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22 Inspiring Backyard Pond Ideas

Need an idea to add visual interest and beauty to your backyard? Adding ponds! Your backyard is not only about plants, think about adding pond. Imagine yourself spending time near a pond, listening to the soothing sounds of water, it’s gonna be a good thing that makes you feel relax, reduce your stress and also improve your mental health. Having kids at home? Ponds can be used as a learning opportunity for children, teaching them about the natural world and the importance of preserving it. And there is no better way to encourage wildlife to come to your garden than by introducing a pond.

Ponds as private recreation spot, releasing stress, educating kids, encourage wildlife, and oh! It can increase the value of your property, too! Getting interested, huh? Scroll down below to find out which pond that suitable for your own backyard.

Natural ponds

Natural backyard pond is a type of pond that is designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape and look as though it is a naturally occurring body of water. Natural backyard ponds are typically built using natural materials such as rocks, stones, and plants, and they often include features such as waterfalls, streams, and aquatic plants. They can range in size from small, decorative ponds to larger, multi-level ponds that incorporate multiple ecosystems. Natural backyard ponds can provide a peaceful and serene environment, as well as a habitat for various types of wildlife, including fish, frogs, and birds.

The woodland nuances around this stone pond look absolutely stunning and have a beautiful rural charm. Planting green plants and shady trees also provides the best organic qualities that seem to occur naturally. Mini waterfall accents can be designed to complete the final look. Woodland Oasis from @sjclandscapes

Do you have a backyard that is large enough? Just use it to make a small pond feature using slab stones that are shaped in an oval or circular manner. The gravel and surrounding rocks of different colors and sizes add texture to the garden as well as being a different sight that can be worked on easily. Stone Slabs Pond from @perfect_ponds

Stones and gravel are a combination of natural materials that you can combine to become a pond decoration in your backyard garden. Both of these materials provide a natural touch that can blend with nature. No need to add other ornaments, it’s quite simple for the comfort of birds and frogs that approach this pond area. Ecosystem Natural Pond from @sjclandscapes

Formal ponds

Formal ponds are a type of man-made pond that are characterized by their geometric shapes, straight lines, and symmetrical design. They are typically rectangular or square in shape and are often used in landscaping and garden design. Formal ponds can be made from a variety of materials, including concrete, fiberglass, and liner systems, and they can be finished with a variety of materials, including tiles, rocks, and pavers. Formal ponds can range in size from small, ornamental ponds to large, multi-level ponds that incorporate water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and streams. They can provide a clean and modern look to a landscape or garden, and they can also serve as a source of recreation

Use a formal, more eye-catching pond design to give a new look to backyard garden decor. For example, you can use a geometric shaped pond with the use of reclaimed bricks that still seem natural and can blend with nature more perfectly. Various types of green plants are the final touch which gives a fresh final look. Geometric Shaped Pond from @in2thegardens

Take advantage of the backyard garden in your home as a pond decoration that can be covered using tile material which is dominated by bright blue colors. In the middle of the pond this is perfected by a fountain which will add to the water feature and of course will produce a soothing sound of splashing water. Blue Color Tile Pond from @rainbowaap

Koi ponds

A koi pond is a type of pond that is specifically designed for the keeping of koi fish, which are a type of colorful, ornamental carp. Koi ponds are typically larger and deeper than traditional backyard ponds, and they often incorporate features such as waterfalls, streams, and aeration systems to maintain a healthy and stable environment for the koi.

Small wooden bridges are elements and designs of koi ponds that can be created easily and simply. You can provide food to this koi pond from the bridge that is installed, the atmosphere of this backyard pond is surrounded by lush greenery and of course with a calm feeling because it is far from the main road so it avoids noise pollution. Koi Pond with Wooden Mini Bridge from @zakurai.koi

Shady trees, green plants and moss that surround the koi pond area provide a fresh atmosphere that will never fail to relax. Now you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with a calm feeling. Perform maintenance on this koi pond regularly so that the water used is clean and protected from mosquito larvae. Nature Vibes with Koi Pond from @oniwastagram

This backyard deck decoration perfected with koi pond gives a different look. You can add several sitting areas in this deck area to be used to relax with your family and guests who come. That way you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere here with maximum comfort. Deck Koi Pond Decoration from @luxury_real_estate_with_loubna

Waterfall ponds

A waterfall pond is a type of pond that incorporates a waterfall or cascading water feature. These types of ponds are often designed to mimic a natural water feature, such as a mountain stream or river, and they are typically built using natural materials such as rocks, stones, and plants. They can range in size from small, decorative ponds to large, multi-level ponds that incorporate other water features, such as fountains and streams.

The waterfall feature that is applied to this part of the stone pond is relatively easy to install and is simply equipped with a pump that keeps the water flowing. All you have to do is install and stack several rocks with a sufficient height so that the water can flow into the pond area perfectly. Nature Waterfall from @reef_playground_inc

Flat stones arranged vertically can be used as a mini waterfall feature in your pond area. Fern plants that grow lushly around it add to the natural atmosphere which is quite popular. Keep this water clean by installing filters in areas that are safe enough from kicking your feet or wild animals such as birds or frogs. Slab Stone Waterfall Decor from @backroad_diva_angie

The waterfall that is installed in the pond area can produce a relaxing sound of splashing water. Stone materials and wild green plants are a beautiful blend that you can apply in this pond area. The existence of this pond decoration seems as if it happened naturally. Water Sound for Garden Area from @rizkeyandita

Container ponds

A container pond is a type of pond that is created in a container, such as a large pot, barrel, or other type of vessel. They can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, or terra-cotta, and they come in a range of sizes to accommodate different plants and animals. Container ponds are a convenient and versatile option for those who want to create a water feature in a limited space.

When you have a garden decoration with limited space, using a stock tank pond is an additional decoration idea that will work well together. You can move it according to your needs, doesn’t it seem simple and ready to become the area for growing aquatic plants that you have. Stock Tank Pond from @lisaloonatic

Bring a natural atmosphere to your backyard by adding a container pond made of ceramic. Ceramic is a material that does not leak easily, so it will be very suitable for making ponds in your backyard. To make it look more natural, you can add aquatic plants to this pond tile, this combination will make your backyard look more natural. Ceramic Garden Pond from @lost.the.pot

Reuse the wine barrel that is in your home storage as a garden pond decoration that can be filled with clean water and several different types of aquatic plants. Unique shaped wood is also an additional ornament that you can put in this pond, place it in the backyard garden area or tepar adjacent to the garden fence so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space. Barrel Pond on a Budget from @planetariom

Stream ponds

A stream pond is a type of pond that incorporates a flowing stream, creating a natural-looking water feature in a landscape or garden. Stream ponds are often designed to resemble a mountain stream, with meandering curves and a cascading waterfall. They can range in size from small, decorative features to larger, multi-level ponds that incorporate multiple ecosystems. Stream ponds can provide a peaceful and serene environment, as well as a habitat for various types of wildlife, including fish, frogs, and birds.

Create a natural atmosphere in your backyard by making stream ponds. An artificial river flow will make you more relaxed, so you can enjoy it at night, try installing lights at several points on the stream ponds. The lights will also add lighting to your backyard which will be a comfortable place to refresh your mind after a day of activities. Landscape Lighting in Action from @aquaticlifela

In order to get a more natural impression on your stream ponds, you can add wood on one side of the stream ponds. This combination of stone and wood will make stream ponds more natural, use wood with a unique texture to get its own artistic value. The combination of these two materials will certainly make the stream ponds more perfect, large logs that are placed on the banks of the stream ponds will look like a fallen tree on the side of the river. Combination of Stone with Textured Wood from @atlanticoase

To create a natural appearance for stream ponds, try to make stream ponds that have meandering grooves. An easy way that you can do is to install a large rock in the position you want it to flow by following the path you made. That way the winding stream pond will make your backyard have a small river with a natural appearance. Winding Stream Pond from @atlanticoase

Raised ponds

Raised ponds are man-made ponds that are built above the ground level. They are used for various purposes such as irrigation, aquaculture, and ornamental purposes. The walls of a raised pond are usually made of concrete, stone, or wood, and are designed to contain water and prevent seepage. The water level in a raised pond can be controlled through the use of a pump, and the pond can be shaped to suit the needs of the intended use.

1,311 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result If you have a backyard that is not too large, you can use a raised pond to get a natural impression. You can make a raised pond using wooden pallets, the shape of these wooden pallets is square and don’t forget to coat the inside of this pallet using leak-resistant paint. In order to keep getting the flow of water you can use a water fountain, install it right in the middle of the pond wood pallet so that the water can be evenly distributed throughout the pond. Pallet Wood Pond with Water Fountain from @oxfordartist

If there is still unused space in your backyard, you should use it to make a pond. Pond made of red brick is the strongest material because it has more strength than other materials, besides that you can also easily shape it like making a pond with a curved shape. This curved red brick pond shape will provide an attractive appearance to visit every time you do activities in the backyard. Curved Red Brick Pond from @perfect_ponds

Make a pond using natural wood to present a natural impression in your backyard. Choose the natural wood that you use as the pond because it won’t be porous for a long time. To add a natural impression to the natural wood DIY pond, you can also add some water plants in it. Natural Wood DIY Pond Design from @dr.panatsgardens

Reflecting ponds

Reflecting ponds are man-made water bodies that are designed to reflect surrounding landscapes, architecture, or other features. They are typically shallow and calm, with smooth surfaces that create an unobstructed reflection. Reflecting ponds can be used for aesthetic purposes, such as adding beauty to a garden or park, or for functional purposes, such as providing a source of irrigation water.

Maximizing the backyard garden area by building a reflecting pond is a smart idea that you can do. Now you can choose and use a rectangular pond shape that is perfected by the presence of a fountain feature. While the expanse of grass around it makes it look fresher. Rectangle Pond Design from @acreswildgardendesign

Look at the reflecting pond decoration with a beautiful blooming flower edge garden. Here you can plant it with lavender flowers which have quite bold colors so that the garden area looks more colorful. One of the characteristics of using this pond is that it has a calm water surface and of course beautifully enhances the backyard decoration. Reflecting Pond with Blooming Flower Sides from @levinstradgard

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