Top 5 Living Room Trends Based On Designer’s Prediction This 2023

The living room is where the relaxation takes place. It is a space that serve multiple purposes and look appealing. The style and décor of a living room can reflect the personal tastes and interests of the homeowner and is often designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To determine the best living room trends in 2023, we reached out to prominent designers for their expert insights.

The return of art deco

An Art Deco living room is a space that is designed with the Art Deco style in mind. Art Deco, which emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, is known for its use of geometric shapes, bold colors, and lavish embellishments. To create an Art Deco living room, there are 6 things to consider, First, bold color. Art Deco interiors are known for their use of strong, contrasting colors such as black and gold, silver and black, and other bright hues. Second, geometric shapes. Art Deco design features a lot of geometric shapes and patterns, so incorporate these into your living room in the form of geometric prints on wallpaper or fabric, or through the use of angular furniture shapes.

Third, luxurious materials. Art Deco is all about opulence, so choose furnishings and accessories that are made from luxurious materials such as velvet, leather, and glass. Next one is mirrored surfaces. Mirrored surfaces were popular in Art Deco design, and they can help to reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness in your living room. Next is metal accents. Art Deco interiors often feature metal accents, such as brass, bronze or stainless steel. These can be used to add shine and glamour to your living room. And the last thing is lighting. To complete the look, choose lighting fixtures that are in keeping with the Art Deco style, such as Art Deco lamps or chandeliers with geometric shapes and metal accents.

Art deco Light in this living room is able to provide a trendy room design. Using this modern chandelier can give a dramatic look to the whole room.  Art Deco Light from @marcmichaelsid.

This art deco interior gives a charming living room design. Choosing the type and type of furniture of this unique shape can provide the perfect home decoration. Art Deco Interior from @craft_of_interior.

The living room, which is equipped with art deco chairs, has an intricate pattern. Using wood material will last longer and look more sturdy. Art Deco Chair from @artdecomariuszzyla.

This trend based living room has an art deco touch which will produce the perfect room decoration. Touches of gold and marble will also give an elegant and luxurious look to the whole room. Art Deco Living Room from @juliettesinteriors.

Painted ceiling

A painted ceiling can add a sense of height, color, and interest to a living room and is a great way to create a focal point and draw the eye upward. When designing a living room with a painted ceiling, it is recommended to choose a bold and contrasting color to make a statement. If the ceiling is low, opt for a light hue to give the illusion of height, while a darker color can help to make a high ceiling feel cozier. It is important to coordinate the ceiling color with the rest of the room’s decor. To add some creativity, consider painting a pattern or design on the ceiling. Ensure that the lighting in the room complements the ceiling color and enhances the overall appearance of the space. Before making a final decision, it is recommended to test the color on a small portion of the ceiling to see how it looks with the lighting and furniture.

Painting a striped color on this ceiling can give a home a beautiful appearance and look more stylish. Choosing beige and black colors will produce beautiful colors and steal the eye. Striped Ceiling Paint from @marcmichaelsid.

The blue color on this ceiling gives a fresh impression to your entire home. Combined with white walls this will also balance your living room display. Blue and White Ceiling from @sweethomeketteringa.

The ceiling which is painted in matte black gives a minimalist home and catches the eye. You can also apply this matte black color to the walls of your house to create the perfect design for your living room. Black Ceiling from @decor_q8kuwait.

Painting the ceiling black and combined with this wall mural gives it a sophisticated look. This soft sofa will also give a warm comfortable impression.  Black Paint Ceiling from @makeitrustoleum.

This blush pink ceiling gives a feminine touch to the whole room. Combined with white walls, this will also balance the look of your home.  Pink Blush Ceiling from @malluvia_innenarchitektur.

The white color scheme on the walls is able to produce a spacious and bright home décor. This dark gray ceiling will also present the perfect home decoration.  Dark Grey Ceiling Paint  from @trinityhomesohio.

This white ceiling and blue wallpaper walls are able to present an interesting home decoration for you to try. This white color will also present a wide and clean ceiling.  White Silk Paint Ceiling from @ceciliainteriors.

Natural Inspiration

A living room with natural inspiration incorporates elements of the outdoors into its design. This style creates a warm, inviting, and peaceful atmosphere and is a great way to bring some of the beauty of nature into your home. To create this room, you can start by incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and bamboo to create a connection to the outdoors. Or consider adding greenery to your living room that can also help to purify the air. For an easy update, paint your wall with earthy colors or add an earthy color furniture to add depth and interest to your space. Or, if it’s too much, accessorize your space with nature-inspired elements.

This rattan storage placed beside the table gives a natural touch. This wooden floor and wooden table also succeed in giving a natural impression into your home. Rattan Storage from @bohoxdecor.

The rattan sofa that is placed in the living room is able to give a natural and fresh look to the whole room. Wooden floors will also give warmth and a natural impression into your home. Rattan Chair from @mycozydecors.

The wooden chair added to the living room manages to give a natural impression to your entire home. Just using two chairs can add a natural touch to your home. Wooden Chair from

You can try rattan baskets for this living room storage idea now. The selection of this rattan basket is able to give a natural impression for a perfect design. Rattan Basket Storage from @sizhome.

The selection of rattan sofas in this living room trend produces a statement that is comfortable and warm. Apart from the sofa, you can apply it to the coffee table from rattan for maximum results. Rattan Sofa from @naturadubai.

The natural touch of wood and rattan in this seating set is able to provide an attractive and stylish design. Some of these pieces of furniture are also capable of producing a natural room design.  Wooden Bench and Rattan Chair from @trigonam_architects.

Adding a natural touch to the living room in the form of rattan baskets and marble accents can produce a beautiful and stylish decoration. Placing it under the console table also avoids clutter in your home. Rattan Basket from @laylagrayce.

Curves Everywhere

For 2023, the trend towards curved furniture and architecture is becoming popular again. This includes curved upholstery such as sofas with curved backs and barrel chairs, as well as round pillows and accessories. Arched doorways and interior spaces with curved designs are also currently in style. This year we can expect to see a significant increase in the number of curved sofas, accent chairs, and benches in interior design.

Adding a curved accent to this coffee table can add texture to your trendy living room. Apart from the coffee table, you can add an arch to the living room wall for maximum results. Curved Coffee Table from @qratededition.

The curved sofa in this modern living room can make the perfect decoration. Apart from the sofa you can also add a coffee table to give it the perfect curved decoration. Curved Sofa and Coffee Table from @studiodelcastillo.

Adding a curved sofa to this living room can give it a unique texture and look. This unique coffee table will also make the center of attention of many people. Curved Sofa Living Room from @torresninarquitectura.

This curved sofa in your home can produce an interesting living room decoration for you to try. Applying this thick and soft sofa also succeeds in giving the house a charming appearance and can steal the eye. White Curved Sofa from @prince.chabo.

The curved accent on this console table succeeds in giving a unique home decoration. Using an arch at the bottom of this table will also create a charming and eye-catching look. Curved Console Table from

Unexpected color pairing

In 2023, the trend will focus on innovative textiles, colors, and patterns. To add visual interest to the living room, complementary colored sofas and accent chairs will be popular. The use of larger pieces in bold colors, such as burnt orange, paired with muted pastel paint and textiles, is expected to generate excitement in interior design.

The color block colors that are applied to this living room will produce an attractive and eye-catching design. Choosing bold colors can also be the perfect centerpiece. Color Block Living Room from @argenziac.

The collision color in this living room features a beautiful and stylish design. Wood accents and this navy sofa make for an attractive home décor that will catch the eye of everyone who comes by. Wood Panel and navy Sofa from @theroofstory.

The blue color on the walls and the green sofa offer an interesting home décor for you to try. Choosing colliding colors will also create a unique design and make your living room more cheerful. Blue Wall and Green Sofa from @interior.inspo411.

The sofa can be combined with a number of orange pillows, this manages to make the colors collide so that it gives a unique home look. The white color scheme will also give the impression of a spacious and bright room. Blue Sofa and White Color Wall from @marquisatchandler.

You can combine these green walls and ceilings with a pink sofa which will give your living room a more quirky look. Choosing this color will also make your whole house prettier and look trendy. Green Wall from @bohome_uk_.

The entire interior and furnishings in this living room offer bright colors which will be the perfect center of attention. Opting for a white color scheme combined with some bright wallpaper and this navy sofa delivers an eye-catching design.  Bright Color Living Room from @coolingdesign.

The gray color scheme combined with the blue sofa with a touch of gold is able to produce an quirky and stylish home decoration. Complete with a pink pillow, this will create a unique look with a perfect color combination.  Gray Color Scheme from @daromainteriors.

Having a touch of navy, white and black in this minimalist living room design is able to produce an elegant home decoration. Coupled with a touch of gold on this piece of furniture will also give the impression of a luxurious room throughout your home. Minimalist Living Room from @interiorbyvishackle.

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