7 Popular Home Décor Style Ideas for Spring

Welcoming the new season in style is important for some of us. If you are one of it, stay still. Let’s focus on spring décor ideas and how you can give your space a joyful refresh for the season based on the style of yours. Here, we’ve gathered 7 home styles that suitable with spring season. So, let’s create a fresh and uplifting springtime look in your home with these ideas below.

  1. Farmhouse Style

A simple makeover to decorate your farmhouse style is by adding a fresh mantel paint in light, neutral color like white or beige to create a clean and bright canvas for your spring décor. The farmhouse style is also characterized by natural materials such as wood, wicker, and jute. As for the vintage accents, an old window frame, a vintage mirror, or an antique vase to add character and charm to your home. This style is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Take advantage of the empty fireplace mantel to place some ornaments suitable for welcoming spring this year. For example, you can combine a green plant vase with some candle sticks and a gold mirror frame that looks vintage. Arrange everything neatly to be used as one of the room statements. Vintage Look Spring Mantel from @suzannezinggstyle

The white nuance that dominates the walls and fireplace mantel is one of the characteristics that you can try to bring a farmhouse feel. One of the advantages that you can get from using plain white is that it makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Tulip flower arrangements can be placed symmetrically on the wooden mantel. Dominant White Scheme Fireplace from @the_seasoned_home

Choose and use furniture that matches the theme of the home décor you are using. When using a farmhouse theme, furniture made from wood or rattan is a choice that will never fail. Wicker rattan on the two chairs can be perfected with shades of white that can be applied to the walls and ceiling in the living room this spring. Use Rattan Wicker Chairs from @sweetlittlehouseofmine

You can welcome spring this year with a farmhouse touch that will never go out of fashion at any time of the year. Now you can try it in the open space of the dining room and living room that blend together, you can apply the dominant wood material in the furniture you use as a natural and environmentally friendly look. Natural Wood Interior Home Decor from @thelongawaitedhome

The farmhouse theme cannot be separated from the use of wood in some of the interiors it uses. When spring arrives, you can apply this farmhouse theme to the entryway decoration which will be the first room for guests to visit your home. Add a vase of flowers in the wooden console table area to accent the season. Farmhouse Spring Entryway Decor from @decorsteals

Apart from making the surface of your feet more comfortable, you can try using a jute rug in the spring dining room area to present a farmhouse theme at the same time. The use of this jute rug can be perfected by having wooden dining chairs and a table made of the same material with very sturdy iron legs. Jute Rug Design from @samanthajoyhome

White is one of the colors commonly used in farmhouse decorations. To make it perfect, you can combine it with two stools in the kitchen island area to be used as a sitting area, use rattan woven material to complete this farmhouse theme. White Kitchen Paint with Wicker Stool from @simplyscandikatie

     2. Bohemian Style

As for bohemian lovers, you can try to incorporate greenery and flowers, layering textiles with patterns and textures. For the color combination, use earthy colors such as terracotta, mustard yellow, and sage green. Adding a vintage or handmade touch, such as vintage rug or a woven tapestry can also bring a bohemian feel to the space.

There’s no need to add a lot of frills in this spring living room décor. What you can do is put a vase filled with roses that are blooming beautifully, plus use a floral patterned pillowcase placed on a white sofa so that it looks more statement. Minimalist Boho Living Room from @leenaemili

There’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of yellow to the bohemian spring theme in the living room area. This color is the right color choice and will make the room look more colorful, you can try applying this yellow color to the seats and throw some on the linen sofa you are using. White and Yellow Touch Living Room Color from @kaitsnest

The vintage pattern on the use of this bohemian rug makes your spring living room more charming. When this rug has a bold color, for the use of chairs and sofas you can use a neutral color so as not to give a tacky color contrast. Vintage Pattern Bohemian Rug from @somy_home

Tassels are one of the uses of accents that are usually used in bohemian room themes. You can try this tassels accent on the throw blanket which can be applied directly to the living room sofa that you are using. You can get spring nuances from using neutral room shades. Tassels Accent on the Throw Blanket from @loganwhitworthgill

Perfect the spring bedroom decoration with a bohemian touch that you can try on a plain wall that is still empty. What you can try now are some hanging woven rattan plates as natural ornaments that match the bohemian theme. Set the layout with a distance that is not too far away. Wicker Rattan Plates Wall Hanging from @homedecor_hippie

Several combinations of bright colors in this bedroom decoration make it look more colorful and lively. What you can do here is use a bohemian pattern on the use of a rug with colorful splashes of pastel colors. Green plants are natural decorations that you can hang on the windowsill area in a neat arrangement. Festive Color Spring Bohemian Bedroom from @tallulahcottage

     3. Coastal Style

To achieve a coastal décor, start by incorporating natural materials. For example, try adding a driftwood mirror to your space. Another easy way is choose a light and airy colors. You can also add some nautical accents or incorporating coastal patterns to add a touch of the ocean to your home.

A spring theme with a coastal style can be combined in the same room. Now you can try using coastal ornaments such as shells and DIY anchors that are hung on the walls using wooden frames. As for the touch of spring, you can try it by placing green plants and blooming flower arrangements. Spring Coastal Themed Fireplace Area from @anchored_in_halfmoon

White and blue are a mix of colors that will never fail to be tried in the coastal kitchen decoration section. When the walls and ceiling have used plain white paint, for the kitchen cabinets you can use light blue paint which can be finished with various types of green plants placed in several different areas. Combination of White with Blue Color from @beach_life_living

The sharing bedroom with a striped pattern that has splashes of blue and white is perfected with DIY wooden paddle ornaments in the area around the bunk bed so you get an instant touch of coastal style. These bright colors are also ready to welcome winter instantly with a different look. Coastal Open Space Bedroom from @beach_life_living

You can dedicate a tray with this round shape as a costal ornament display that can be placed on your dining table as a centerpiece decoration. Beautifully blooming candles and flower arrangements complement a spring style you can easily create yourself. Spring Coastal Tray Display from @my_taste.of.living

One way that you can try to give a touch of coastal style in a spring living room decoration is to use a pillowcase with a fish pattern. You can place this throw pillow on a white sofa to make it the focal point of the room. Use of Fish Pattern Pillow Case from @hamptonsdiaries

Perfect your spring living room with additional surf board ornaments for additional coastal style in the same room. Because the size is quite large and long, just place it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your activities while in this room. The use of terracotta sofa is the right choice. Surfing Board Ornament at the Corner from @our_barefoot_beach_house

     4. Minimalist Style

The focus of this style is creating a clean and uncluttered look in your home. Use furniture and décor with clean lines and simple shapes to create a modern and minimal look. When choosing décor items, prioritize function over form. Make your space less dull by adding a pop of color. This will create a sense of interest and visual contrast. You can also mix vintage and modern elements to add interest and depth to your décor while maintaining a minimal aesthetic.

You can apply the black and white that dominates the centerpiece area on the dining table to welcome spring instantly. Start by placing a dark black tiered tray that can be filled with moss green and some growing green plants in the pot or vase. Monochromatic Spring Table Setting from @belinda.loves.life

When you are going to apply a minimalist style to a spring kitchen theme, the first thing you can do is arrange the furniture layout properly. Inserting and using flower arrangements in a pot is an additional color as well as a natural decoration that can instantly bring natural nuances into a room. Minimalist Spring Kitchen Decor from @livingatnumberfourteen

These two tufted gray chairs with velvet material are combined directly with a side table that has a splash of vintage gold. This will be a mix of minimalist furniture that you can try into a spring themed room. Arrangement of white tulips can be placed on the side table as a different eye sight. Velvet Tufted Chairs with Gold Side Table from @decor_allure_by_beyond_beauty

This shiny furniture with a dominance of neutral colors is suitable to be applied in a modern minimalist living room decoration. In this room you can add abstract patterns through the use of throw pillows that are arranged neatly on the sofa you are using. Minimalist and Modern Living Room from @decor_allure_by_beyond_beauty

     5. Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is perfect for creating a unique and personalized look in your home. The key is having fun with your décor! Don’t take it too seriously. Just mix and match what you love and what makes you happy. For example, to create an interesting and unique look, try to mix and match patterns. Incorporate a variety of textures such as velvet, linen, and fur to add depth and interest to your décor. Create a playful and fun look in your space by mixing the colors. Or if you are a DIY-lovers, repurposing old furniture or creating your own artwork will be a great option to add a personal touch to your décor.

Look at this spring living room decoration dominated by neutral white, doesn’t it look elegant? Yes, not only that but in the same room you can use two different interior materials as an addition to the comfortable texture of the room. For example, you can combine a white faux fur rug with a linen sofa, setting the two of them close together. Faux Fur Rug with Linen Sofa Combination from @scandi.living

This relaxing sofa made of linen can be used to relax your body on weekends in spring. But it’s a good idea to add a few pillows for maximum comfort. Use throw pillows in different patterns, too. Plaids, Striped and Polka Dot Throw Pillows from @theoldhouseonmain

The comfort on a wooden chair will be even more pronounced when you cover it with a throw blanket made from sheepskin which has a warmer, softer and smoother surface. In the same room, you can also cover the wooden floor with a gray rug with a selection of knitted materials that are thick enough to make the feet warmer. Sheepskin Throw Blanket with Knitted Rug from @samanthajonesathome

The living room is one of the rooms that is often visited by guests or your family, so when spring arrives, you can perfect it with the right comfortable furniture. For example, when you use a chair made of velvet, then using a throw pillow made of cotton is the right choice. The spring ornament display tray is an additional eye sight. Cozy Spring Living Room Ideas from @melinill

This white sofa enhanced with two throw pillows in two different patterns enhances your living room décor in an instant. Not only are there two different patterns, but you can also choose one in two different colors. Of course, just choose it with a floral pattern. Two Different Pillowcase Patterns from @stefanasilber

     6. Nature-Inspired Style

The nature-inspired style is perfect for creating a connection to nature in your home. You can start by using natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker to create a connection to the outdoors into your décor. Consider choosing earthy colors such as greens, blues, and earth tones. Open curtains and blind to let in as much natural light as possible. If it’s possible, create a small indoor garden with herb or vegetable patch. Or, if it’s too much, hang an art that feature natural elements such as landscapes, floral, or wildlife. Another easy way to create a natural ambiance is by using natural scents such as essential oils or candles with scents of citrus, lavender, or pine. But if you want to go big, install large windows, sliding glass doors, or a skylight to create an indoor-outdoor living space.

A canvas painting with a floral pattern is a wall hanging decoration that you can apply to any room where your guests often visit the room. For example, in the entryway area which is perfected by selecting neutral colored furniture. This painting is your own work to be proud of. Hanging Flower Painting from @sunnygacharm

Wood is the selection of materials for furniture designs that are suitable for use in any season and style. For now, you can apply this material to the entryway by applying it to the console table design and some pretty ornaments on the top surface. 3D wall hanging paintings are a sweet final touch. Natural Wood Entryway Interior from @bellepatine

This wooden console table design with a carved surface is suitable for use in a classic entryway area with the addition of some green plants on the top surface as an accent to bring a touch of spring theme. You can get this greenery in your backyard garden by choosing fresh ingredients so they don’t wilt easily. Carving Wooden Console Table from @murpheybeckerart

Lemons that are arranged neatly on the dining table area can be used as a centerpiece decoration along with floral flower arrangements that come in a variety of different colors and types. This will accentuate the spring theme as it brings a fair amount of natural elements into the room. Choose and use a white ceramic vase so that it blends in with the use of burlap table runners. Lemon Centerpiece for Spring Vibes from @thespilledsugar

The wall right above the fireplace will be the best spot for you to hang a landscape painting dominated by splashes of fresh green. The existence of this landscape painting is perfected by the use of a DIY wooden frame that does not need to be repainted so that it looks natural all year round. Statement Landscape Painting from @kathrynpackard

    7. Traditional Style

The traditional style is classic and timeless. This style is perfect for creating a formal and elegant atmosphere in your home. First thing first, use classic colors such as white, beige, navy, and pale pink in your décor to create a timeless look. Use symmetry in your décor by arranging furniture and décor in a balanced and orderly way. To add a formal touch to your décor, consider using elegant furniture. Don’t forget the classic lighting! Chandeliers, sconces, and table lamps is a must! Last but not least, incorporate antiques and vintage pieces decorative items to add a sense of history and character to your home.

Not only does it look classic, this tufted chair with shiny leather material is ready to make your traditional spring living room decoration more comfortable. Don’t forget to combine it with other similarly styled interiors, additional indoor flower plants are really needed in this room. Just put it in a fairly safe area. Classic Style Tufted Chair from @preppyhippiestyle

A bench that is placed in the entryway area has a rustic appearance with the selection of reclaimed wood materials. Here you don’t need to repaint it with a bold color, just combine it with two throw pillows that have a fairly neutral color. Nude color is the best choice. Reclaimed Wood Bench for Entryway Area from @homebykmb

Two table lamps with this simple appearance can be placed in the windowsill area symmetrically as ornaments as well as additional room lighting that can be used when the dining room feels quite dark. This simple look seems more traditional when you combine it with white sheer curtains and a choice of beige dining chairs. Symmetrical Table Lamps for Windowsill from @home_design_serbia

Do you have leftover pieces of wood that you no longer use? If you have it, you can make it into a coffee table that can be used in a traditional style room. In this room you can also use several candle holders as warm lighting that you can use when the atmosphere in the room feels colder. Small Wood Pieces Coffee Table from @home_decor_vanila___sve_za_dom

The use of wood and dominating this room seems very simple and traditional. Just perfect it by using the appropriate room lighting, for example, you can use a vintage pendant lamp that can be hung on the white ceiling with the right layout and can channel the light throughout the room. Vintage Ceiling Pendant Light from @valerianetrebo

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