. Gold Handle and Paint Pink Cabinet from @decochicuk

The gold handle on this green cabinet has the perfect color combination for your home bathtoom. Besides that, gold faucets will also balance the appearance of your modern bathroom cabinet. Gold Handle Cabinet from @brns_design

To update your bathroom cabinets, you can start by painting the handles gold. Apart from handles, you can also use gold faucets for a luxurious look in your modern bathroom. Paint handle Cabinet from @louisejohnstondesign

Deep clean your bathroom

Deep cleaning your bathroom is essentials! Bathrooms are high-traffic areas where germs and bacteria can easily accumulate. Regular deep cleaning helps to eliminate these harmful microorganisms and reduce the risk of infections and illnesses.

This clean and tidy bathroom decoration idea will give you an attractive home look for you to try. Using this sleek furniture will also give your bathroom a modern look. Clean Bathroom from @homeguru_

Change the mirror

A mirror can serve as a focal point in your bathroom and make a big impact on its overall style. If you have a plain and uninteresting mirror, consider upgrading to a more visually appealing model with texture and interest. This can instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom and create a more open and inviting atmosphere. For a truly unique and personality-filled piece, check out second-hand stores where you may find one-of-a-kind mirrors.

This large round bathroom mirror has lighting on the back of this mirror. In addition to giving the impression of a large space, this mirror can be the center of attention in this room. Round Mirror Light from @alvaluzdim

You can use a mirror cabinet to store some medicines, soap and others neatly. This design will make your bathroom look sleek while at the same time giving the illusion of a large space. Mirror Cabinet from @martonellas

Finally, the selection of wood frame mirrors in this modern bathtoom has a natural touch. This design fits in well with a wooden cabinet for maximum results. Wood Frame Mirror from @lacasadeloscuadros

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