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12 Things to Consider when Build a Proper Patio in the Backyard

Having enough space in the backyard for the patio is such a blessing. You can use the patio to relax while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and having a BBQ party with family and close friends will also be great. That is why when you have a chance to build a patio in your backyard, then make sure to have the proper one.

Having a proper patio is a little bit tricky because it will depend. You should adjust the design based on some conditions as follows

  1. Consider the space. In case the space is small, you should be able to focus on the function first. Put things that are useful and don’t let the space look full with unused items. Then, you should also be able to choose the color scheme and the decoration detail around so that the impression won’t be crowded.
  2. Consider the weather in your country. It is important because some things need to be adjusted based on the weather. The simple thing is the furniture where the material really matters.
  3. Consider the privacy around. This is an aspect that needs to be considered when building a patio because it can affect the design decision. For example, if you already have a fence around the yard, then you can have an open patio design without worrying about being disturbed.

Those three things are the main considerations that you should take first. After that, you can move to the details plan. Basically, the best version of the proper patio will be different from one to another. It really depends on the needs of people. Some of them just need the patio to enjoy a cup of coffee and some others want a complete facility to hold a party. Whatever it is, here we want to show you some considerations and choices that you can take for a proper patio. You can adjust the choice based on your needs.

The Flooring Material

Flooring is an aspect that will influence your comfort as well. There are some choices that could be a sleek one or a rough one. The choices of the roof will also influence the design style impression. For example, if you choose the concrete floor, you can have an industrial impression. Then, if you choose stone material, you can have a rustic impression and so on.

This patio has a wooden floor that is built on a high surface with a small stair. It will help you to get a more majestic impression and absolutely safer from the things may hide on the grass. Wooden Floor Patio from @casualifeoutdoorliving


The red brick floor has a rustic impression. It can make the patio be seen as aesthetic because of the classic rural look. There will be varied choices for the brick floor where you can have the sleek one and the natural rough one to get the impression that you want. Brick Floor Patio from @sunbrella


Having the concrete floor is not always dusty. You can see this patio design where the concrete floor can be seen as clean and sleek too. It can be a great choice for the patio that doesn’t have a roof so that the floor won’t be slippery when it is wet with the rain. Concrete Floor Patio from @madhulikasinghrealtor


The Roof/Shade

The roofing of the patio is varied and the decision about having it or not surely depends on your priority. If you want to be able to enjoy the warm sunlight during summer, then you may not need to have a roof for your patio. Otherwise, if you want the patio to be able to be used in all seasons, then you should install the roof. Nothing will be better because it is about the need and priority.

This one is the sun shade. It won’t cover all of the patio spots and will still let the sunlight expose the area. The good thing about the sunshade is its ability to protect you from the UV. It is also removable and can be uninstalled easily. Sun Shade from @frengpartyof6


The pergola is like the frame of the roof. It can protect the patio space by creating shades. It means that not all of the patio space will be protected and the sunlight can still expose the patio. However, it won’t protect the space from the rain and snow. Pergola from @we_landscapedesign

This one is an example of a real roof. It is needed when you have some facilities that can’t be exposed to the rain such as a cooking set or television. With the real roof, you can enjoy your time on the patio no matter what the season and weather. Patio Roof from @infratechusa


The Furniture

The furniture won’t be only about functionality but also durability and placement. In this case, the material of the furniture is important to be considered well. If you don’t have a proper roof for your patio or when you don’t have a roof at all, then you should make sure that the material of the furniture is the one that won’t be damaged easily by the weather. Then, you can also consider the amount and size of the furniture based on the space and the needs.

The basic furniture that you should have is the chair and table set. If the patio doesn’t have a roof, you can choose the seating area that uses a removable pad so that you can remove it when the rain falls. Patio Decor from @baker.blooms


The Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect. There are two main functions of the lighting where the first one is to light up the patio space during the night so that you can use it at night. Then, you can also use it to beautify the decoration. We all know that there are so many lighting choices with varied designs that can be used to beautify the decoration even without ornament. Let’s say that you can have string lights, fairy lights, lanterns, decorative candles, and more. Consider also the patio design when choosing the right lighting.

The string light is really flexible when related to the installation design. It can be installed rounded, vertically, horizontally, and more. The string light is really interesting and it will be fun to install it based on your imagination. String Light from @heatnglofireplaces


Lantern has varied designs that make it interesting. The design can be adjusted to achieve the design style that we want. You can have the modern lantern, classic lantern, and even boho. The material is also varied. Look at how aesthetic the lantern that is used to beautify the decoration. Lantern from @amaraproperty


The Greeneries

Of course, you will need the greenery because the point of having the patio is to spend your time while enjoying the outdoor space. The fact is that the outdoors won’t be special when there is no greenery available. The greenery will help you get the fresh and calming feeling which is great for relaxing. The greenery can be anything. It will be better if you have the blooming flowers there so that the environment can be prettier.

You can see that this patio has a complete version of patio greenery. It has varied kinds of flowers, tropical plants, and lawns. Patio Greeneries from @alibongos_pad


The Additional Comfort

To have a perfect time on your patio, you will need some additional comfort there. You can have it by providing some cushions, throw blankets, a fire pit, a fireplace, a rug, and more. The items that should be provided are based on your needs and version of comfort for each of you. Here are the examples of the additional comfort you can have.

The firepit will help you deal with the cold temperature. The kinds are varied from the permanent and the temporary which is removable. You can also have the traditional one or the modern one. Firepit from @premieroutdoor


Who doesn’t like a swing? It can’t be doubted that the swing will give you extra comfort while enjoying your free time on the patio. You can put a cushion or pad then complete it with a throw blanket. Swing from @happywifenewlife


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